Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Let's Discuss: Aluminum Free Deodorant - Tom's of Maine Versus Native

This past December, I asked my doctor the question regarding allergy meds and their link to dementia.  He completely dismissed my question by raising a concern that he claimed to be more real.  His exact words were "I'd be more concerned with your deodorant and all of the aluminum in it."  Um, what?!  Causing me more panic is this genius's idea of distracting me?!  Anyone know a new dr..  He went on to explain that massive amounts of aluminum are in deodorant and that's what makes it work.  He said to be more concerned with my antiperspirant and its link to Alzheimer's disease than allergy meds.

Not wanting to stink, I was happy when he went on to list some alternatives to my Dove antiperspirant.  I wrote them all down and hurried to the store to pick up the first product listed.

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Tom's of Maine Vs Native Deodorant

The first product I tried was Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Natural Deodorant in lavender.

It cost me $4.89 and smelled strong, but lovely.  I should have taken the strong scent as a hint..  Within a few hours of wearing the product, I developed sweat marks on my blouse under my armpits.  This left me feeling disgusting and gross.  Two days in a row I made an excuse to leave work early.  When I went home to change my shirt, I noticed that my pits had a noticeable odor that I did not like.  Imagine the scent of lavender magnified times 1000 with a little hint of body order.  bleh gag barf...  I tried cleaning a little extra the next morning and giving it another try only to get the same results.  The Tom's of Maine deodorant went right into the trash can and I went on to option #2.

The next product that I tried was Native deodorant in coconut & vanilla.

I almost fell over at the price.  It was about $12 a stick, but after reminding myself of the why, I purchased it.  I also told myself that you get what you pay for.  If I had stinky pits after $12 a stick, I'd be pissed!  As expected, I still sweated more than I did with an antiperspirant but it was a tolerable amount.  The scent of the product wasn't overpowering at all.  I actually really enjoyed the coconut & vanilla scent!  At the end of the day I still smelled fresh and lovely with absolutely zero hint of BO.  The stick lasted me a little over a month which was another pleasant surprise.  Besides, when thought of that way, is $12 a month that much if it means better health?

After trying both products, I'm pleased to announce the winner.
I would highly recommend Native deodorant!
I'm even going to pass it a Jax seal of approval!  There is no higher honor, right?!

Do you use aluminum free deodorant?


  1. I think Dove has mineral based antiperspirants too now, most of their wash gels are now also without sulfates, I just bought the new ones with birch water and aloe (has almost no scent) and the one with goji berries and camelia. Dove is a bit weak for me in deodorants, I stick to Rexona.

    You should start drinking nettle tea on a daily basis for allergies, it helps a lot, and at the same time stop drinking camomile during the allergy season. Nettle is also filled with iron for your blood system and you can also rinse your hair with it - you will love the result.

    1. I have seen that they released an aluminum free version of deodorant, but I haven't tried it yet. While Native is a bit expensive, it's worth every penny not to smell without the use of harmful materials. I have not heard of Rexona. Is it natural or does it have aluminum in it?

      I've never heard of nettle tea, but will look it up right now. I could use something to help my hair grow back, give me iron, AND help with allergies. It sounds like a miracle tea!

  2. I knew about the aluminum issue and I have looked into Native, but I can't even with that price. Total rip off and makes me wonder if the scientific study was funded by them! I don't see a purpose in deoderant if it's not an antiperspirant. Might as well just use perfume! I've taken to not wearing any in the winter when I'm always cold anyway. In the summer or when working out, I just use one swipe of my cheap antiperspirant and it seems to do the trick. I take a shower at night, so it's washed off and I'm not wearing any overnight. I feel like if there's truth to the aluminum theory, I'm at least lessening my exposure.

    1. I thought it was a rip off at first too, but it lasts so long, that it's probably as costly as cheaper brands. It's also the only natural one so far that actually works and doesn't have that perfume feel. My family, including my mother, has terrible multiple sclerosis. If an expensive deodorant helps reduce the risk of my children or I getting it, I'm totally game!

  3. That is what you have to look at. The length it lasts. Then the price isn't so bad. They can cause cancer too. I only try to use it lightly and in winter tend to skip it as I freeze my arse off outdoors anyway. Same with many suns screens as well. They stop skin cancer but some have chemicals that can cause other cancer. Can't win.

    1. It does last a long time compared to my previous deodorant. I used to get a month out of it, now I can go a few months. What kind of cancer does the natural deodorant cause?!

    2. I don't think natural causes it, but could be wrong. The other stuff causes it though.

  4. I've never heard that before about deodorant. I want more info before I consider giving up my Secret.


  5. I've tried natural deodorants before, and they just don't work for me. Maybe I'm just a naturally sweaty, stinky girl LOL. I haven't tried Natural though, but I'm game to try one more time. I'll have to pop it in my cart on Amazon.


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