Monday, April 13, 2020

List: Ten times I knew that I raised my twinsie.

In honor of my baby girl's birthday on the 25th, I though I'd do a post as tribute to her.
My little mush gushes with excitement for her upcoming birthday the second April arrives.
Meanwhile, I spend the month silently mourning another year gone from my daughter's adolescence.
As the years pass, I realize that my Mushy Face is becoming more and more like me.
This leaves me part beaming with pride and part concerned.
Let's move along before the tears start flowing..

Ten times I knew that I raised my twinsie.

1.  Every time that she says "seriously".
I never realized how much I overused the word seriously, until Mush started mimicking it.
Everything is "but, seriously!" or "seriously?"or "SERIOUSLY?!".
There are also faces that go along with each version of my our seriously-s, but I won't go there..

2.  Every photo that she takes looking real surprised.
I remember when my hubby said to our Mushy Face "WHY do you always make mommy's face in pictures?"
I never realized that face existed until he pointed it out to us.  Turns out he was actually right.
Our go to pose for pictures is raising our eye brows as high as possible with the cheesiest cheese smile ever.
It's an attractive look.  Seriously..

3.  Every time she dresses up and plays with make up.
Whether she's sitting on the couch with a remote or going to a party, my girl always gets done!
We both have our days to bum out, but like mommy, she loves to get done up.
I beam with pride every time she asks to wear a dress or I catch her at her vanity playing with cosmetics.

4.  Every time someone asks me if she ever shuts up.
My little Mushy Face has inherited my gift of gab.  She blabs up a storm every single day!

5.  Every time she creates a persona for a made up character.
To be silly, I always loved to make up characters and to act them out like they were real.
Growing up, my brother and I had alter egos named Alonzo and Alonza.
Alonzo became president, would send letters, and would periodically join us on family nights.
My mush has turned her belly button into a character that has a distinct voice and feelings of loneliness.
She also created a persona for a little man named Boobshka that lives in her mouth playing with frogs.
Ok, so she's a little more creative but I encourage this behavior unlike my own serious parents..

6.  Every time she breaks into song and dance.
She doesn't care who is watching or how bad she is at both activities.
Mushy Face breaks into song and dance spontaneously, in public, and she loves every moment.

7.  Every time I ask her someone's name.
Like her Mama, she never remembers anyone's name unless it's forced upon her.
After sitting next to a classmate for a year, my little mush had no clue what her friend's name was.
I was going to scold her until I realized that I just had a similar experience.
After working a project with a coworker for 8 months, I had absolutely no idea of her name.
To make it worse, She's saved in my phone as the name of the project & we travel together.
Please don't judge Mush and I.  We recognize our faults and working on fixing it - together!

8.  Every time she asks me for a to do list.
If you know R&W, you know how much I love me some lists.  This trait has passed onto my baby girl!
It's common for her on the weekends to ask me for a to do list so that she can cross off as she goes.
This not only makes me beam with pride, but it makes her beam too because she can see all she accomplished.

9.  Every time I find her in a quiet nook reading a book.
Like her mommy, my Mushy Face loves to spend time with her nose buried into a book.
She enjoys a juicy story with a shocking ending.  It's not uncommon for her to ask for a mystery book.
Her love of reading has her two reading levels above where she should be in the first grade.

10.  Every time she swoons over Sam Winchester.
Her favorite show is Supernatural.  I beam with pride every time I catch her watching it voluntarily.
My absolute favorite is when she argues with her Grandma over Sam being better than Dean.
"Dean has a sexy car.."  "Yea, but Sammy baby has brains and is really smart.  Seriously!"
Those conversations are proof that she really is her Mommy's daughter! 

What made you realize that you had a twinsie?


  1. lmao Sam is such a whiner though. Seriously?

    Sounds like she knows how to have fun as she sings and dances and blabbers about.

    The lives in her mouth one is sure creative indeed.

    I suck at remembering names too. Have to hear them 50 times for them to stick.

    1. He's not a whiner, he just thinks before he acts. He may think out loud while complaining a little, but at least he thinks. :) Yes she does! Fun is her favorite thing to do! I'm pleasantly surprised that you finally recognize that blabbing is fun. :)

    2. Blabbing is fun sometimes. And yeah, sorry, he's a whiner. Especially the early seasons.

  2. Happy Birthday month to Mini You. Hope she won't be too sad spending birthday in quarantine :(

    1. We will have to set up a birthday surprise for her similar to what we did yesterday for Easter. Hopefully she could have a delayed celebration a month or so later. Let's cross our fingers... even if her party is in October, she'll get her party! How was your birthday?

    2. Judging by what she got for Easter she'll be safe and satisfied, I've seen her Easter basket over at Facebook, it's massive as a whole planet :) Bet it will take them days to explore it fully.

      I tried to sleep through Sunday, when you're old birthdays are not nice dates for you :) If it wasn't for Facebook greetings I wouldn't even know it was my birthday.

  3. Aww....that's sweet. My oldest daughter and I have similar personalities but completely different interests. We are both high strung with short fuses but she loves sports and I love girly stuff. My middle child shares my interests but she has the patience of a saint. And my son and I have the same sense of humor and we both love to read.

    1. They get a little bit of you in some sort of way which is nice. My baby boy has my husbands short temper and naturally loud voice. But, he looks more like me. :)

  4. It's funny how we mimic the people important to us. Take that as a compliment.

  5. Happy birth month to your daughter! Isn't raising a mini fun and a little terrifying? Some days I don't know if I want to hug my daughter or slap her for having my attitude. She's even admitted "I'm basically you!" But then added on "But cuter". She's such a turd. Enjoy the sweet years you have with her. The sassy ones are right around the corner LOL


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