Friday, April 24, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

We took a drive to the...
...beach to go seal watching!  We saw quite a few little seal heads pop up.
We were hoping to see a few lounging on the beach, but I think we were too early.
In the colder months, you can find seals lounging on the south shore beaches of Long Island.
It was so pretty, cool to see, and a great change of scenery.  ..but it was way too cold!!

I'm silently mourning my...
...daughter's youth!!  She's turning a whopping seven years old  T O M O R R O W.
Ok, so I'm not "silently" mourning squat.  I'm actually very vocal about it while loudly sobbing..

We have been binge watching...
...the Amazon Prime show called Bosch.  It's real juicy and I highly recommend it so far.
We are a few episodes into the second season.  The first season was real JUICY, but both suck you in.

I'm jumping up and down because...
...I have FINALLY finished my marketing course.  It was torturous, but I pull off an A-.

I squealed with joy because... college counselor e-mailed me with a message that was ten years or more in the making.
After the Summer course I'm taking, I'm only  T H R E E  classes away from graduation.
She wants me to start preparing for the graduation and to congratulate me for my hard work.
I honestly was starting to think that I'd never get that e-mail and that I'd be in college for the rest of my life!

We planned a fun day for... baby girl's birthday!  Just because we had to postpone her party doesn't mean we can't celebrate.
There will be lots of unicorn games, activities, and prizes for my little unicorn princess.
We will be ordering delivery from Friendlies since this is her annual birthday dinner spot.
There will be a scavenger hunt and a homemade birthday cake to blow out unicorn candles on.

But the BIG birthday surprise is...
...a big parade that we set up for my baby girl with the help of the local fire department.
We have about 20 cars and the fire department that will drive by, honk, and wish Mushy a happy birthday!
In addition to the fire department, we recruited, friends, family, neighbors, and her teacher.
But, shhhhhh, it's a secret!  Don't tell her what her big, special surprise is.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Happy birthday to the daughter and congrats on the course! I have a friend who has an MA in marketing but still, sadly, works as a worker in a factory because we live in a shitty country.
    I remember also thinking that I would never finish college, but ours lasts for four years, admittedly, and back then we had yearly exams, both written and oral.

    1. Four years is typical here too. I had a family early so I couldn't afford to take more than one class a semester. As a result, my college education has taken FOREVER. But I can finally see the light. :) That's terrible about your friend. My husband was assigned a career in Cuba. The last year of high school is a year in the career that you're assigned. He was assigned to be a grocery store worker, which is apparently a highly sought after career in Cuba b/c of the access to goods. Is it similar in your country or do you recruit and apply like in the US?

    2. They do similar things in China, when during your college they send you to live for a year or two in some other part of the country and do regular jobs there. In one way it sounds very scary, it other way kids experience life that way and don't end up spoilt. Not that I'd support such system. No, we've never had that, we were never a communist country. Our economy is broken after all the wars, bombings, poverty, political turmoils so there is either tons of corruption or just not enough jobs available, which is why you can see doctors driving cabs sometimes, sadly, or my friend doing factory work even though he's more educated than his boss, but he just has to earn a living and does not have connections or experience to get an office job. How did your husband leave Cuba in the end?

    3. His father is American and his mother is Cuban. My husband stayed with his mother until he turned 18, then came to the US to be with his father. He never met his father until the day he came to the US!

  2. Well, I'm jealous that you can drive to a beach to see seals! We had to fly to San Diego last year to see some. That's fabulous that you were able to set up a birthday parade. I've heard similar things here. I passed a house last week that had a big sign asking you to honk for their 3 year olds birthday. Was he sitting by the window all day? Lol! But I did lay on the horn for him! Haha.

    I read your comment to Dez about Cuba. My daughter-in-law had the same thing in China. She was assigned to be an accountant. She wanted to be a doctor. I feel bad for her, but at least she's here now and has a good job in accounting.

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter and congrats to you on the A in Marketing. You know, I look back and wish I could have been in college forever, but only as a single person!

    1. When you live on an island it's one of the few perks. :) One of the negatives is that it's a b*tch to get off of. lol I'm glad you the laid on the horn b/c he probably heard every single honk. It's hard to imagine as an American, right? We don't realize how sheltered we really are until someone opens our eyes. Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. Happy birthday to Mushy! How lovely of the fire department to help make her day special. Like Bijoux, I also have been honking when I see signs for people's birthdays. It sucks to have one fall during quarantine, I'm sure, so I'll honk all day long if it makes them feel a little loved and special while being stuck indoors.

    Awesome job on your marketing grade! Hubby better make you a cake or something to celebrate such an accomplishment :)

    1. Thank you very much. I agree - honk, honk, honk. LOL On Saturdays at 7PM they do sirens, horn honking, banging pots, etc for the essential workers. People even started setting off fireworks. That drives my poor dog nuts. Hopefully this will all be over soon. We can only hope!


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