Monday, April 20, 2020

List: Ten small changes to make to help the world.

In honor of Earth Day on Wednesday, we are coming up with little ways that we can help the world.  We may not have a big environmental impact as individuals, but together we can make a difference.  Together can make "going green" a trend instead of a trendy marketing gimmick.  We need to motivate ourselves and others to consciously make "going green" our lifestyle.  I commonly hear the term "green" as an afterthought or an added benefit to something.  We need to change it to a forethought or a nonnegotiable with any purchases.  Just keep thinking "green" until it's carved into your subconscious.

We also need to teach these behaviors to our children so that "green" actions become natural to them.  I'm happy to learn that my daughter's primary school teaches the kiddies about green choices.  My daughter comes home with worksheets that teaches them the best way to treat the world.  Children's programs also make a point to educate the kiddies on environmentally friendly habits.  Yes, even Peppa Pig recycles and makes compost, people!!  If an imaginary pig can do it, so can you!!  This gives me hope that we can make a better world for our children with our children.

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Ten small changes to make to help the world.

1.  Support the companies that have gone "green".
Many big businesses have become aware of their environmental footprint and are trying to fix it.  The information is available, but you need to do your research before making those purchases.  Supporting the "green" businesses is great for the Earth and can encourage other businesses to change.

2.  Delay cleaning until you have a full load.
This change may be difficult, but wait until you have a full load to clean before hitting start.  Let the dishwasher, washing machine, drier, and others sit until they reach full capacity.  This will help save the environment, your electric bill, and your soap!

The most influential listeners that we can preach to are the children.  Take time to teach the kiddies how to help the world and encourage them to speak up.  If my toddler asked me to recycle with those puppy eyes, I'd start recycling!  Just sayin...  Lead by example and get them involved with local organizations when you've said all that there is to say.

An example educational tool can be found here (link).

4.  Switch to eco-friendly power tools.
Eco-friendly power tools exist.  Some work on manual labor alone making them the ultimate save!  Swapping something as minimal as a lawn mower in an urban area can help the Earth.

Our favorite eco-friendly lawn mower can be found here (link).

5.  Make eco-friendly purchases. 
While similar to #1, this is different.  When browsing, look for eco-labeling.  It's exactly as it sounds.  A label stating the product is eco-friendly.  Make the conscious decision to purchase the eco-friendly product over the better known competitor.  We recently made the change with our cleaning products and have no regrets!  Goodbye toxins..

With the outlawing of straws and grocery bags, I'm shocked to see that water bottles still exist.  At this point, everyone should be investing in filters and reusable bottles for a huge environmental change.

My favorite reusable bottle that I can't live without can be found here (link).

7.  Bring reusable containers and bottles for to go items.
Instead of expecting your Starbucks barista to use a disposable cup, bring your to go mug.  Some places even offer a small discount for bringing reusable items for your to go order.

Our family favorite to go mug can be found here (link).

8.  If you see garbage, pick it up.
Growing up I used to think Papa was nuts for walking across the street to pick up someone else's garbage.  Truth be told, we all should do that.  If we did, the world would be a much cleaner place!

9.  Request an electronic receipt.
I recently read an article that outlined all of the paper waste in the world thanks to ATM receipts.  Request an electronic receipt instead and save a tree.  Bonus points for electronic statements too!

I never thought I'd see the day that I was advocating for a bug, let alone a bee!  It's no secret that honey bees aren't thriving and it's seriously impacting our environment.  Plants flowers that honey bees can thrive off of and plant them as far away from the house as possible.  Instead of a bird house, strategically place a bee hive house near your honey bee friendly flowers.  As much as I don't want to admit it, we need to save the honey bees!

How do you save the world?


  1. And stop eating beef and animals, the production of meat ruins the planet massively. I've noticed that unlike my neighbours I never have a lot of trash, maybe half a bin a week, because I don't really use a lot of packed products, and yet I pay more for garbage disposal than other neighbours because my palace is bigger and they calculate bills that way, sadly. My neighbour whose house is two times smaller had three bins out this morning, while we had just one (and that's after two weeks of no visits from garbage men because they come just once weekly and last week was Easter so they did not work).

    1. I have heard stories that cow farms and dairy farms do more destruction to the ozone layer car emissions. It's scary how our basic ways of living contribute to the destruction of the Earth. I went vegetarian for a year ten years ago. It was quite difficult. Then I started gaining weight, probably because my carb intake went up. But the deciding factor that made me stop was when my hair fell out. I lost more than half my head of hair from that!! That aside, I do enjoy fish, but I'm not a big meat fan unless it's smothered in some sort of sauce.

