Monday, April 6, 2020

List: Ten Easter traditions to start with your family this year.

In less than a week, we will be waking up to Easter Sunday and starting festivities.  It's time for pastel colors, blooming flowers, egg hunts, and baby animals.  The Easter Bunny will have visited and left goodies hidden throughout the house and yard.  I enjoy playing the Easter bunny by filling eggs, setting up surprises, and filling baskets  My hubby always says "I hate that Easter bunny because all he does is make a mess!"  Eh hem, excuse me?!  Bunnies may be messy, but they sure are fun and the kiddies look forward to each Easter tradition.

fun things to start doing as family this easter

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Ten of our favorite Easter traditions.

1.  Putting together themed Easter baskets.
One of my favorite parts of playing the Easter bunny is putting together Easter baskets.  While they are mostly filled with candies, I make a point to include a few fun and practical items.  The best part is seeing the kiddies faces when they wake up to find their basket of treats!

Idea:  I love these brightly colored baskets made of woven bamboo.

2.  Making traditional Easter pies known as Pizza Rustica.
Pizza Rustica is a pie filled with several different types of cold meats, ricotta cheese, and eggs.  It may be a heart attack in a pie shell, but it sure is a delicious treat every year!

3.  Creating a fake bird nest filled with candy.
One year I overbought the fake grass and candy.  Instead of wasting, I decided to be creative.  I created a fake bird nest and dumped all the candy onto it.  I've made sure to overbuy ever since.

4.  Filling 4 eggs with with something absolutely ridiculous.
The kiddies love when they open some eggs to find nonsense, such as fake grass or a note that says "hi".  I'll never forget the year that my baby girl thought a cotton ball filled egg was the bunny's tail!  Yes, she cried..

5.  Participating in the neighborhood egg hunt.
Since we moved to the best block ever, they have an annual egg hunt right after church.  On Easter eve, the parents commit to hiding 50 stuffed plastic eggs throughout the front yard.  Then all the kiddies gather at the starting spot for a group picture to be posted on our street's Facebook page.  Yes, my street has a Facebook page.  Don't judge us..  It's actually a great way to meet the neighbors!  Once the whistle blows, the kids let lose and try to get as many eggs as they can possibly find.

Idea:  For the neighborhood hunt, we get pre-filled eggs like these.  They're a great time saver!

6.  Making everyone wear bunny ears.
The kids love to play bunny too and rock their bunny ears for breakfast.  They also love to put bunny ears on our poor dog and watch Thor "hop" around trying to get them off.

Idea:  I torture our puppy with these bunny ears, cotton tail, and bow tie every year.

7.  Baking pupa con luova cookies with Nonno.
Instead of tossing the reject painted eggs, we bake them into Easter egg basket cookies.  This is a simple and sweet cookie that you literally bake around the Easter egg.  It's something that I look forward to each year because they are absolutely  d e l i c i o u s !!

8.  Forgetting where at least one egg was hidden.
Every year at least one egg seems to go missing and doesn't get found for weeks.  While this is certainly not an intentional tradition, it happens every single year and drives my OCD nuts!

9.  Gifting family with plants from bulbs to symbolize rebirth.
A week or two before Easter Sunday, we pick up a few blooming, potted bulb plants for Nanny and Madre.  After the holiday and the flower dies, they will transplant the bulb into their gardens.  This tradition has left both of them with the most beautiful display of tulips and lilies in their yards!

10.  Turning the toilet water pink red.
This tradition started five years ago when mommy & daddy had too much wine while playing Easter bunny.  That's when mommy had the idea of painting a muddy paw print onto the toilet and turning the water pink.  Mommy failed at turning the water pink.  Instead it was beat red and really odd looking.  When daddy exclaimed, "Is it the Easter bunny's time of the month?", I almost died laughing...  It was an event to remember.  Naturally, every year Mushy runs straight to the toilet to see it!

What are your Easter traditions?


  1. haha gotta love when you find that one egg weeks later.

    Well I never knew the easter bunny had a time of the month. I guess that is things one never needs to know but now does haha

    Putting something fun in the eggs is a good idea too.

    1. You made me laugh at the TMI bunny comment... LOL That's what happens when you play Easter bunny after a few glasses of wine. Besides, a few drops of red always turned the cupcake icing pink. How was I supposed to know that it would turn toilet water bright red?? hahaha

  2. I'm glad it's Easter this Sunday as that way I might even forget it is also my bloody Birthday. I'm way too old and hunkless to be reminded how old each year.
    I did buy four packages of orange and strozzberry filled chocolate eggs to drown my sadness in them.
    I don't think there should be Easter Egg Hunt this year, especially not in the hell that New York is these days, deary, hunt them in da house and keep the neighbours away with an electric fence.

    1. Eep! I hate birthdays too, but try to be grateful another year alive. If you weren't alive, you'd never experience a pandemic before.. lol Those eggs sound delicious!
      I wrote this a couple of months before the quarantine, but Wednesday's post will be all about us mourning our traditions and my new ideas. The saddest part of the whole thing is not seeing my grandparents.. We've never gone this long without seeing them.

  3. These are really fun traditions. I especially love #4 because my kids would have thought that was hilarious. We always hid plastic eggs with treats and then the tiny foil wrapped chocolate eggs. Every year a foil egg would turn up in July or even later and would be quite exciting.

    I am so sad to miss Easter with my grandkids! And my baby granddaughter is crawling now :(
    I'm going to make some cut out Easter cookies this week and drop off baskets for them. Fortunately, I had a few gift items in my closet since shopping is out right now.

    1. Thank you!! We are mourning our traditions also. I can't imagine missing that.. baby's first mobile Easter!! If it's any consolation, maybe you can watch the Easter egg hunt via Facetime. I love the delivery idea! I wanted to do this, but without a letter stating that you have permission to travel as an essential employee, you're not allowed out.

    2. Omg, I didn't know you had to have a letter! When did that start? Maybe I need to go tomorrow in case that happens here. Was just going to put on their front porch and then text from my car to let them know it was there. It's a little over an hour round trip, so it will give me something to do!

    3. My working area extends to NY, NJ, & PA. I got a different letter for each state with their specific governor's name on it. We filled them out for our employees and dispersed them individually. I'm not sure about your state, but those three, they are needed. Although, I heard NY is heavily enforcing more than the other (2) states.

  4. You are so funny--having too much wine while playing Easter bunny. I love your traditions and your positive attitude. We had traditions when the oxymorons were young but those days are over. Going to church was always very important to me on Easter and I watched with great joy during the years that my son led the procession as the crucifer and my daughter was often asked to read the lessons.


    1. Thanks, Janie! We go to mass on Saturday evening, but not on Easter Sunday. We go weekly on Saturdays which is probably a sin, but we do make the weekly effort to attend.

  5. We have had eggs come up missing too, but I realized it was the damn squirrels taking them from our yard as soon as we put them out. I watched my hubby hide all the eggs from the window, and no sooner than he walked away, the squirrels were grabbing them and running off with them LOL. I guess everyone likes an Easter surprise, even squirrels!


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