Friday, April 3, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

long island ny local landmarks

Our highlight of the week was...
...venturing out to eastern Long Island to see a local landmark, The Big Duck.
I've lived on Long Island my whole life and I never took the time to go see the famous duck.
To break up the monotony, we decided to take the drive and snap a few pictures with the local bird.
I laughed when my hubby said "I drove an hour and a half for THIS?"  Well, what's your idea, bud?!
My son loved it!  He kept screaming "DUCK, QUACK QUACK" and my daughter was just happy to be out.
The museum and tour guide was closed, but Google was able to provide a fun history lesson for us.
Mommy's are employees, moms, wives, cooks, cleaners, teachers, and now local tour guides!
We didn't touch anything or see anyone, but we did laugh at our stupidity until our face hurt.
While we have the time to kill, go visit a local landmark that you otherwise never would have.  It's fun!

I officially have...
...a new boss!!  She's been a peer of mine for a long time and I'm happy to report to her.
Hopefully this is the start of a serious change in the organization including a better work-life balance!

We saw our very first... turkey on Long Island!  We had absolutely zero clue that such wildlife existed here.
When you go far enough out east, you can see things like deer, gophers, and wild turkeys.
We stopped to watch it walk along the road and was taken aback by how big they are.  Who knew?!

I'm sad to amend this years...
..."the book" due to changes in our plans & lifestyle.  Hopefully they're postponements and not cancellations.
It may be selfish, but we are mourning Easter celebrations, birthday parties, and our Disney vacation.
To beef up the pages, I may make a collage for all our quarantine activities.

My husband surprised me with...
...fresh tulips!  He knows I've been down and a little stir crazy these past few weeks.
To cheer me up, he surprised me with fresh tulips and chamomile tea that he scored while food shopping.
It may be a small gesture, but it was thoughtful, super sweet, and I totally swooned.

I'm holding back on...
...writing about the negativity going on around us.  We're living it each day and are not ignorant.
My cousin has lost her job, my father's business is on the brink of bankruptcy, and people are dying.
We are scared for the present and anxious about the future.. but we are alive and healthy today.
Let's take time to reflect and appreciate all of the positive things around us.  Be safe and be healthy!

Each day I'm finding the NY governor...
...more and more relatable!  There's no doubt in my mind that this man should be president.
I felt his pain when he joked about his big nose and a short swab test for COVID19.
I was making my own sauce as he was talking about his family making theirs.
Politics aside, this man is one of us, right down to the meatballs!

I'm completely and totally shook by...
...the Netflix documentary Tiger King.  This series was C R A Z Y !!!!
Then go watch the music video called Here, Kitty Kitty for the cherry on the top of lunacy!
If you haven't seen it yet, you absolutely must.  You'll be entertained, sucked in, and then informed.
I had no clue that the purchasing and breeding of exotic animals such as tigers was a problem in the US.
I also have no clue how Joe Exotic found so many sexy, hunky husbands when most barely find one.. 
Add that with the fun fact that the tiger owners are managing their own cult like sanctuaries.
These sanctuaries are not only abusive to the animals, but severely abusive to the workers.
It's a must watch that I hope brings awareness that ends paying visitors to these tiger "sanctuaries".

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Joe Exotic is the Wario version of Steve Irwin.

  2. Have to avoid the negativity indeed, hopefully. Hey, at least now you can say you saw the big duck and a wild turkey. Watch those dinks, they can be rather nasty too. I knew exotic animals were a thing, never knew it was a big thing around the US though.

    1. You lost me at dink.. there's that silly, nonexistent word again. LOL! That turkey did look nasty and it was probably taller than my waist in height. I had no clue they were so big. As far as exotic animals in the US, I had no who clue either!

    2. lol dinkity dinky dink

      Yeah, they are big. Seen a few among my travels.

  3. No, don't go out to see landmarks, just stay friggin put in your houses, Jeez Louise :) What's the point of isolation if we all go out sightseeing? Isolation is for ogling hot neighbours through da windows and spying on hot delivery guys.

    1. It's just soooo hard!! The plan was to drive by and then head back home, but no one was around so we snapped a few pics and then left. I'll probably never be back their again.. LOL In a 3 week period, that's the only time I left the house. I'm proud of myself. :)

    2. We'll be in total lockdown here from 1pm Saturday till Monday! It is so interesting not hearing any cars passing through the block, it is almost as if we are in the woods or something, just birds singing and the nosy neighbour playing loud music all day long (I still don't know whether he is celebrating that his wife left him or drowning his sadness in it).

    3. Eep!! Do you have anything you need to get through the full days? I would tell you nosy neighbor to try and be a bit more polite during these difficult times. Maybe sing along to the music as loudly as you can so that he gets the point.. hahaha

  4. Omg you made me crack up with, "Well, what's your idea, bud?" Bahahaha......ain't that the truth? Sounds like a fun outing! As long as no one else was around, then what's the harm? When I was a kid, we had the Breezewood Chicken, which was this enormous cement rooster at a turnpike stop in PA. Unfortunately, it's long gone and I can't find it on the Internet.

    Two of my kids have watched Tiger King. It sounds horrific so I will pass!

    I'm off to the grocery store today and feeling paranoid, so wish me luck.

    1. I never heard of the cement rooster, but too bad he isn't around anymore. We could have hooked him up with the cement duck and they could have lived happily ever after.. LOL Good luck :)

  5. Oh, maybe your desire to leave the house for a moment to eliminate your boredom during the quarantine period of this global epidemic ..., I also sometimes feel tired of staying silent at home waiting for news of certainty when the outbreak is declared over.

    Take care of your health, friend ... may this global epidemic soon end.

    1. Yes!! Although the duck didn't really relieve that itch for very long. :)

    2. Yes, right 😁.

      Looking around outside the house for a while and meeting with cute ducks would be a memorable story

  6. Now that people aren't out on the roads much, the wild turkeys and deer are coming out more. We are still taking our daughter out a few times a week to practice her driving (since we don't get out of the car or socialize with anyone, we figure it's ok). Those turkeys are huge!

    That big duck is something that I'd go out of my way to visit too. I love quirky little landmarks like that!


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