Friday, June 5, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

purple tulips

I was uncontrollably excited and cheering loudly because...
...Disney World finally released a reopening date and plan!  They will be reopening as soon as July 11th.
It looks like they will be following standard guidelines such as masks, limited capacities, and social distancing.
I'm hoping that by the time September rolls around, some of these restrictions will improve.
It's frustrating to think that we would pay full price for only half of the Disney experience, but we are invested.
This most certainly is only a first step and no indication that we're in the clear, but I see the light!!  Can you?!

Our excitement heightened when...
...our governor gave the green light for Long Island to begin phase one of the reopening plan.
While opening construction doesn't mean too much to me personally, it's certainly a step in the right direction.
Let's hope that we continue to contain this virus and that life is back to normal before we know it!

I started dancing with joy while speaking to... son's principal at his school!  They are reopening the school with limited capacity.
They are ready to welcome him back and gift me with my sanity!
He hasn't been in school since March 13th so I think it's going to be a bit of a tough transition for him.
It may be tough, but it's worth it!  He needs the freedom to play and learn with other children.
At home he gets ignored and kept quiet so that mommy can try to work.  Isolation was really the toughest on him!
Let's hope that he's looking forward to running as much as he wants while screaming as loud as he wants.

Everyone can't stop laughing at... trying to figure out how to work a slip & slide!  No matter how hard I try, I just don't slide.
After running, diving, and stretching out my limbs, I just sink into it and remain completely stationary.

My son won the week when...
...I was on an important conference call with senior management and he decided to embarrass me.
Mid sentence, my daughter barged into my room and screamed at the top of her lungs-
"MOMMY, brother put his hands in his pants AND GOT POOP ALL OVER ME!"
The senior manager on the line said "Uhh, do you have to go?"
Talk about embarrassing...

I had a complete anxiety attack when...
...senior management announced that my position along with countless others were eliminated.
With a 15 minute emotionless phone call, senior management left hundreds of employees without jobs.
I panicked and tried to figure out how we would get through it without losing our home and still feeding the kids.

My family owes their life to... old manager of mine that learned of my job elimination and immediately hired me to work for him.
He didn't share his plan or ask if I wanted the role.  Simply because there was no time to discuss it with me.
He managed to keep my salary, keep half my direct reports, and just be an all around super hero.
I can't even begin to express the appreciation I feel for what this man did for me.
The job he signed me up for won't be easy, but I'm going to give it my all and perform to the best of my ability.
The second best part to this was his excitement at recruiting me.  His exact words were "I have my A team again"!
If you haven't seen the light yet, this had to at least show you a little glimmer of light in the darkness.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. It is so interesting that you send your small kid to school, our kids are not sent out of home at least before the age of 5 or even 6. Some who have busy parents are sent to daycares but that is rare and we did have cases of daycare ladies contracting corona from lil' kids and then all the daycare getting it too, sadly. After all, lil' kids are the main incubators of all germs.

    Told you ya should lock your kids in a cage while having a meeting :)

    Wait what? You got fired??? OMG, horrible. So you now work for another company? I'm also back to work after two months of no work.

    1. We pay slightly extra to put him into a school. They teach him baby sign language, baby yoga, and learn lots of stuff that I wouldn't have the patience to teach. I remember years ago my daughter was 3 and my friend's daughter was 5. My daughter was able to write her full name without any direction. My friend's daughter could not do it, instead she drew a scribble. That was the eye opening moment that made me realize that the school was a good choice. Entrance exams for kindergarten these days are pretty tough in NY! Infant school is optional, but Pre-K starting at ages 3-4 is not.

      YES!! It was a really intense day. The call was about 3 minutes long and it was one of the VPs of the organization letting hundreds of people know that their position was eliminated. When an old boss of mine heard that the call was coming, he prearranged for me to work for him. It's a similar role, just with an expanded set of skill sets and a smaller area. The title is also better. I'm going from an ASS to a BOM. It's still the same company, but a completely different organization under the same company. While I won't take a pay cut (because I was so disgustingly underpaid to start), it's still a significant demotion. My old/new boss felt bad and kept trying to sell it to me. I'm like "Dude, you just saved my family's life. You don't need to sell this to me. I need to work my butt off for YOU to thank YOU!".

