Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ideas: How to throw a children's birthday party while in quarantine.

This past weekend was my baby girl's seventh birthday!
Originally, we planned a movie theater party with friends followed by cake with family.
Immediate family for us consists of about 45 people which means we can never do anything small.
That meant we had our work cut out for us!  We had to plan a special day that incorporated loved ones.
It also had to be on a budget because we are both on minimized incomes due to furloughs.
It took creativity, OCD meticulous planning, and all sorts of teamwork to pull this off.
...but we totally did.  Mushy's exact words were "Best birthday EVER!"...

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How to have a children's birthday party while in quarantine.

Step One:  Pick a theme.
We went with unicorns because they are popular, easy to find, and loved by almost all little girls.
You'll find planning is much easier when you have a theme because you'll always have a starting point.

Step Two:  Organize a car parade.
This took me about two weeks to put together so don't assume it's so easy.
We may be quarantined, but we can't jump at the drop of a dime.  Give people notice!
I put together an electronic invitation that included a meeting time and meeting place near the house.
We recruited about (20) cars filled with friends, family, and neighbors, and (3) firetrucks.
Everyone decorated their cars, got noisemakers, threw out goodies, and made giant signs.
They drove by with sirens blasting, horns honking, and people  s c r e a m i n g  as loud as they could!
This was so special.  I cried my eyes out during it because it was that touching!

Step Three:  Decorate the house.
After the kiddies go to bed, b/c a surprise is always better, decorate your home to the best of your ability.
We hung a themed sign, taped up balloons, and covered our kitchen table with a disposable tablecloth.

Step Four:  Set up a few themed party games.
We gifted our daughter with the unicorn version of Don't Step In It to play on her birthday.
We printed out a free paper version of pin the tail on the unicorn and pin the horn on the unicorn.
We also printed out free unicorn BINGO boards and calling cards for some more game fun.
Tip- Make the first round of BINGO the first letter of their name.  They LOVE this!

Step Four & a Half:  Be prepared with cheap prizes for the winner.
My daughter loved to play the games but loved it even more when they were for prizes!
We purchased (20) miniature squishes through Amazon Prime and put them in blind bags.
Trying to guess which squishie was in the bag was half the fun of winning!

Step Five:  Set up a scavenger hunt.
The night before, I hid 30 different scavenger hunt clues throughout the house and deck.
The grand finale led her to the next birthday party activity, a Giant Bubbles Kit.

Step Six:  Have a giant bubbles party break.
We had so much fun making bubbles bigger than our own bodies & watching baby brother pop them!
This entertained my daughter for about two solid hours and another hour the next day.

Step Seven:  Order a special surprise dinner for delivery.
Every year for my daughter's birthday we eat out at Friendly's for gross food and ice cream.
To keep the tradition alive, we ordered our typical menu choices from Friendly's for delivery.
She was super surprised and even more excited to eat it!

Step Eight:  Bake a cake.
The night before, bake your child's favorite cake and decorate it to your theme.
For those who aren't artistic like me, use themed cupcake picks and a fancy candle to decorate.

Step Nine:  Set up a time to sing happy birthday.
We had close family members join us on FaceTime to sing Mushy happy birthday.
They got to sing to her and watch her blow out her candles.  The best part of a birthday party!

Step Ten:  Let your child open their presents.
My baby girl got a few gifts delivered to her from family and friends.
I wrapped them all for her and saved them for the very end of the day.  After cake, she opened them.
It was a great grand finale for a really special day!

I also went out of my way to set up little mini surprises to put a smile on her face.
We got her a unicorn dress to wear for her party and a shirt for baby brother that said "Best Brother Ever". 
She had her favorite breakfast.  It was corn muffins with leftover unicorn themed cupcake picks.
She had her favorite lunch.  It was a meat and cheese board with... unicorn themed cupcake picks!
She woke up to a unicorn themed note wishing her a happy birthday and giving hints to her surprises.
We also had surprise guests of honors at her parade which included her bus driver and teacher.

The moral of the story - It doesn't have to cost a lot of money and it doesn't have to be extravagant.
It just needs to be thoughtful, entertaining, and trimmed with their own special favorites.

Have you celebrated a birthday in quarantine yet?


  1. With all the things you do for the princess her husband will one day probably hate you big time LOL She will have very high expectations, methinks.

    1. She's going to have to find a very high energy man, like her Mama! It doesn't have to luxurious or expensive, we just need high energy. We don't do well with down time. Drives us NUTS!!

  2. What an amazing birthday!!! I agree that having a theme makes things so much easier because you have a starting point. I made some pretty special birthday cakes over the years. Maybe I should do a post! Lol. My fave thing you did was the parade. How cool that her teacher and bus driver participated!

    Friendly's here went out of business a few years ago! I'm cracking up that her fave lunch is a meat cheese board. She's invited over here every Friday night for our happy hour!

    1. P.S. I love the family photo with the cake. You have a gorgeous family!

    2. Thank you :) That comment made my day! This was my first birthday cake and it was a fail. We ate the ice cream from Friendly's and the dog ate the cake. It was d i s g u s t i n g, but it looked pretty. LOL @ the meat and cheese board. Lady, any time! If we do anything right here, it's a solid antipasto. :)

  3. Best birthday ever!? That's high praise right there. Good job, mom! I love that you used the unicorn picks in all of her meals too. So fun!

    1. Right? I was so proud when she said that. & to think, all it really cost us was some computer ink and our free time. It goes to show all that kids really care about is some undivided attention.

  4. You did an amazing job, Jax. I'm so glad she had such a fantastic day. She deserved it. I love how much you did for her special day. I also love that the car parade had fire engines too. That's so awesome! Woot Woot! Happy belated birthday to her!! (Also, can you believe we've known each other for so long??)

    Stay healthy and safe,

    1. Thanks Elsie!! I know. Craziness.. my blog is going to hit it's 10 year anniversary this August. Are we that old?? :P


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