Friday, May 15, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

I have the best babies because...
...they made sure that my Mother's Day was extra special with these cute, homemade gifts.
They made a card out of construction paper and tissue paper.  Peep the tissue paper capes b/c I'm a super mom!
They also made a flower with each petal listing a reason why they love me so much.
The grand finale was a new garden ornament.  A stone in the shape of a whale that they hand painted for me.
This was a great reminder that the phrase "it's the thought that counts" is very true.

I'm still laughing at...
...the pink petal that reads "You always make me late".  I can't get mad if it's true!
It was real cute and nice to know that they love me even with my faults, but, I need to be more punctual, seriously.

My husband thinks he's funny because...
...he gifted me a bird feeder for Mother's Day based on a sarcastic comment that I made.
I tell him that working from home sucks.  That I just sit at my desk and watch the birds fly by the window.
Well, he got a bird feeder to hang outside my "work from home" window and attract more birds.
For those of you that know me well, know that I'm petrified of birds.  The last thing I want is more of them in my yard!

I saw the light when...
...I got a message that Disney Springs in Florida will be reopening as of May 20th!
This gives me hope that all will be well for our rescheduled Disney trip in September.
I'm kind of glad it got moved b/c our vacation would've been over by now.  We still have it to look forward to.

I'm REALLY disliking...
...the changes that Blogger made to their website.  It's not as user friendly and it's harder to navigate.
It's also a less impressive draft view of the actual post.  Can we start a petition to bring back the old version?

I'm waiting for someone to notice...
...that I broke our brand new dishwasher!  It's still functioning, but the door extends past the limit of the door hinge.
I was dragging a 50 pound bag of rice across the kitchen floor when I didn't notice the dishwasher was open.
Since I was dragging it backwards, I tripped over the door and landed right on top of it overextending the hinge.
Stop laughing, it so was NOT funny!  Ok, fine, maybe it is a little funny..

I'm smiling ear to ear because...
  ...for the first time in my VERY long educational career, I made the Dean's list!
What course gave me this high honor do you ask?  It was the marketing course that I whined about all semester.
Not only was the class easier than I thought, I was actually really good at it.
My professor told me that if he could've given me a higher grade than a A+ on my final, he would have.
I took a picture of the Dean's list note and saved it to my Google Photos to remember the accomplishment.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I think you can still return to old Blogger, you have that option in the bottom left corner of your dashboard. I tried the new one a few months ago and it was so bad (had to remove more than 70 spam comments manually because there is no more select all option) that I switched back to the old one the very same day. It is the same as Twitter changes from a few months ago which made Twitter almost unusable and they're still not fixing anything. For example when someone responds there to a tweet of mine, I never know which tweet they are commenting on as they no longer give you the whole conversation line.

    1. I've tried everything and it won't let me go back! I remember that update, but this is a new one now. They changed the way that you draft and publish posts. It's really annoying!! Twitter has been annoying me lately. It's a great tool to advertise your website, but the whole site is obnoxious. All the political posts make me want to scream! Same with the replies. I see that someone comments, but I can't for the life of me find the reply.

  2. hahaha I kind of laughed about you and the dishwasher a tad too much. Congrats on making the deans list and yippee to more birds outside your window.

    1. LOL Figures you would find that funny. Thanks, took long enough. We are going to invest in a bird bath to attract more birds to my "office window". How pathetic has our lives becomes??? hahaha

  3. See? Now you know why I loved my Marketing courses! Lol on the flower petals of truth! I remember one time one of my kids wrote General Hospital when the question was 'What does Mom love most?'

  4. Congrats on making the Dean's list! Woo Hoo!

    Such sweet Mother's Day gifts. I miss the days of hand made cards and trinkets. I got a Starbucks gift card instead this year. Still nice, but doesn't give you the warm fuzzies that I used to get from the horrible drawings of me when they were tots LOL


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