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Ideas: Essentials for your Disney World vacation.

A little over a year ago, we started the process of planning a trip to Disney World.
We wanted to capture the magic for our daughter before she outgrows it...
...while capitalizing on my son's age.  Kids get admission and eat for F R E E under the age of two.
I swear we just blinked, and that same trip is only three weeks away now! Edit - Rescheduled due to corona.

Using our experience, we planned our vacation to the best of our ability.
We booked it a year ahead, made reservations 6 months in advance, and got fast passes 30 days before.
In addition to using the tools Disney provides to plan the vacation, we made sure to pre-purchase essentials.
Note-Purchasing certain things in Disney World or even the surrounding area could be a waste of cash!
To ensure that we didn't repeat certain mistakes, we brainstormed past trips and planned as best we could.

Please note, I'm skipping the most basic items here in the hopes that you got that covered.
That means, you're going to have to remember to pack the most comfortable sneakers ever on your own.
You'll also have to remember the sunglasses, sunscreen, medications, and your underwear on your own.
Also note, don't bother with your camera.  Invest in memory maker and you'll be even happier.  I promise.
Final note, don't worry about first aid stuff because it's available for free everywhere on Disney property.
Now that we covered that, I feel more comfortable moving onThere will be no further interruptions.

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Ten essentials for your Disney World vacation.

1.  Children's Water Shoes
Our first time visiting Disney resulted in my two year old Mushy suffering with terrible blisters.
The concrete floor destroyed her little footsies.  I'll never make the mistake of forgetting them again!

2.  Magic Bands
If you're staying off Disney property, then you will not automatically receive Magic Bands.
We're staying offsite to save a few thousand dollars, so I gladly spent a few bucks on these!
If you don't purchase a Magic Band, you're stuck pulling out these cards every time.
You'll need them to get on a ride, use Photo Pass, or check into reservations.
Besides, they are pretty, themed, and the cards are real easy to lose.

3.  Baseball Hat
If you think you can rough out the sun without a hat, trust me when I say that you're wrong.
You'll end up spending a ridiculous sum of money on a $8 baseball cap.
Buy it before.  Save money.  Save your skin and eyes.  Be happier.

4.  Portable Phone Charger
Even with Memory Maker, you'll still be using your phone a ridiculous amount of times.
It could be impromptu pictures, videos, calls, or even to use the Disney app for Fast Passes.
Bottom line is this, you will need your phone often and you'll need it charged.
Pack a compact, portable phone charger for an emergency charge in a bind.
Note- There are charging stations throughout the parks, but who has time for that at Disney!?

5.  Autograph Book
This is a Disney MUST, especially with younger children looking forward to meeting their idols.
To purchase them on Disney property will make you want to throw up from the inflated prices.
Purchase them ahead of time and pack them away so that you save time and money.

6.  Reusable Water Bottle
This is one thing that we have forgotten to pack literally every single year.
Purchasing individual water bottles for a week of walking miles in the blazing sun was expensive.
Like, really expensive.  Actually, so expensive I have "reusable water bottle" engraved in my brain..

7.  Wearable Neck Pouch
Even with a Magic Band, there are still things you'll need that you don't want lost or stolen.
Neck pouches are a great way to protect your items and keep them handy if needed.
They are waterproof and easily tucked under shirts while fastened to your neck.

8.  Bubble Wand
Anyone with young kids knows that keeping them entertained while waiting for anything is torture.
To help with that, everyone around them will have a bubble wand.  No, I'm not a fortune teller..
Be prepared for that and come equipped with a bubble wand and a bottle of spare bubbles.
This wand is $19.99.  Anyone know how much they are at the parks?

9.  Sharpies
I'll never forget Mushy's face when she waiting 30 minutes to meet Princess Sofia but lost her pen.
Luckily an impatient child behind us was willing to share otherwise there may have been a melt down.
Bring extra Sharpies with you to avoid a catastrophe.  By extra, I mean about 15 of them.

10.  Poncho
Let's be honest.  Ponchos are not pretty and no one ever actually wants to wear one.
That's true til you're in a Florida storm.  That's when you get on your knees and pray to the heavens for one.
Pack the poncho.  They are inexpensive and if the skies do open up, you'll be grateful.

What are your Disney World vacation essentials?


  1. The bubble wand is a good idea, as I've been told there is a lot of hurry up and wait time.

    What? No fanny pack? You'll need something to carry the things around in lol

    1. Yes, If you don’t (ah hem) plan meticulously, you’ll be waiting on long lines. Our last visit went well enough that the only line we waited on for more than 15 minutes was the Frozen ride. We waited 3 hours for that ride bc Luciana HAD to see Olaf. Lol

      Fanny pack? No way... hubby can wear cargo shorts hahaha

  2. I'd actually wear myself that Mickey Mouse baseball hat, it is so cute and simple, it would fit my wardrobe perfectly. I've never been to a Disneyland and I don't think I will ever have the chance too, but I think the closest one is the big one in Paris.

    1. I love the hat too, especially since it isn’t too over the top. Have you ever traveled to France? If I could pick one country to visit, France would be it.

  3. I can NOT believe it, but it's been 10 years since I was at Disney World, THIS week. I chaperoned my son's spring break marching band trip. They played in the Magic Kingdom night parade. It was an absolute blast!!! I even blogged about it.

    We never took our kids to Disney as a family. I had actually begun planning a trip in 2001 and then 9/11 happened and we were worried about flying and terrorists hitting placed Americans loved, like Disney.

    1. Wow, my heart stopped at 9/11. I still freak out in large crowds because of 9/11. Maybe you will go with your grandchildren one day. It’s always more magical with young children.

  4. You're right about getting the Disney picture pass. I carried around my big camera and what a hassle! My daughter was supposed to go to Disney in May with her boyfriend's family, but they had to cancel too. They are *hoping* to reschedule in August.

    Alice in Wonderland accidentally swiped black marker all over the front of the White Rabbit costume when signing our daughter's guest book LOL

    1. The picture pass was the best thing we ever did! Years ago I hated taking pictures which is why there are so many limited shots of daughter before she turned two. This trip with the memory maker made me realize how nice they are to have. We rescheduled for September and are hopeful it will be fine.. but don't tell Pat. He'll convince you otherwise. LOL

      OMG @ Alice! Did your daughter notice? Hopefully you held in the laughter so she didn't realize.

    2. We won't tell Pat a thing LOL

      Everyone noticed. There was a big gasp and Alice scolded the White Rabbit for getting too close. It was rather comical, though I imagine whoever had to clean the suit afterwards wasn't too thrilled with getting black sharpie out of white fur!

  5. As for camera, it is better to keep that big DSLR (with multiple lens) at home. Just a simple point and shoot is best for travel.


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