Friday, April 17, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

We had a really nice day on...
...Easter Sunday!  I was pleasantly surprised with how great the day passed in isolation.
We missed our family dinner and our neighborhood egg hunt, but it may have been our best Easter yet!
We woke up to tacky Easter decor everywhere!  Legit looked like the Easter bunny threw up here..
The kiddies had an Easter egg hunt inside, Easter baskets to open, and dressed up in fancy clothes.
They played lots of fun Easter games for plastic egg prizes filled with random finger puppets.
They did an outside egg hunt, ate their favorite meal of fresh raviolis, and did drive by family visits.
The grand finale of the day was making s'mores over the bonfire and singing bunny songs!
We went to bed happy bc the kiddies were happy.  Mushy even said "I wish everyday was like this".

I realized I made the right career choice because...
...I really suck at playing home school with my six year old daughter!
We both have zero patience and really hate repeating ourselves.  She takes more breaks than does work.
As much as we didn't like it, we sat down and did it.  I think we she should get an E for effort!

I cried in the street when...
...the Easter bunny complete with medical mask was on parade with the fire department.
The parade was fun until the final truck passed by with my daughter's bus driver in the passenger street.
She screeched on a mega phone my daughter's name while waving.  It caught me by surprise and I balled.
A waving, well meaning school bus driver made me ugly cry in the middle of my block.

It's almost time to...
...take down the Easter decorations but I really don't want to.
We may let them linger for a little while longer than usual to keep the Spring cheer alive.

We all really enjoyed my...
...furlough week!  I was less stressed without the added pressure of my job.
The kids were happy because I was able to devote all of my time to them throughout the day.
My husband was beyond ecstatic because I barely even complained that I was going to lose it all week!

We jumped up and cheered when...
...our governor finally announced that we reached the peak in NY.
He was very clear that this isn't the end but the end of the beginning.  Either way, it's  h o p e.
...& hope is something we've been lacking around here so we'll take whatever we can get.
Here's to antibody testing, rapid COVID19 diagnosis, treatment medication, and a vaccine.
Most importantly, here's to a decline in the number of deaths and a healthier society.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. haha so you couldn't be a teacher?

    All that whining and Easter was great and you cried and you didn't complain all week that you were off, much anyway lol, see? You can survive until July like this.

    1. That is a big, giant HELL no!! I can barely assist with homework, so this is literally torturous, for both her and I.

      LOL - Would you really call it whining? Ok, fine, maybe it was. May 15th and not a second more.

    2. Wanna bet on May 15th?

      But as a teacher you'd have a book with all the answers, right?

    3. I can tell all the kiddies an answer but God help them if they need me to explain common core to them. It would sound something like this “circle circle circle circle circle circle..” lol

  2. I imagine they're still opening their Easter baskets given how ginormous they were. It's Orthodox Easter this weekend, so you can use that as an excuse to leave the decor out for a lil' bit longer. We will be forbidden to leave our homes for 86 hours straight, from today till Tuesday, so it will be a tricky holiday. I waited for about half an hour in front of the local store to buy weekend supplies of fruit, bread and veggies.

    1. I may have cheated with their Easter baskets this year. Those were the only ones we had in the attic so we filled them with their Summer clothes. Luckily I purchase their Summer clothes during off seasons to get them cheap and hide them away. I was able to order some goodies from Target that made it in time so Target literally saved the day! The Easter grass came the day after Easter though, so that was a fail. LOL

      Do you celebrate Orthodox Easter? A half hour isn't too terrible, people wait hours with lines wrapped around the parking log around here. Hopefully you were able to get what you need. The US is starting to open back up with 9 states to begin it. Have you guys had any good news yet, or still lots of lock downs?

    2. Well, they say we might have a weekend curfew next weekend only and then after that they might ease with the strictness, but since May Day is coming, and it is a huge nonworking holiday here when everybody goes out picnicking, I feel our dictator might lock us up then to. I do imagine May will let us walk the streets a little bit more free, but we shall be wearing masks and avoid big events and crowds till next year or even longer. I assume life will never be the same after this, tourism, travelling agencies and such things will be dead for years, and many countries will be destroyed, I mean Italy and such countries live on tourism basically. Those who survived corona probably won't feel overly lucky. But then again, maybe we experience some kind of economic boom after that, like it was after big wars. Devil only knows. And aliens, who are probably coming soon... :)

    3. I’m thinking economic boom, especially for the places that do things like hair and nails. Lol!! Things are bad here, although the numbers show they are leveling. My husband worked in a hospital on Thursday and he said they were piling bodies into several refrigerated trucks. Although the government claims that’s a result of where we were at 2 weeks ago, no today. Cuomo says we will begin phasing back into life on May 15th.

    4. OMG I had to cut my neighbour's hair yesterday LOL He was like, hey, you shave your head you probably know how to operate the haircutting machine, will you cut mine. So I shaved his hair with the machine. Good thing he is cute, so I neglected the corona risks of not distancing :) They all look funny in the block after weeks of not cutting their hair. I don't have the problem as I've been shaving mine with a razor for a decade now.

  3. Yes, all those years of helping with homework taught me that I wasn't very good at teaching anything! I'm glad you had a great Easter. What were the drive by family visits like?

    1. We waved through the storm doors and yelled out happy Easter! It was quick, but at least we can say that we "saw" each other. How was your Easter?

  4. Yay for hope! Your kids are too cute for words! I love that the Easter Bunny showed up. I saw videos of him in Queens and the Bronx and thought it was THE BEST! I wish they did something like that here too. I'm getting ready to gear up to go food shopping now. Had to order my face masks off of Esty. We do what we need to do, right?

    Stay healthy and safe,

    1. Cuomo made an order here that you have to wear a face mask where social distancing isn't possible.. we all sat there scratching our heads b/c good luck finding one!! LOL He did say you can use a scarf or something. That would suffice. How are you making out in this craziness?

  5. It's a shame a vaccine won't come soon realistically.

  6. I am soooo glad that my girls are older now and can do their own work without my help. I can't imagine having to relearn elementary and middle school math. I'd have my kids all kinds of messed up when they returned to school in the fall.

    Sounds like Easter was still a blast for the kids, even if it didn't pan out like normal. That means you did a good job, mom!

    1. The math is terrible. The common core is going to be the downfall of the US. Lol!! Your Easter pics made my day. Too funny with the corona bunny and Carol Baskin.

    2. I don't know how many times I've heard "that's not how we do it!" for math. Well, that's how I learned and that's the only way I can teach you. I don't understand common core at all. I have to do a ton of YouTube tutorials on my daughter's math now when she can't get in touch with her sister (at college) for help. It is super frustrating.

      Thanks for the Easter compliments. We were super bummed we couldn't see any friends or family this year, so we made our own social distancing fun :)


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