Friday, May 29, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

potted garden

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Friday Ramblings

I'm totally in love with the...
...potted vegetable garden my hubby and kiddies made for me on mother's day!  Since we have found some not very nice things buried in the yard, I asked my husband for something different.  I wanted a potted vegetable garden on the deck so that the plants would grow in a more controlled environment.  They did such a great job!  I think it actually looks prettier than our typical garden in the ground.  We planted Japanese eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, and colorful pumpkins for gourds.

All you need for a similar garden is...
A large planter (like the one at this link), plant support (like the ones in this link), and a good soil.  If you try it, please circle back and share how your garden is doing and what vegetables you planted!

I'm happy to report that... lemon tree has grown two brand new, beautiful leaves on a once bare branch.  While the tree is blooming with dozens of Sharpie smelling flowers, it's lost more than half its' leaves.  I was afraid that it was dying, but it appears that she's going to make it through!

I'm losing sleep because of the show...
...Chuck!  We get so caught up in the show that we end up watching until crazy hours of the morning.  Whenever one of us tries to take a stance to make it an early night, the other refuses to give in.  If you're looking for a fun binge, try Chuck!  "...& at last I see the light, and it's like the fog has lifted.." lalalala

I volunteered to...
...take professional quality photographs for my daughter's dance school.  Yet another thing cancelled was their photo session in their recital dance costumes.  To make up for it, the dance school got a back drop and was going to open the parking lot for us to snap pics.  While it's a small gesture and hardly professional, the ballerinas deserve their moment to feel like a dance star.  Plus, we all dumped >$200 on the dance costumes!  The least we can do is have them wear them for 10 minutes.

We finally gave in and got an...
...inflatable pool large enough to somewhat fit our family of four.  It's a 10' diameter octagon.  While it's not a real pool, it was certainly worth the $40.  My babies are so terribly bored and I hope this helps.

Every small bit of good news has us...
...singing "I Can See the Light" from Tangled and performing ballet leaps in the kitchen!

We're still exhausted from...
...the hike we took during a visit to a Long Island nature preserve.  We decided to make another stop on our tour of Long Island by visiting a 50 mile nature preserve.  Following my 7 year old daughter, we began walking along a trail with a bird watching checklist.  An hour later, my husband grabs the map and announces my daughter led us down the 5 mile hiking trail.  We're talking uneven terrain, boards of wood over small rivers, and real life chipmunks darting in front of us!  At one point my daughter sat down on the dirt trail and said "Just go on without me".  Dramatic much?  Don't say it..  Three quarters of the way in we stumbled across a trout hatchery and learned it's the only hatchery on Long Island!  Shout out to my husband who carried our 40 pound son at least 4.5 miles of the 5 mile hike.  When we finally made it out of the woods, we ran straight home, jumped in the showers, and felt itchy all night long.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Wow, I'm amazed at the price of your daughter's ballerina costume. It is quite expensive when it is valued in my country's currency, almost equivalent to three million rupiah for a set of ballet clothes.

    1. Yup, dance costumes are rather pricey so it's a double disappointment when they go unused. :(

  2. Lemon flowers do have a nasty smell, not what one would expect from lemon.... The tree is probably rioting because you call it a she. It could be a male plant.... And no, I don't know the difference either.

    1. The first time I smelled it, it took me a few hours to figure out what it was! My lemon tree is very fickle and easily annoyed. She's definitely a female. LOL

  3. Ok, I'm a bit disturbed with your "not very nice things buried in the yard." .???

    I couldn't find Japanese eggplant seeds at Lowes or Home Depot. Where do you buy yours? And are chipmunks not a common thing in your yard? I mentioned on another blog our chipmunk problems in the garden and he seemed shocked. We have dozens of them.

    1. The previous owners buries such things in the yard such as glass bongs and other paraphernalia that my daughter always manages to dig up. She innocently brings them to and asks what they are. Who knows what else they buried back there, so a potted veggie garden it is! I've never seen a chipmunk around here. The nature preserve is the first time I've seen one on Long Island, but I do see them when we vacation upstate.

  4. I ended up giving my little pool to my brother and my niece

  5. I hope your potted garden and the lemon tree continue to thrive. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Damn that guy that got you on to that show. What an a hole. And now he's trying to get you onto another. How rude of him.

    haha drama queen just like you. There I said it. Said it already though as you went through nature with actual chipmunks. lmao not like chipmunks are rare. I still can't see the light. Good I can't sing.

    1. LOL Yup, what a jerk to make me lose my beauty sleep, although he did give me something to during isolation. Drama queen like me? How did you know that's exactly what I didn't want said?! lol! Chipmunks are rare. First one I've ever seen on Long Island.

  7. I like the idea of patio gardening. I wasn't going to garden much this year since we were planning to sell our house (thanks to MI strict policies right now, everything has been on hold) but I started my own tomatoes from scraps I was going to toss in the trash last month and they are already thriving so I suppose I'm doing tomatoes and cucumbers this year.


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