Friday, June 19, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

six flags safari

The kids had an absolute blast at...
...the drive thru Safari this past weekend.  While I was amused, the kids had a ball!
From the luxury of your own car, you drive through the safari where the majority of animals roam free.
The entire safari takes about 2.5 - 3 hours to get through, dependent upon animal interruptions.
At one point, we had to stop to wait for a giraffe to finish crossing the road.
My son screeched at every animal he saw and my daughter did her best to be his tour guide.
I didn't care for the staff's lack of limiting entrants.  The safari was too packed for comfort.
If there was an emergency, there was no moving the car out of harms way or exiting.
There was also no monkey attacks to the hood of our car like many people warned us.
Overall, it was a great adventure and welcomed change to the dreariness of our isolation.
Except for when a moose decided to charge full speed at our car and made me almost crap my pants!

Ever since, my son won't stop...
...ROARing.  Everything you say to him is responded back with a simple "roar".  Ok, Mr. Lion.  Do you!

The Mr. & Mrs. have had...
...babies!!  Our favorite little birdie friends have finally brought their babies to say hello.
They are all real noisy with the sweetest chirps and they are obsessed with sunflower seeds.
They come to visit every day.  My favorite is the one with two crazy feathers that look like angry brows!

I'm moping around all sad because... baby boy will be turning two years old in just a few days!
While I'm glad that he's growing into a happy and smart young man, the thought is depressing.
He's my last baby and I'm just not ready to admit that my last baby isn't a baby anymore.
...onto the next ramble before I start tearing up again..

I'm completely horrified because...
...we just received the news that my daughter's BFF has to have her jaw broken to repair it.
She's been sucking her thumb for so many years that it caused bad enough damage to warrant a break.
I can't even imagine having my own jaw broken, let alone a 7 year old girl's.

We're seeking advice...
...on how to get my thumb sucking baby boy to stop sucking on his thumb!

We're seeing the light because...
...our governor finally gave us a date for when gatherings of 25 people are allowed.
It looks like it's coming just in time for my baby boy's birthday!
We will only invite immediate family, but it will be so nice to celebrate his birthday with guests.
Double the light is shining because nails salons are also being given the clearance to open!  YAY!
I immediately ordered a few Baby Shark party decorations and an ice cream cake for the event.
It's nothing like the party we usually do, but small and intimate has been actually really nice.

We're so proud of... little ballerina!  While they couldn't have a normal recital, they put on quite a show in the parking lot.
They danced their little hearts out and did it with the biggest smiles on their faces.

I'm wishing a very happy day to...
...all the hard working, loving, and responsible daddies, granddaddies, and uncles out there!
You help provide for us.  You offer us protection.  You give good advice.  & sometimes fix a broken sink.
Happy Father's Day!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Sucking thumbs can cause such problems? Why did not the parents stop her from doing it?

    1. I know, who knew?! Now that we know, we're really trying to get my son to stop. It's impossible. He just lays there screaming with tears as if I'm actually hurting him. We're up to our fourth sleepless night over it. But, a sleepless night is better than a broken jaw.

  2. Wow! I've heard of orthodontia problems from thumb sucking, but never a broken jaw. We only had one thumb sucker and I used a product called Thumb that I painted on her thumbnail. She stopped immediately! I think it may have had cayenne pepper in it. Lol, it's probably illegal these days.

    That safari sounds like a blast. We did a few of those with our kids, but they were a lot shorter than that. I remember a giraffe licking the car window!

    I'm so glad your son can have a birthday party. Hope it's a lot of fun.

    1. I need to look to find something because just won't stop. He's two so he understands "no thumb" but doesn't understand why. The safari was fun, the kids loved it. We watched a couple of videos from it last night and my son got just as excited as if it was his first time experiencing it!

  3. I've never been on a safari.

  4. You say "we" had a blast and then you were amused. Such a liar lol He's sure growing indeed. Soon will be hosing everyone. Damn, I never knew that about thumb sucking. That is awful for her. Hope he has a great birthday.

    1. Well, when you say “we” you have to average out the 4 people involved. So it’s not really a lie! Oh, the hose. He thinks he’s sooo funny. Lol. Thank you :)

  5. I've never heard of needing to break a jaw because of thumb sucking. My daughter sucked her thumb. She needed braces. My son didn't suck his thumb. He needed braces. I know someone who had her jaw broken because of problems other than thumb sucking. She had a pretty rough time. Your baby will grow up but will still be with you. My 40-year-old oxymoron is sitting next to me right now.


  6. Ouch to the broken jaw!
    Hurray for birthdays celebrated with family!
    We did a drive through safari in Ohio. Jason was on pins and needles when the big horned animals would walk by his car. He was praying he'd make it out of there without scratches all over the car LOL


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