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Ideas: How to make eggs without them sticking to the pan.

Ladies and gentleman, I'm about to admit something that I'm terribly ashamed of.  I absolutely, completely, and totally  s t i n k  at making a decent egg.  Well, at least I did stink at making decent eggs up until I learned a magic trick!

How to make eggs without them sticking to the pan.

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How to make the perfect egg every time.

My husband melted another spatula.  This time it was melted onto my nonstick pan.  I was upset because that was my only nonstick pan and the only pan that made an OK egg.  After learning that it couldn't be saved, I started doing research on natural pans.  I wanted a 100% ceramic pan made with zero teflon, aluminum, or other harmful materials.  The only "natural" nonstick pans in existence are priced for a billionaire, so I admitted defeat.  ..& then complained to Nanny b/c only my grandma would listen to such a silly complaint.  That's when Nanny blasted me with some serious words of wisdom.  She taught me the deep, dark secret of cooking an egg without them sticking to the pan.  We're talking ANY pan, thus eliminating all of my nonstick pan woes.  Go Nanny!  After testing out her secret method and seeing how fabulous it worked, I decided to share on R&W.

Note- I ended up purchasing THIS stainless steel pan out of the concerns listed above mainly price & health.

Step One:  Prepping the pan.
Lightly oil the bottom of the pan and heat the oil briefly on a low heat setting.

Step Two:  Cooking the eggs.
Put the eggs in the pan.  Avoid touching the eggs at all until the bottom layer of them are cooked.  For some unknown, magical reason, the eggs will separate itself from the bottom of the pan.  Even if making scrambled eggs, don't touch them until you see the bottom solid and cooked through.  You can then start to scramble at that point because the uncooked eggs know not to stick again.  I'm sure there's science behind this, but for this post, we'll continue to refer to the phenomenon as magic.

Step Three:  Plating the eggs.
Once the eggs are cooked to your liking, slide off the pan with zero stickage or mess left behind!  Tip- Let the pan cool before washing but don't let it sit too long.  This will extend the life of your pan.

It may sound simple and like something that should be common sense, but it's not.  It took me 31 and a half years to learn how to make an egg without it sticking to the pan!  To avoid sticking, I used to play with the eggs right away which is where I was messing up.  Little did I know that I had to let the eggs have some time to magically release themselves from the pan.  Bonus points to whomever may know the science behind this magic trick!

What is your favorite type of egg?


  1. Geez Louise, you used to touch eggs before they were cooked on the bottom? You do that only for scramble eggs and omelette :) I don't think I've ever had an egg stuck to the pan, crepes yes, eggs no. Have you tried baking them in the oven? I see that's the trend now when you have to fry a lot of them. In da old days people used to fry eggs in cast iron pans which I hate as you are not really supposed to wash them LOL This all being said, I don't eat eggs :)

    1. Why didn't you ever tell me?! You could have saved me from years or torment and unnecessary scrubbing..not to mention all of the eggs I've wasted. LOL I've never made a crepe, but right before the shut down, a crepe and coffee shop opened up on Main street. When it reopens, I will have to check it out.

    2. Making crepes is a rather messy business, but they are, admittedly, superior to pancakes :) The first one you always throw away, the rest are usually good once you get used to handling them.

  2. They look so yummy..
    Thank you for the steps to make eggs without sticking the pan.


    Have a nicw day

  3. Kalau di Indonesia sering disebut Telur mata sapi :) hehhehe

    1. That's very interesting! I wonder why they would call it a cow egg?

  4. I'd be more concerned about all that cholesterol with a pan covered in oil and eggs than I am over Teflon pans. Also, I won't make or eat eggs over easy because I have a thing about eggs being cooked all the way through, so I've never had that issue. I guess my fave is hard boiled eggs for salads. Am I turning into Pat with my food issues?

    1. Say it isn't so, Bijoux! I couldn't imagine eating his diet. I'd probably reach my goal weight and be super healthy, but I'd miserable as I loveeee to eat. That's extra virgin olive oil. According to Sicilians, that's good cholesterol. lol!

    2. Ok, you're right about the EVOO! I was picturing vegetable oil.

  5. My daughter has a habit of making the eggs stick every time she makes them. I need to send this article to her to prevent that messy business in the future.

  6. Faberge eggs are very tough to cook. 20 weeks of cooking and I still can't make them edible just worthless

  7. Well at least you learned it before 40, which is creeping on up lol


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