Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Recipe: How to make Shepherd's Pie.

These crazy times in our life taught me one thing, to make a dinner out of random food.  In a time when you're supposed to stay out of the store, you learn to empty your cabinets.  There's no running to the store for a missing ingredient or to pick up desired luxuries.

You learn to make do with what you have.

This is one of the few mindsets that I hope lingers with us as life resumes back to normality.  The universe will be better off with a less wasteful generation that appreciates what they got.

As my food supplies reached record lows, I relied on my creativity and Google to get us through.  The first thing I would do is take a mental inventory of what I got and then hunt for recipes.  One night I was down to the bare minimum, yet I still managed to put something healthy together.  It was also kind of good.  Good enough that everyone asked for seconds and told me to save the recipe!  We had to make minor substitutions to make the meal work, but we were fed.

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How to make Shepherd's Pie.


(1) pound ground beef 
(1) Diced yellow onion
(1) pound bag frozen mixed vegetables
(3) pounds red potatoes
(1) Stick of butter
Salt & Pepper


Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coat a large pan with a thin layer of oil.  Brown the diced onions.  Mix in and fully cook the chopped meat, frozen vegetables, onion powder, garlic powder, parsley, salt, and pepper.  I never measure seasonings so you'll have to rely on your eye ball and gut.  Once fully cooked, set aside.

Peel and boil your potatoes until they are soft enough to mash.  Strain.  Add (1) stick of butter, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and parsley.  Remember, season to your gut's content.  Fully mash until smooth.  Slowly pour in the almond milk and mix in between pours until your potatoes are the desired consistency.

Get a large casserole dish.  Put the meat mixture in the baking pan and make sure it's evenly spread throughout the pan.  This is the first layer.  Then do the same with the potatoes.  This is the second layer.  Bake for 15 minutes.  Serve and enjoy!

...and only because a reader asked "what is a casserole dish?"...
Tip:  I've been using THIS casserole dish for the past 4 years with minimal complaints.
It's gotten the job done, but is an awkward shape for cleaning cooked on food.  I've already made my husband aware that these casserole dishes would be an amazing surprise under the Christmas tree this year.  They look easier to handle because of the simple rectangular shape and have a really pretty print on them.  ..just saying.

What did you cook in quarantine?


  1. I never had to go through a real quarantine. Worked all this time, and takeout was almost everywhere.

    1. Lucky you! We're starting to lose it over here.

  2. I really planned out my menus before shopping, so it was business as usual. We just tried to eat all the fresh fruits and veggies first so that nothing went bad. I'm back to shopping weekly now. My favorite thing to make are Buddha bowls with leftover meat from the previous night and then veggies, beans and couscous or quinoa.

    1. I tried but it became a matter of grabbing whatever was left in the store. Luckily, things are getting a little better here in terms of stock. It's still impossible to find cleaning solutions or paper towels, but food is mostly stocked. I'm ordering coffee online though which is frustrating! Buddha bowls sound amazing!

  3. I've never understood Shepherd's Pie, what's the point of mash over it if there is no sour cream or eggs in it to gratinate it? Isn't it just really hot dry mash and steamy wet meat underneath? :)

    1. I have an issue with things like mayo or sour cream. I'm not sure what that issue is, but I can't bring myself to even try it. My mashed potatoes are really creamy. I found that red potatoes make a drier mash than Eastern potatoes, so we typically opt for Eastern potatoes.

  4. I love shepherds pie! My mom taught me the "lazy" person's version. You just dump everything into the chop meat after it's cooked (tomato sauce, cream corn, etc.) and then make the mashed potatoes separately. It comes out looking like dog food but my family still loves it! :)


  5. Was it you or was it Google that came up with it? Come on. You can admit it.

  6. I love Shepherd's Pie! You're right, these days we've been coming up with some really creative meals by digging through what's left in the pantry and I also kind of hope that mindset sticks around.


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