Friday, June 12, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

The kiddies were super excited to...
...Slip N Slide and play some water games in the yard.  The suns been shining, so why not?
They have a blast running, sliding, and pretending that our backyard is a water park.
If you're looking to entertain young kiddies, than this $25 investment is money well spent!
Daddy is getting a little frustrated because they're destroying the lawn, but he'll get over it.
Not pictured is daddy having as much fun as our babies on it!  Guess he over the "drowning" lawn..
What have you been doing to keep the kiddies entertained in isolation?  Bonus points for new ideas.

I'm over the moon with excitement because... boy went back to school part time this past Tuesday morning!  
Here's to baby boy being much happier around other kids while actually learning something.
He wasn't happy to leave his mommy at first, but he was smiling ear to ear at pick up time.
Being home while mommy is stuck working and beyond stressed is so overrated..

I'm completely and totally obsessed with...
...the Coconut Colada scented hand soap from Bath and Body Works.
I'm washing my hands way more than necessary and keep sniffing away at the lingering scent.  
In fact, I love the smell ever so much, that I just splurged for a 3-wick candle with it.

My office looks empty because...
...we got rid of the 8' X 8' play yard that's been sitting there since December.
It served it's purpose, even more than we thought it would thanks to COVID19, but it was time.
Baby boy lifted the play yard up and rolled out from underneath.  It wasn't containing him anymore!

I'm in total shock that...
...Pier1 is completely going out of business!  This was one of my favorite home decor stores.
I knew that smaller businesses would close, but never imagined large chains like this would shut down.

I was smiling ear to ear at... Shutterfly memory of this week five years ago.  It was pictures of my bridal shower.
I was pretty adamant that I wanted a low key wedding, but my mom surprised me anyways.
They invited our closest family and friends and showered me with love in her small condo.
It was simple, sweet, and one of the only times that I was actually surprised in my life!

Now that the office is empty...
...I can't help but imagine how I would like to more permanently utilize this space.
I keep looking at fancy desks, unnaturally long console tables, book shelves, and ottomans.
While I won't splurge on furniture in the near future, I did pick out a nice area rug for the space.
We recently invested in a new floor and I'd hate for the kids to ruin our investment.
It's a much larger space than I originally thought it was so I'm having a hard time designing it.
What do you put in the middle of a large space acting as an office space/den?
I'm off to Pintrest and Google to see if I can find any inspiration or ideas!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. It's so hot over there? We've had weeks of crazy monsoons here with terrible downpours, borderline torrential ones, literally every day - a few times daily. I personally prefer it to tropical heat.
    You'd probably like Avon's new summer collections, they have tons of pinacolada, coconut, hibiscus and similar tropical fragrances in their new cosmetic lines. I bought myself a Mini Me banana lip balm LOL
    Noooo, I do love me Pier1. Is there any other decor shop I could follow on Facebook?

    1. Yes!! It's disgustingly hot over here. I don't mind heat as much as humidity, so I'm not sure the monsoons would be preferable for me. Ohh those collections sound amazing! Pier1 was my favorite. Pottery Barn is another one but I'm not a huge fan. Kirklands has some cute things, but their decor has turned to mostly modern farmhouse these days. Homegoods would most likely be the best alternative, but they don't have online shopping.

    2. I'm already following Barn, the expensive bastards :) I will try to find Kirklands and Homegoods on Face too, just for the sake of enjoying the pictures.

    3. Yes, Pottery Barn is ridiculously expensive and I find their stuff a little plain. Kirklands inspired our half bath and is reasonably priced.

    4. I second Home Goods. I just bought me a new cutting board there today. I refuse to shop in Kirklands store because they pump way too much fragrance in our store. I always leave with a headache. have you tried West Elm, Crate and Barrel or World Market Dezzy? I like some of the decor they sell in those places too.

    5. HomeGoods has a very nasty page on Facebook (with that nasty BLM plastered all over da place) but I did follow Kirklands yesternight :) Will try to find the others you mentioned.

  2. like my son who likes to play in the garden ahhahah

    1. They all enjoy getting dirty and messy at that age I think. :)

  3. I just bought that soap last week, so now I'm really excited to try it. Couldn't smell anything through my mask while shopping, so I took a chance, though I'm a huge coconut fan, so wasn't worried.

    I was surprised about Pier 1 because they've been around forever. I tried to stop in to their sale yesterday, but they don't open till noon. Can you tell I've been shopping now? Lol, it's been so much fun to start acting normal again.

    1. You did?! You will love it!!! I've washed my hands so many times since I got it that my skin is dry. I'm super sad about Pier1 too. That was my favorite store to buy home decor. You're allowed to shop in stores already? So jealous!

  4. Don't get me started on Pier 1. I am super depressed about that one :(

    I need to get into Bath and Body Works and smell their summer scents. It's just not the same shopping online with them.

    I can't wait for my teen to go back to school. I am so over her being home all the time now. Love her, but can't wait until she's not around 24/7 like she has been for the past 3 months.

  5. Don't you want to play water like they do, Jax 🙂?.

    Seeing the photo makes me want to be able to go to the swimming pool and play as much water as I like there.

  6. haha what? Your ocd isn't having a fit over the lawn? Brown and green must look funky. Get the vaccuum and suck up that dirt.

    Would be so nice to have a good office setup here. So far the puppies haven't lifted their play areas and escaped lol hopefully they don't.


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