Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Life: April Fool's Day

Breaking news - R&W is going from a Lifestyle genre page to science!
We're going to post daily about the most fascinating and recent scientific breakthroughs.
April Fools!!
Did anyone actually believe my little trick?
I mean, I absolutely do not have the time to post daily.  That's just absurd!
I can't believe none of you fell for it.  I thought for sure that my announcement would be most convincing.

In honor of April Fools, I'm going to share the story of a trick that was played on me.
But first, you'll need to hear some back story for it all to make sense.

A few days after my daughter was born, I completely panicked when I found blood in her diaper.
I immediately called her doctor to tell him to meet us in the ER because clearly something was wrong.
That's when I found out that babies get some of mommy's hormones during pregnancy.
As a result, baby girls can get a mini period for lack of a better term a few days after birth.
This is totally and completely normal.  No one warned me of this, so my panic was just a waste of energy.

Flash forward six years later to the day after my son was born.
The nurse and I were having a casual conversation about new mom fears, so I told her that story.
That's when she said the following sentence to me in the most dead ass serious tone ever.
"You think that was bad?  You should have seen me when that happened to my son!"
I laughed, but took a mental note that if the blood in the diaper happened again, not to panic.

A short time later, my brother, his wife, my husband, and my daughter all came to visit.
During their visit, our pediatrician came by to check on our precious baby boy.  In front of everyone I ask,
"Doctor, how long until I can expect my son to get his first period?"
As I type that line out, I realize how incredibly dumb it sounds.  Sigh..
Everyone in the room freezes to give me this look like I'm a complete whack job.
The doctor, in his Filipino accent while holding his crazy stare, says "What?!  He will never get his period."
That's when I heard the uncontrollable laughter in the back of the room.
The nurse was nearly peeing her pants from laughing so hard.
The nurse was completely joking when she said her son got his period.
...and I was the gullible idiot that believed her prank.  For shame...

The worst part is, my brother tells this story to large groups of people every chance his gets.
I turn red and want to smack myself for falling for that nurse's joke every time it's mentioned.

What is the worst prank that you ever fell for?


  1. lmao she got you good. Must have known a sucker when she saw one hahaha

    But hey, I never knew female babies get it a few days after birth. If you don't know it makes one an easy target.

    1. I am certainly not a sucker!! I was drugged with pain meds from surgery and crazy (literally) from hormones.. Although I would admit that she got me. What nurse plays practical jokes, though? Can we talk about how that wasn't very nice to do to a new mother?? SMH

    2. haha all the crap they see and hear it probably helps get them through the day.

  2. At first I thought you're under the positive influence of Dezzy's History Lessons and decided to go scientific too :)
    Who is this nurse that you keep mentioning?

    1. LOL, I'm not knowledgeable enough to that. We'll leave those to you because I do enjoy reading them. The nurse is just the nurse that I was assigned after my c section.

    2. Oh, I thought you hired a nanny LOL

    3. LOL no, no, no.. We call our grandmothers Nonna, but as a baby it was hard for us to say. We call our grandma Nanny, but she's isn't a nanny, just our grandma. So if you hear me say that from time to time, now you know. :)

  3. What in the world? I have 2 daughters and I have never heard of that! And I think it's weird that a nurse would give you false information! I guess I'm not a fan of pranks.

    The first time my husband traveled to California on business, he came home with some gifts from Venice Beach along with a cocktail napkin that was signed by some 'famous' chef. Turns out, my husband's coworker had signed it as a prank on me. The joke was on both of them, because I had no clue who the chef was so I didn't care!

    1. My family still talks about so clearly they found it as funny as the nurse had. It was an innocent enough prank, but what nurse takes advantage of a new mother's vulnerability. When thought of it that way, it was a little shady.

      That's too funny!! They should have went with a hunky actor instead of a famous chef. LOL

  4. Too many to count. I am surrounded by pranksters. One of favorites was when I married my first husband. His aunt told me that his favorite dessert was grilled watermelon. That was before people started actually grilling watermelon. So when I suggested doing it, my husband thought I was nuts.

    Stay healthy and safe,

  5. Oh, that's hilarious! I'd like to be friends with that nurse.

    I can't think of a prank, but today we were driving around looking at land for sale. My husband said, "hey if we buy this land we could look at that billboard every day!" To which I said, "We'd have to look at Vanilla Ice every time we came home!?" My husband and daughter busted out laughing and hubs said, "that's Abraham Lincoln, dumbass!"

    In all fairness, they did paint a baseball cap on him and from far away, it did look like Vanilla Ice.


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