Monday, April 27, 2020

List: Ten types of moms to avoid becoming in a moms group.

I happily belong to two local moms groups through Facebook.  They are a great resource for community referrals and baby advice.  They are also a great place to hear local juice, but we won't talk about that.

We bought my dream blinds at a huge discount through a local mom's husband.  We participated in community events that we learned through the local moms group.  We got great recommendations for different kid's products from those same local moms.

I could go on and on, but you totally get the purpose of these groups by now.  They exist so that moms can help other local moms which ultimately helps the kiddies.  While their existence seems pretty clear to most, some moms didn't get the memo.  Those women use the local moms groups for everything but what they should be.  Since I'm sick of hitting "block" to avoid the moms that annoy me, I'll lay it out for those struggling.

mom's to avoid becoming in a group board

Ten types of moms to avoid becoming in a moms group.

1.  The mom that exploit's other people's children.
I cringe every time I see a mom post a picture of another person's child as a form of public shame.  We all know that Bobby shouldn't have ding dong ditched your house, but posting his pic isn't the answer.  This got so much worse over the past two years thanks to the Ring doorbells!  This also includes the mothers that partake in the posts "shaming" the child and their parents.

2.  The snobby mom.
We don't need to see your Loui Vuitton diaper bag or your perfectly toned body lounging in a high class pool.  This is a mom's group.  Unless you're referring the company that installed your pool, we don't care!

3.  The mom that is here only to market her services.
I was determined to find a Poppy to surprise my daughter with for her 6th birthday.  When I was failing on my own, I asked for recommendations.  I got about 100 referrals for everything except what I asked for.  Every Etsy mom in creation came out.

4.  The mom that bashes local businesses for nothing.
Some mom's like to make public service announcements to trash small businesses for a minor mistake.  Unless it has to do with hygiene, criminal activity, or something severely unethical, just don't.  I'll never forget the mom that disgraced a local deli for overcooking her avocado toast.  Just, why?!

5.  The mom that judges others and trolls every post.
This is my least favorite mother that actively participates in our moms groups.  The ones that replies with a nasty comment judging you instead of answering your question.  Example - MOM1 "Anyone know a store that has diapers?"  MOM2 "YOU are the problem.  Stay home.  You shouldn't be out shopping."  Instead of minimizing the stores Mom1 has to venture to, Mom2 chose to judge and troll the other.  Remember ladies, we don't all have the funds to stock up on a year's worth of basic supplies even during a pandemic!

6.  The moms that pretend they got it all together.
Ladies, let's be honest.  The only time we got it together is for the 30 seconds after we woke up.  Instead of showing unrealistic pictures of our lives to each other, let's support each others truths.

7.  The mom that posts several times a week to complain.
We are here to help, not to listen to you vent about how you chipped your nail opening a car door.  One time a mom publicly cursed all the birds in our neighborhood because they would poop on her car.  Yes, seriously.

8.  The random dad that sneaks into the group.
Once in a while a local dad will sneak into the group to make fun of us or try to pick up a hot mom.  The local moms are here to support each other, not to find a date to the community fair!

9.  The mom that shoves fake news down your throat.
There are the few moms that share completely outlandish articles that freak me out.  Informative articles that have been fact checked are totally fine to share.  It's even OK to ask for validity.  What's not OK is to insist aliens and the plague are coming and then insist it's all facts.

10.  The mom that knows it all.
The moms that think their opinions are fact can shove it up their butt and around the corner.  Guess what, moms?!  We don't all breastfeed, some women need c sections, and you don't know my child.  Instead of offering well meaning advice free of judgement, some moms look for opportunities to fight.   Recently a mom asked for daycare referrals which ended with an attack for using daycare at all.

Do you belong to a moms group?


  1. The only thing I will say today is - poor fathers!
    And I'm appalled and scandalized that you throw hate on dads, dads are creatures too! :)

    1. There are Dad's groups where I'm sure they talk about all sorts of manly things. You don't see us trying to crash their group! When the dads do pop into the mom's groups, it's usually to prank us b/c they think they are soooo funny. lol There are also local groups for the community in general. These are my favorite groups b/c all of the local events and charities are shared here.

  2. So annoying and I'm glad there wasn't FB when my kids were little. I get super annoyed by a few (actually, more than a few) FB acquaintances who are constantly trying to sell their knockoff lululemon clothing or pushing anti-vax agendas. But the worst truly are the moms posting bikini photos or bragging about going out drinking with their college kids. I blocked those immediately.

    1. Ugh!! The mommies that are selling stuff are the worst!! I want to take every cream, nail polish, and diet regimen and throw it at them. lol The worst are the moms that know you just had a baby and start advertising their "Mommy Makeover" products to you. Does a new mom not feel bad enough already that they don't need a hot 20 year old women tell them how to get back to being beautiful?? SMH!

  3. So If I like to crossdress in my wife's clothes, can I join the mom group?

    1. Only if you put on a wig as well.

    2. Only if you identify as a mother at that moment.

  4. I am not in any mom groups on Facebook, but I did have to join the swim mom group when my daughter did swim over fall/winter. It was SUPPOSED to be info about practice, events, time changes and food sign ups. What it really was about was all the crafty moms selling their stupid yard signs, tee shirts, water bottles and car decals. I had to weed through tons of sales comments just to find information that actually pertained to the swim team activities. I was super annoying!


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