Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Life: Happy Birthday, Prince Charming!

Today my last baby is officially not a baby any longer.  He's two years and one day old.
In other words, yesterday was his birthday.  He's officially a toddler.. &, I cried my eyes out!
We didn't get to celebrate in the traditional sense nor the way that we all wanted to.
Instead, we acknowledged this milestone with a simple cake and lots of hugs.

Prince charming, you have grown so much in this past year.
You were a late walker because you had a lot of weight to carry, but you first walked end of October.
You're a great eater.  Your favorite foods are blueberries, goldfish crackers, yogurt, bananas, beans, and WAFFLES.
I legit hear my little prince screaming "WAFFLES, pease, WAFFFLLLEESSS" in my sleep.
Your favorite shows are Spongebob Square Pants and Mickey Mouse Club House.
Your favorite movies are The Incredibles and all of the Toy Story films.
Your favorite game is to chase your sister while either growling like a lion or OooOoo-ing like a ghost.
Your best buddy is Thor and your favorite place to be is wherever he is.
You're a true mommy's boy that will only fall asleep at night while holding my hand and I love it.
You really hate bathrobes and fight with them any chance you get.
You've been speaking in full sentences for months now and you know how to count to ten.
The only color that you ever say is "green" so I'm going to assume it's your favorite!
You have an obsession with any type of remote so you love to steal and hide them from us.
You also like to call random strangers on the phone and scream "HI" loudly into their ears until they hang up.
You love to sing your favorite songs including Baby Shark, Little Bunny Foo Foo, and Perfect by Ed Sheeran.
You have the cutest dance that you bust out anytime you hear any hint of a rhythm.
You're petrified of snakes.  You cry and scream "scared" even if one just pops up on the TV.
You are stubborn and have a temper, but you also have the sweetest most charming disposition of anyone I know.
I'm so proud to be your mommy and love the little man that you are!  Just stop growing so quick, please..

Please join me in wishing this very handsome boy a happy birthday!


  1. They do grow so fast in those years like shrooms in the rain. Looks like he has a nice taste for colours.

    1. He is a pretty snazzy dresser, isn't he? He get it from his mamma. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart! I enjoyed learning about him and look forward to his phone call....LOL

    1. lol If you get someone screaming "Hi gamma", it's him. :)

  3. My niece is about to turn 2 in September. Her mom doesn't want her to grow up

  4. Happy birthday, big guy. Your mama sure loves you.


  5. Happy birthday, Prince Charming! We have so much in common! I love to dance, lose - I mean hide the remote, eat Goldfish and waffles and also love Toy Story! Your mommy has taught you well!!


  6. Sounds like me baby boy (oops, mean big boy now!) have the same diet LOL. I hope his birthday was wonderful for him!

  7. They sure grow quick. Still haven't figured out why he hates bathrobes so much?


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