Monday, May 4, 2020

List: The top ten best board games for kids.

Today I begin the dreaded scramble to fix R&W's pre-scheduled posts.
It's actually April 1st, but today is the day that I concede to COVID19 and alter our plans.
This week was originally blocked off for our trip to Disney, but as of today, it's cancelled.
Luckily, our kids are too young to know that our plans fell through, but we're feeling the pain for them.
We have tried to fill the void of birthday parties, school trips, and now vacations with lots of family time.
Unfortunately, just like everything else, there is a such thing as too much family time.
We're filling those voids with walks, bike rides, trips to silly landmarks, and lots & lots of board games.
I'm sure that you're all doing the doing the same so I'm leaving it up to Mushy Face to give you suggestions.
Here's a list of my seven year old daughter's top ten board games for kids!

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The top ten board games for kids.

10.  Mr. Bucket
Both of my kids (ages 7 & 22mos) love this game.  They have a ball chasing the balls.  Sorry, couldn't resist.
Mr. Bucket will travel and spin while spitting out little colored balls for the kiddies to collect.
With their shovel scoop, the kiddies should get the balls in the bucket before they come back out.
It's a fun game that keeps the kiddies moving while stepping up to a reachable challenge.

9.  Candyland
To be honest, I'm a bit surprised that this made the cut, but I guess classics never age!
I asked what her favorite part of the game was and she said all of the colors and characters.

This is a favorite on our block.  All the kids will gather on a driveway and play in the sun.
Kids take this game very seriously.  Each flick of a card is like an act of war to them, which is half the fun!

Half the attraction of this classic game is the baby shark song that plays over and over again.
As the pool of fish spins, the kiddies aim to catch as many fish as they can.
My mommy opinion of this game is that it's cheaply made compared to the original and very annoying!!

My husband's Cuban ethnicity meant he was extra excited to play his favorite game with our baby girl.
The Disney princess version allows younger children to enjoy an otherwise complicated game.

5.  Connect 4
Here's another classic game that my baby girl loves to play and finds challenging at her age.
When I asked what her favorite part of the game was, she said emptying out all of the tokens at the end.
Great perspective, Mush!  Win or lose, there's a prize for all..

Mushy Face loves a good game of Monopoly but really L O V E S  one with a Frozen II theme.
This has been a quarantine favorite since it lasts the longest and causes daddy to get competitive.

While I'm pretty sure my baby girl just likes the sound of adults gagging, she loves this one!
Each person pulls out a squishy, realistic clogged pore.  Loser gets squirted with water.  bleh, gag, barf...

This is a staple for our family game nights with just us or with extended families.
The aim of the game is to guess the color(s) of different things from Disney movies.
The trick is, if more than one person gets it right, then no one gets a point.  We all LOVE this game!

My baby girl got this as a gift when she was three years old.  It has been her favorite game ever since!
Let's just say, mommy wasn't surprised that this was the big winner!  Mommies know everything..
It's a cute game that teaches kids to follow directions.  It's easily played by a child as young as 3.
Each person is given a recipe.  It's a game of chance and a race to see who finishes their cupcake first.

What are your favorite children's board games?


  1. You reckon your kids will become allergic to you soon? Too much exposure...
    Cupcake game sounds fun but I cannot believe someone came up with a pimple popper game. How very base, you will have to send them to an Irish catholic nun school for that sin.

    1. The cupcake game is real adorable. She loves it and it's really funny to see her Abuelo and Nonno play it with this dainty little cupcakes. LOL The pimple game is hard to play. You literally feel queasy at first. Every time I say I'm going to donate it without her knowing, I feel a wave of guilt. I just can't figure out if she likes the game or our disgusted reaction to it!

  2. Omg, that Dr Pimple Popper game is horrific! I can't even watch the commercials for the tv show.

    I loved Candyland as a kid for the same reasons as your daughter. My girls loved Pretty Pretty Princess and even talked their little brother into playing quite often. He loved his Pokemon Yahtzee which gave me a headache with the shaking of those dice in the cup. All my kids loved Guess Who.

    1. Yup!! You can thank Nick Jr. for advertising that game over and over again. Ever heard of Doggy Doo? That's another disgusting one that they advertise on repeat.

    2. Lol, no I mean the REAL Dr. Pimple Popper on TLC. It's a show where this Asian woman Doctor deals with massive cysts, etc!

    3. I've never seen that and I don't think I'd ever want to. It sounds like a great way to get queasy. Why would anyone want to watch that?! Bleh..

  3. Thank you for the recommendations.

  4. Can I admit that I still think Candyland is fun? I like Hungry Hungry Hippos too. I guess I'm still a big kid at heart ♥

    1. My favorites are Color Brain and Uno out of her choices, but Candy Land is definitely the most attractive of all the games. Love the characters and colors.

    2. Uno is fun too! Though sometimes if you have too many players, it takes too dang long to get through LOL

  5. I am happy here that I have information about ten games that I would recommend for my niece.
    Thanks for that,Jax.

    Regards for your family

  6. I played four of them. Monopoly is a win. No Trouble or Life though? Geez.


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