    2. Yes, the produce tons of gas and also use up a lot of water. It is extremely wasteful raising just one cow for meat.
      But if your hair was falling out it means you did it the wrong way, missy, you can't just go eating veggies and fruit, you need seeds, legumes etc on a daily basis! Mine also fell out but that was because I had no money during college and was mostly starving, sadly. It was during bombing of our country too, so that did not make it easy either. Starving constantly plus bombs falling on us day and night = not a great recipe for hair and skin and health :) If you go vegetarian you need seeds for vitamins, fatty acids and calcium and magnesium, and then fruit and veggies for other vitamins and legumes for protein and strength. You probably lived on potatoes, apples and candy :)

    3. That was exactly my diet, plus spaghetti squash, dried wild blueberries in oat bran with syrup, and lentil pasta. How did you know?? lol

      Do you eat fish?

    4. You ain't vegetarian if you eat fish. There are, though, looneys who ask me if I eat chicken, as if chicken is less meat than pork or beef, it certainly aint' a veggie! The same goes for poor lil' fishies. If you wouldn't eat dolphins, don't eat fishies either.

    5. When you put it that way, I guess it is a silly question. Fish is still meat.. and I probably would eat dolphin. Isn't that mahi mahi? I could give up meat easily and live on a diet of fish and veggies. When this is all over, I'm going to venture out and get some seeds. My diet needs a reboot as I'm gaining weight and losing hair again.

    6. Whaaat? You'd eat Flipper? OMG!
      Seeds (flax, sesame, chia, sunflower, pumpkin, even nettle seeds and cannabis seeds) and legumes (red lentils are my fave - ten minutes cooking), and also millet and quinoa and amaranth. And try to rub in some coconut oil into your scalp, it might help, and rinse your hair with nettle tea.

  2. It's a frustrating topic for me because the 'experts' give so much conflicting advice. Recently, I keep seeing that you should run your dishwasher more often because it uses less water than washing dishes by hand. Also, that cloth bags are worse for the environment because they take so much water to make. And we've had terrible luck with the low flow toilets and the newer light bulbs.

    1. I have heard about dishwashers. It makes sense to me. Think about all the water that is running and running and running when you hand wash. After 8 dishes you supposedly are better off with a dishwasher, although, I would assume it depends on the dishwasher. The cloth bag versus plastic bags are news to me!! Plastic bags are illegal here, you can't even buy them for 5 cents anymore.

    2. Our county banned plastic bags in January but gave stores a 6 month period to make the switch. Good thing because we are not allowed to use reusable bags now!!! I just read that some cities are telling people to put their recycling in the regular trash because with everyone cooking at home, there is just too much recycling and they can't take any more. I guess it's environment be damned now, with all these single use wipes, gloves, etc. That's why the topic drives me nuts.

    3. That makes no sense. If you can use plastic or reusable bags, what do you use? Your shirt? lol I haven't heard about the recyclables either. That's nuts! We have been limited to certain plastics that we can recycle, which does infuriate me too. Shouldn't we be recycling all of these things?

    4. We're back to plastic bags that you throw away due to coronavirus contamination. It's nuts!

    5. Next will be - bring your own cardboard box. LOL

  3. Let's see.. What small changes will I make this year to save the world? Well, I don't have any kids, so that's one. No joke ether, much as I love kids, because having fewer children is the number one thing you can do to save this planet. Also, we don't need to save the planet because the planet will be around when we're dead and, well, you know!!! OMG I was trying hard to be uplifting, I swear! Anyway, I also don't eat meat - not on purpose but simply because I don't like it anymore. That counts, too, right? Right? :)

    Hi Jax.
    Thanks for always stopping by, even when I'm blue.

    1. LOL Well, I failed at your first one. There are two over here and they create more garbage and consume more food than 100 people. Or, at least that's what it feels like. Anytime, Blue!

  4. Even my lawn mower was electric. I wish I could afford a hybrid or electric car

    1. I remember you posting about that. It's a great way to make a small impact. :)

  5. I will strive to fart less so it cuts down on the methane gas in the atmosphere.

  6. I've been looking at little bee hotel plans and watering stations for them on Pinterest and will probably end up making them when we move into our next home (hopefully will start building by the end of summer). I really want to see a lot of bees pollinating my garden, as organic gardening is something I want to heavily do on our new property as well.

    I don't use my cloth bags as much as I'd like to these days since they took away our self checkouts for more than 20 items and dealing with them and the cashier is a huge hassle. However, I never opt for a bag when I can carry everything out by hand.


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