Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Ideas: Mother's day gift ideas for a fabulous lady!

Since our Mother's day plans were cancelled, we will find solace in celebrating how we normally do.
Every year we go to the nursery and purchase teeny tiny little plants to fill our flower beds.
Our favorites are begonias and salvias.  The rest of my beds are already filled with roses that bloom annually.
My hubby usually surprises me with a new rose plant to add to our garden, but the bed is full.
We then fill pots with Japanese eggplant plants and tomato plants for some yummy, fresh vegetables.
The grand finale and my favorite part is putting up the hanging plants to brighten up the rock garden.

It's a simple day filled with hard work, but I love every moment of it.
I also love that it's a gift that the whole family will enjoy as opposed to something selfish.
Also, we live on those Japanese eggplants all Summer long.  Yummy!
I'll miss our annual brunch with The Viking and dinner with Madre, but am grateful to celebrate.
We'll be leaving a flowered plant on my mother and grandmother's doorstep to brighten their day too.

For those that aren't into flowers or gardening, I have some fabulous gift ideas for you too!
Here's a list of gift ideas with something for everyone that will hopefully inspire the uninspired.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Every mother around always forgets to buy a card when it's needed.  At least that's what I tell myself..
It's a great idea to always have blank note cards on hand and these happen to be really pretty!

My old lady may be showing, but I love a good fedora to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my face.
I love even more a fedora that I can throw into a suitcase for a sunny vacation or a my bag for a day trip.
Tip - The plainer the better so that it matches with just about anything and everything!

This is the perfect gift for all of the working mamas out there.  It's a stylish, practical way to lug a computer!
This one is perfect because it has a handle, protects the lap top, and has organized space for storage.

Normally I'm against a gift certificate, but treating mom to a nice lunch or mani & pedi is welcome!
Not feeling a gift certificate?  Then try tickets to a show or concert.  Just get mommy out of the house!

E.  Air Fryer
I heard these are the best things ever!  They make cooking a yummy, healthier meal real easy.
While we don't have one here, I would like to invest in one soon, although they can be a bit pricey.

Many mommies love a cute gift that involves bonding time with the kiddies.
These molds are cute, guarantee bonding time, and can house a yummy treat.  Plus, Mickey!

Because what mom isn't stressed at least 22 hours out of the day?  It also smells really good.
I love this product.  It does a great job of reviving skin and keeping it hydrated and glowing.

I love this for a windowsill or sunny spot of your home.  It's a cute, practical way to grow an herb garden.
Not everyone has the luxury of a backyard.  This is great for the ladies with a green thumb but no yard!

This nail polish is great for a quarantine manicure.  It's long lasting and pretty.
It's also the perfect color for that early May manicure that screams  S P R I N G  to me.

Some mommies love a nice, relaxing bath, just not me.  If that's your mommy, this gift is for her!
It's a great place to light a candle, store a book, and hold a glass of wine to ensure ultimate relaxation.

What are your Mother's Day gift ideas?


  1. Culinary Herb Garden looks like a lovely idea. Maybe a cage for kids would be every mother's dream present? :)

    1. LOL I'll take one of those now. Can there be a slot to put in meals at lunch time? I was complaining to my husband that it was 11:11am and my daughter was eating her third breakfast. At 11:54am she asked me for lunch. I flipped out.. how much can they eat!?

  2. Who doesn't want any of these things? That tiny garden is adorable

    1. Right? A few meals later and it would pay for itself!

  3. I think baths are gross. Have we discussed this? Lol! My fave would be the herb garden, I do grow basil, Rosemary and oregano in my kitchen window. I'm unaware of Japanese eggplant. Will investigate!

    1. We have spoke about it and I totally agree. I don't understand the hype of soaking in your own filth. Japanese eggplant is THE eggplant. It's long and thin. It's much more tender than regular eggplant with very minimal seeds. Soooo yummy! If you find them, saute the eggplant in a pan with a pad of butter, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. So simple and so yummy. :)

  4. Some great ideas. You never know when you might want to sit something there while bathing in your own germs lol They just got a new air fryer here as their other one crapped out. A winner indeed.

    1. Oh? Does it really taste fried? Do tell! Lol I showed to Carlos and he immediately pointed to the bath caddy and knew that was one I’d never want. What? It’s Mother’s Day ideas, not buy stuff for me ideas. lol

  5. I'm not sure what I'm getting my mom.

  6. We do the nursery bit every year too, but Jason will have to go without me this year :( Thankfully, he knows what I like and he's pretty good about getting our moms nice flowers, but I'll miss walking the nursery like we do annually.

    I'd be happy with some new nail polish too. I've been buying nail strips though from my bestie (she sells Color Street) and those have been a fun change. They make a great mother's day gift, so I may give our moms a few of the ones I've recently purchases along with their flowers and desserts.


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