Monday, June 15, 2020

List: My top ten favorite flowers to plant for the Summer.

Our Mother's Day tradition is to plant a vegetable and flower garden.  After eight years of this tradition, I find myself reaching for my favorites year over year.  We also tend to plant in the same spots as a strategic move to attract and detract specific wildlife.

To become one of my favored flowers to plant, I have a few non-negotiable items.
1.  They must flower all season long.
2.  They must be able to handle high heat and direct sunlight.
3.  They must be a resilient plant in terms of care and temperature.
The weather here can be fickle and we don't want one cold night to result in dead flowers!

Luckily for us, we have found quite a few flowers that meet all of these demands.  I never in my life thought I'd get compliments for our flowers, but we do, and pretty often.  Here's a list of my favorites and the reasons why.  Hopefully some of them become your favs too!

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My top ten favorite Summer flowers to plant.

While I do love a traditional tea rose bush, nothing gets me as excited as a cabbage rose!  They come back every year, grow as large as you allow, and bloom beautifully during the warmer months.  I have two flower beds completely dedicated to different colored cabbage rose plants.  The only con to roses is that they fall victim to mites.  Be prepared to spray monthly with insecticide.  The BEST insecticide is this one.  It actually works, is also a fungicide, and is OK for organic gardening.  Fun fact - My wedding flowers were solely, gorgeous, pink cabbage roses with gold tinted leaves.

Scarlet Sage or Red Salvia plants are gorgeous flowers to plant annually for color.  They flower all season long and grow outwards leaving your garden covered in colorful gorgeousness.  They do real well in full sunlight and scorching temperatures as long as they're watered properly.  They also attract hummingbirds which is another added bonus to this resilient flower.

This is by far the most delicate flower on my list, which is why I save it for indoor gardening.  I grow them from seeds and let them flourish in a pot under the sunniest window.  They grow in a bush like shape and bloom countless flowers in all varieties of color.  They thrive better indoors because they are sensitive to mites, aphids, mold, and other yucky things.

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers but I prefer them cut and in a vase.  Unable to tell the difference, my daughter gifts me with one sunflower plant each year.  She gifts me with a sprout and we enjoy watching it flourish throughout the season.  They are such large, happy looking flowers that can't help make but you smile until they attract bees!

We inherited this beautiful perennial flower when we purchased our first home.  The original owners had a woven square of fence that the clematis would climb up as it bloomed.  The plant would return like clockwork year over year even after being cut down mid season.  The blooms are gorgeous, wide spread purple flowers that are unmistakable.  The honeybees love this plant so it's best planted at the edges of your yard and away from entertainment. 

While these certainly aren't the prettiest of the flowers, they are the most resilient.  We plant them each year where the sun hits the strongest because we know they can take it.

In the far corner of my yard is a rock garden that's almost always in full shade.  To brighten it up, I hang two Fuchsia plants because they are easy to grow and prosper in shaded areas.  They attract hummingbirds and bloom bold, multicolored little flowers that resemble a berry.  They make a great hanging plant because they grow down but make quite a mess with fallen flowers.

Last year we were gifted two beautiful, yellow calla lily plants that grew gorgeous, exotic looking flowers.  After researching, I learned that they were perennials but because of their exotic look, didn't believe it.  They not only prospered all Summer long, but they lived and continued blooming throughout the fall.  Spring came and they returned.  If you're looking for a blooming perennial, this is a good choice.  Like most of my other plant choices, they attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  Last year I saw my first ever hummingbird on Long Island..and it was visiting THIS plant!

This is another perennial flower that will come back year over year with almost zero maintenance.  We plant them in flower beds close to the fence so that borders can be trimmed with annuals.  Sharing a flower bed with annuals allows for color when waiting for the black-eyed susans to flower.  We also put them near the fence on purpose because they attract pollinators such as bees.  This is a resilient perennial that's survived harsh chemicals such as ice preventing salts in the Winter.

10.  Petunias
My backyard is filled with plant hooks to hang some potted plants for extra color.  My favorite hanging plant flower are petunias because they are resilient and grow bold colored blooms.  They also tend to grow downwards which makes for a gorgeous cascade of falling flowers.  Petunias are another great addition for someone trying to attract butterflies or hummingbirds.  They are also available early in the Spring because they won't die off after a few chilly nights.  Tip- Bees don't like the bell shaped flower, so these are safe to plant near your entertainment area.

What are your favorite Summer flowers?


  1. I'm thinking of naming one of my future cats Petunia. This year we have dark violet petunias in our flower pots. Lilies are currently in bloom here and camellias.

    1. Sorry - not camellias but white hydrangeas :)

    2. Hydrangeas are very pretty, but I didn't have much luck with them! They'd return each year, but they would never bloom. When we moved to the new home, we didn't take them with us or get new ones to plant. I love the name Petunia! Dark violet petunias sound so pretty. :)

  2. We have such a deer problem here that it’s hard to find things they won’t eat. We end up with mostly marigolds because that’s about the only annual they don’t touch. I have a few geraniums that we put in paper bags in the winter and I spray with deer repellent in the summer. My calla lillies only bloom for a few weeks. One of my faves are primroses, which I plant around large rocks.

    1. They eat your flowers?! What evil creatures! Primroses are very pretty too. I wonder what it is about marigolds that the deer don't like.

    2. I think they don't like the scent. I know they are averse to herbs like chives and lavender, so maybe it's the strong smell.

  3. I have the kiss of death with plants. Damn roses don't even appreciate all the nachos and Mountain Dew I give them

    1. LOL Well, that would be why they are dying.

  4. It's begonias, impatiens and geraniums for me each year. This is my second year with my rose bush, and you saw how well I am doing with that one LOL. I did order some fungicide from Amazon that should be here in a few days, so hopefully we'll get that baby back up to par soon.

    1. The fungicide is pretty much natural stuff - Dish soap, oil, and water - but it works really well. The trick is spraying under the leaves b/c that's where those yucky mites hide from us. Good luck :)

  5. My favorite flower is sunflower even though I don't have it.
    Very inspiring to plant flowers in summer.
    Thanks Jax for sharing. Interesting post.

  6. I've seen all of them in my travels, I think, not a flower expert, and I'm pretty sure the deer here have snacked on em all too lol


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