      I'm so glad that you found work! I know that you were very worried about that. Did you ever find a way to get the far away check that you were owed? I remember you being upset about that as well. It's funny b/c now that the US is rioting, it's seems like COVID19 disappeared here.

    2. So very nice of him, especially as he obviously appreciates your skills and capability! In situations like that it really seems like we have guardian angels somewhere :) My horoscope did tell me I would have shitty April and May workwise and that June will bring me work again, so there's that :) No, I still have to go to Novi Sad to get the monies for the previous books (the ones I'm posting today at Facebook) but I'm anxious about it because I don't feel like travelling by bus in the times of corona and plus the buses still don't go often. Don't want to end up stuck 100km away from home LOL

    3. Yes, a guardian angel it must be..and it's greatly appreciated. Ugh! Yea, that doesn't sound like fun. I would stay away from buses at this time too unless the government is putting in place safety measures such as regular sanitization and limited capacity.

  2. Talk about some intensity! It was like reading a drama here: child comes in with poop all over her; Jax gets laid fired by unemotional boss; Jax gets hired by coolest boss ever! Let us not forget about the hope in the air: Disney...and a return for some normalcy for your son. Hip Hip Hooray for him! (And you for some peace - in the house and your heart).

    I meant to say something a few weeks ago, I heard about that bar Patchogue having a big ol' party. Tsk tsk. That used to be my hangout way, way back in the day. :)


    1. LOL Had to start with the poop.. hahaha That was sooo embarrassing. I wonder if that's why my job eliminated throughout the whole country?! Just kidding..

      I haven't heard about the bar in Patchogue, but I would imagine that they would get arrested! Things have been super strict here. We still can't leave this damn house, mainly b/c there is nowhere to go!!

  3. How scary to be that close to losing your job :( I'm glad everything worked out. Yes, it will be an adjustment for your son to go back to school. Our granddaughter who is 9 months is now scared of us, after not seeing us for 10 weeks. Well, she's afraid of everyone now, to be honest, since she didn't see anyone besides her parents and brother for so long!

    I wouldn't go to Disney until there are no regulations. It's too damn hot to wear a mask there!

    1. She will soon be at the age when she's running right into your arms! Kids get funny that way. My son is going to SCREAM when he goes back to school on Monday. He loves his teacher, but they get used to things, even if it's being home with mommy locked away while she works. Agreed with the mask! I wonder if more people will pass out from that than contract COVID19.

  4. lmao poop hands. You mentioned it. You are obsessed. Told ya.

    Great the job issue got worked out and things are slowly opening. I don't see any light though. Still darkness in front.

    I wouldn't send any kid to school in this crap. Germs a plenty.

    1. Lol, it was mortifying!! Tuesday he goes back to school and I can work without fear of poop hands. There may be germs, but it’s worth the risk. Trust me. Try working, homeschooling, taking care of a house, and caring for a toddler at the same time. It’s grounds for insanity!! Look harder, you’ll see the light.

  5. Covid-19 has just been unreal. But I feel for you because I know you New York is really gone super safe and careful

    1. Thank you, it’s been tough for everyone. Sigh..

  6. That's pretty cool that you lost a job and got another one right away, but hearing about the job the way that you did was not exactly sensitive. I would have panicked. Then I would have reached in my diaper and smeared the poop all over the place.


    1. Ohh I did panic. My whole insides fell to the pit of my stomach, but I understood why he couldn’t tell me. They made him sign a non disclosure agreement that could have cost him his job or be subject to legal repercussions.

  7. Oh Jax yours kids ! Im sure are cuties oh well the pops you know .
    About these times what can I say a is crazy and sometimes is like we are in a BAD movie and we are not sure about nothing. Send you hugs and love and hope you be ok and safe with the kids dear Jax !

    1. Bad movie is a perfect way of explaining it!! Be safe, too. :)

  8. My daughter just got a survey asking the kids how they would feel about continuing with online courses for next year. I want to cry because I am so ready for her to go back. She's 16 and all she does is mope around the house because she wants to see her friends again. With that email, the light just got a little dimmer :(

    Hurray for awesome bosses. I am so happy for you that you were able to get another job right away. Whew! What a relief!


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