Friday, June 26, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

friday rose

We really enjoyed our mini...
...Father's Day celebration last week!  The Viking came to visit and we hung out in the backyard.
The kiddies had a blast in their inflatable pool and the men enjoyed relaxing with a cigar.
I surprised them with a tray of sausage and peppers for dinner and some sides.
My hubby was extra happy for that because he didn't have to grill in that crazy heat!
We lit a bonfire, roasted marshmallows, and listened to The Viking tell us spooky stories.
It was yet another example of simplicity passing just as nicely as an extravagant celebration.

I was shocked to learn...
...that The Viking's spooky stories were true!  He spent the entire night trying to convince me.
His spooky stories were all about Sasquatch and real life encounters with it.
While it was entertaining bonfire conversation, I'm not sure how much I believe it.

I feel beat down because...
...I had to deliver termination notices to 8 of my team members this week.
It's never an easy thing to do, especially when the people being let go don't deserve it.

I'm wishing Nanny...
...a very happy 79th birthday.  It's a little late, but is still said with the same amount of love.
We can't imagine life without you.  You're truly the rock to our family and world.
Here's to many more years of youthful life, happiness, and memories!

We really enjoyed watching... son dive into his homemade birthday cake on Tuesday.
This boy loves to EAT!  Forget a party.  Just get this boy something sweet to eat!
While we're having a mini birthday gathering on Sunday, I couldn't let it pass without a birthday wish.

I'm really looking forward to...
...seeing my son's face when he learns of my silly surprise!
Since we couldn't hire a Baby Shark to come to his party, I had to do the next best thing.
I got Thor the puppy of thunder a Baby Shark costume to wear to my son's birthday party.
If there were inseparable before, I can only imagine how inseparable they become after this!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Happy Friday also, Jax.
    Please send a happy birthday to your grandma. May he always be given health and happiness.

    1. Thank you very much! Happy Friday to you as well. :)

  2. You just keep firing people these days, can't imagine how that feels. Can't imagine what kind of crises awaits us in the near future with so many fired people and ruined companies.

    1. I'm beat. I had to go to the bathroom twice just to cry, but I hate to complain because I at least have a job. Instead, I took out the vodka and had two shots as soon as it hit 5PM. I'm not a drinker so those two shots have me feeling pretty good right now.. My job has officially driven me to drink!

    2. In that recent Flesh and Blood series at ITV one of Francesca Annis' daughters is a director of a hospital and has to fire some woman and she then develops a whole revenge plot against her and tries to seduce her husband too. Hope you don't have revengeful loonies amongst your fired workers :)

  3. More people fired? That’s awful! And how do you stand the smell of cigars?

    Hope you have another great weekend!

    1. Yes, hopefully this is the last round. If I'm forced to fire anymore, I'll be doing all the work myself. The smell of cigars is tolerable..from a distance..once a year..on Father's Day! lol

  4. Happy Friday Jax

    Nice flower color

  5. I hope you post pics of Thor wearing his baby shark costume. That will be a hoot, I'm sure!

  6. Think Thor will be obliging?

    haha still haven't bought into Sasquatch? even after all his stories.

    My grandmother just turned 79 too.


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