Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Life: How I justified purchasing a selfie stick.

A whopping five years ago, the fabulous invention of a selfie stick became overwhelmingly popular.  As expected, I posted about the selfie stick here to keep you all informed.   When I made the original post, I couldn't help but make fun of the product.  I mean, selfies scream self absorbed and narcissistic to me, but who am I to judge?

To reiterate, a selfie stick is a long stick designed to take a picture of yourself at a flattering angle.

Since 2015, selfies have only become more popular to our horror and disbelief.  The trend of snapping pictures of yourself has only heightened thanks to filters and other app add ons.  Applications such as SnapChat and Tic Tok have added to the narcissistic behaviors of some people.  The platforms available to post pictures of yourself has quadrupled in numbers since my original post.  All these factors and more grew the demand for selfie sticks exponentially throughout the past 5 years.  

While this is all pathetically true, I may have something that I feel the need to own up to.

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Why I officially purchased a selfie stick.

Please, don't judge prematurely.  Let me defend myself.
With four kids & a quarantine, it's become increasingly difficult to take a decent family photo.  A selfie stick allows us to capture a good family picture without cutting off a piece of someone's head.  It's important to me to have family pictures to remember holidays and family experiences.  Every year, I document these events and put them in a photo book that I gift to my hubby.  With no one available to take a family picture in quarantine, a selfie stick makes this possible.

While my feelings about a selfie stick for selfies remain the same, I have no regrets on our purchase.  I mean, without a selfie stick, our family Easter photo above just wouldn't be feasible!  Phew.  I feel so much better now that I got my secret off of my chest.

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Have you bought a selfie stick yet?


  1. Nope, and don't plan to. I really rarely take photos, I don't even have a smartphone, I'm still in the era of old mobile phones, so transferring photos to computer isn't even easy.

    1. Eep! No smart phone? How do you function? lol Whenever I travel for work I wonder how I would do my job without a smart phone. Without Google Maps, I don't think I'd be able to find my way anywhere. How in the world did society travel far distances with just a map? I can't even fathom.

    2. I think not having a smart phone, keeps me away from the rest of the world, especially the internet. It is good for the mind to stay away from technology which is why I don't even have a TV either.

  2. I have never taken a selfie by myself or in a group that looked decent, so no! Lol, I look better from a distance!

    I will never forget when I heard the term for the first time. My nephew, who is 24 now, was calling it a 'shameless selfie' and we were like WHAT? To this day, I prefer to say it that way.

    1. I'm sure that's not true, although I sometimes I feel the same way about myself. It's probably commons for people to dislike pictures of themselves. Love the term "shameless selfie". I'm going to have to steal it!

  3. The cat just rolled his eyes at you big time. You just lost points with him. You are now one of those people. The cat will have to think if he ever wants to deal with you again. Narcissistic bird lover. That could be too much lmao

    I wish the stupid phones had a timer that would set and then take multiple pictures. It would be easier that way and no need for a dumb stick. I suppose you could use it to poke the bears that try and eat you.

    1. We went from agreeing to disagree real quickly, cat! In my defense, I've never use that stick to take an actual selfie. I agree with the timer. We have one on our camera, but to take it out whenever a sweet kiddie moment happens would be such a hassle.

  4. I know my brother has one.

  5. They are so handy! We bought one a few years ago when we started doing hard core travel as a family and wanted us ALL to be in the frame together. Family photos in front of famous landmarks aren't that special unless all the bodies are included in the pic.


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