Friday, May 22, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

smile it's friday

I did a little "eep" when... husband came home from Target with a bouquet of sunflowers for me!
Sunflowers are my favorite flowers and I eagerly wait for them to come in season each year.
The sunflowers are not pictured.  I'm well aware that these are daisies.

My nail salon texted me to say...
...they purchased and installed window spaces on each nail station.
It looks almost like a bank teller window with the little slot to slide in and out your cash.
I'm sure that they won't be opening any time soon, but it was still reassuring to hear from them.
Each day I wonder which businesses will survive and which will close down forever.
Let's hope this is an indication that my local nail salon is part of the survivors.

I'm getting ready to jump back into... senior year of college!  Last week began my Summer course.
This semester I'm taking self-management.  I'm hopeful it's a smart choice for a short semester.

My prince charming learned the magic of...
...the word please!  Every time my baby boy says "please" in his cute baby voice, I give in.
Within reason, of course.  Although, my hubby said I should have drawn the line on a 2nd bath..

My husband is suddenly obsessed with...
...birds!  He's taking the obsession a bit too far with making them a mini sanctuary.
He's got the hummingbird feeder, regular feeder, and now a bird bath.
I'm just trying to decide if it's his new hobby or his way of telling me to stop complaining!
I hate being stuck inside so I complain that my only friends are the birds.  So, naturally, he attracts more.

I've finally learned to...
...shut off the news.  Watching and getting updates on COVID19 was becoming an obsession.
I've been way less anxious and more productive since doing so.  Instead I get my updates from Cuomo.
The icing on the cake was the plandemic video discrediting the one man we all trusted, Dr. Fauci.
That's when I decided that watching it was not a benefit to me or anyone.  Have you shut it off yet?

My Friday Ramblings are getting...
...shorter and shorter.  The stay at home orders have me uninspired.
Hopefully this all ends soon so that we can go back to living our lives to the full potential.
There's nothing scarier than the unknown, and every day seems to be just that.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. They've put those little plastic or plexiglass walls everywhere, hope they remain there even after the plague.

    1. Really? I hope that they are temporary. I'm the type of person that likes to be close to other people and find it so sad that right now we all fear each other. I went grocery shopping once time since March 13th. At one point during the shopping trip, a person and I met from different directions. The fear in her eyes above that mask was enough to make me cry. This has to all pass because this isn't how people were meant to be. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

    2. But you wouldn't feel like that if you actually had constant direct and very close contact with people on your job like people at desks and cash registers do. They really are exposed to all kinds of shit and germs all year long even when we have no plague running wild, imagine how much they fear getting home and giving something to their kids or family. Even bus and cab drivers, in those little spaces, no fresh air... horrible....

    3. I can agree with that for now, but forever? People living and working behind plexiglass forever sounds like a very sad world.

      Many people here are begging for businesses to open. People rioting in the roads with signs and chanting. Local moms are begging others to allow them into their home to do hair, nails, or cook just so they can try to make an income. There’s no winning in this situation. According to the governor, 1 in every 4 people are going hungry in NY. I’m not saying if anything is right or wrong because I’m not smart enough to make that judgement call. I’m just saying that no two situations are alike so it should be hard for anyone to make a blanket statement.

    4. Have you guys been hit with the Kawasaki disease from COVID19 yet?

    5. We have, two cases, but they say it is nothing new. Our country has opened borders today, sadly, and does not require tests from the outsiders, which quite shocks me, and we again have a little bit more cases daily, but they won't close the country again because we have elections next month and our dictator wants to win again, sadly, by sucking up to the stupid part of the country since his support fell down due to his idiotic measures during corona. Its more hopeless than corona itself was.

    6. I had my annual check up today and my doctor feels that everything needs to start opening up again. She thinks things like exponentially increased hunger, increased suicides, depression, and drug use are outweighing the results. She doesn't believe in a full reopening, but acknowledged the need for some sort of normalcy to return. Although, her loudest part of the rant was the amount of children that aren't getting their normal vaccinations because of this. She thinks that a lot more than kawasaki disease is going to come of this!

      Everyone has such different opinions that it hurts my head to figure out what's true or not...

  2. I do like sunflowers as well

  3. Yes to sunflowers. My favorite too.

  4. You'd better sit down for this . . . I've never had a mani or pedi! I'm fearful of nail fungus, so I just do them at home. Plus, saves money! We enjoy the birds, but have had a few really dumb ones that build nests in bad places or repeatedly fly into the same window, even with me standing right there..

    1. Eep, like never?? I think if you go to a place that's clean, then you're safe. They put plastic liners in the foot tubs that they dispose of after every use and they open new nail tool packages right in front of you. I've been getting my nails done at least monthly for more than 10 years and I've never gotten a fungus. Go try it! It's sooo relaxing!! LOL @ the birdies although it's kind of sad that they bang into the window.

    2. I'm just not a fan of strangers touching me, so I'll keep up with the home nail polish!

  5. Yeah. Good you stopped delving into the dark side of the internet and all the conspiracy nuts. Saves me an eyeroll or three lol

    The plastic barriers and such are going to be here for a long time if not forever. It would be good to keep them up for many a clerk and such, as could help with germy flus and such too.

    Going to the birds!

  6. But you love debunking the conspiracy theories that i dig up, come on now! Ugh, a forever life behind plexiglass seems so sad to me....and that’s coming from me, a diagnosed hypochondriac.

  7. I imagined a little baby brothet in his trademark voice asking for help, it was a beautiful and warm voice inside the house.

  8. How do you keep your sunflowers alive for more than a day? I've bought them several times and they are always dead within a day or two without fail.


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