Monday, June 1, 2020

List: Twelve super cool Baby Shark gifts that any toddler would love.

In honor of my son's birthday month, I thought we'd talk about his favorite thing.  That's right!  You totally guessed it.  How did you know?  doo doo do doo doooo  His absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world other than his Mommy is Baby Shark!

We know that this is his favorite thing because he gets uncontrollably excited whenever he sees or hears it!  Because of this, he's accumulated more Baby Shark gear than I care to admit.  He even got surprised with tickets to see Baby Shark Livedoo doo do doo doooo  He knows the dance.  He knows the song.  He even knows about the hot clam buns.  Yes, that is real..  With a resume like this, I think it's fair for us to be judges of a top Baby Shark gear gift list!

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Top 12 best Baby Shark gift ideas

Your toddler will LOVE this watch that lights up and plays a small clip of the song.  He or she will squeal with joy every time they click that button to hear their favorite jam!  It's also super cute when they stare at it while it sings, as if they can tell time.  doo doo do doo doooo

This toy is super cool because it sings the song AND actually swims in water.  Warning:  This toy may cause impromptu dance parties in the dead of night as it randomly sings from the tub.  My son hated getting baths until he got this toy.  Now Prince Charming wants his nightly scrub down!

There's no better grand finale to his bath than seeing his face in the mirror wearing this towel.
He squeals, screams, stamps his little feet, and sings all at the same time.   doo doo do doo doooo
This is a great choice if you're looking for a practical gift with a bit of a fun twist on it.

Baby boy was always pretty good at these, but magically got better when it sang Baby Shark!  His look of surprise and happiness every time it sings never gets old.  doo doo do doo doooo

For the artsy Baby Shark fans that may still color the walls, this gift is perfect!
The markers are magical.  They only color on the special Baby Shark paper leaving everyone happy.
If the kids are younger, you may want to take the caps away since they are a choking hazard.

This is the ultimate gift for the little Baby Shark fans in your life because it encourages them to sing.  With this gift, they can sing the song for all to hear with a microphone!  Baby Shark earplugs, anyone?

This is a comfortable blanket and pillow combo that will make our toddler friends wish for nap time.  The best part of this gift is, it does NOT sing!!  I repeat, it does NOT sing!  doo doo do doo doooo

When you're a die hard fan, sometimes bath gear, towels, toys, accessories, and blankets aren't enough.  Sometimes you need to literally eat off of your favorite fan fare too.  doo doo do doo doooo

Prince Charming gleams with pride every time he matches up the right puzzle piece.  What is his award for getting it right?  You guessed it!  It plays the song.  doo doo do doo doooo

If you're looking for potty training motivation for your older Baby Shark fan, here it is!  You don't tinkle on Baby Shark.  He don't deserve that.  doo doo do doo doooo  Proof of this is in the fact that I couldn't find a Baby Shark potty for Prince Charming anywhere.

This toothbrush will encourage all baby shark fans to brush while dancing every night.  It has an interactive treasure hunt game that encourages little ones to brush longer.

Cooler than any Ipad is this trendy, Baby Shark tablet that doesn't do much other than sing!  Sing what you ask?  You got it!  doo doo do doo doooo

Do you have any Baby Shark gear?
doo doo do doo doooo .. ok, last time I ever do that on R&W again, promise!


  1. I think I'm all baby sharked out after that lol but you must really like the doo doo do doo dooooooooooooo. As you went to 12. Not 10! Wow! That has to bother you. Especially since you said top ten and there are 12. Geez. What has baby shark done to you.

    1. LOL Like I said, most obnoxious post EVER !!! I tried to so hard to make 10 pictures fit on there nicely, but it wouldn't work and the only thing that kept me going was the "doo doo do doo doooo". hahaha

  2. The bath toy is very cute! I've no idea who Baby Shark is! The last programme for toddlers I've seen were The Teletubbies.

    1. Eep!! Baby shark isn't a program.. it's a really annoying song that went viral on YouTube but all the kiddies LOVE it. You must listen to it, just so you can feel every American parent's pain. lol!

  3. I admit, I do find the tune catchy. When I was babysitting my grandson, my daughter (his aunt) introduced us to Baby Shark. He's more of a Thomas groupie, but he did like the song.

    1. It's funny how kids have preferences from such a young age. I remember being dumb founded at how much my 6mos old was obsessed with Jack Jack Parr. Who knew a 6 mos old could have such strong opions?

  4. My youngest niece can't get enough of baby shark.

    1. It's all the hype in the toddler community. :)

  5. I don't have any young ones around here, so I missed the whole baby shark ordeal. The toys do look really fun and colorful!

    1. Yes, and almost as obnoxious as this post. LOL

  6. How cute and adorable your baby is ... ... he has known the song Baby Shark.
    So clever.

    Children and many adults in my country also like this song and many make Tik Tok videos

    1. I never got into Tik Tok. It's crazy how many different applications exist to post videos of random people doing stuff that people probably shouldn't watch.


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