Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Ideas: Easter festivity ideas for celebrating during quarantine.

One of the many things that we are mourning during this pandemic are our Easter celebrations.
Every year we have a neighborhood wide Easter egg hunt that extends for 1/2 a mile across our lawns.
The Easter bunny comes and the neighborhood kiddies have an absolute ball.  Sniff
Every year we go to church to see the stations of the cross and participate in a lovely ceremony.  Sniff
Every year Nanny has a family celebration and FEAST including her famous pizzarustica.  Sniff Sniff
Every year we have an Easter egg hunt at Nanny's house that all the cousins participate in.  Ugly face crying..
Every year the cousins wear matching outfits and make for the cutest pictures.  Wipes tears..
Well now that we mourned everything that we won't be able to do this year, let's focus on the current state.
..and plan for a future Easter celebration over the Summer because we can't skip the pizzarustica..

We may not be able to have a traditional Easter celebration, but we can still celebrate, quarantine style!
There are certain traditions that we can do in the safety of our homes surrounded by immediate family.
There's no quarantine law that prohibits an indoor Easter egg hunt with lots of candy filled eggs.
There are no rules against Easter baskets filled with candy and lots of goodies for the kids.
There are also zero laws broke by having the Easter bunny leave behind his usual holiday mess!

Now that we know what we anticipate to remain the same, let's plan our party while isolating!
Here are our Easter plans.  They are all festive and appropriate for a quarantine.
Did you think isolation would stop us?  Hell no!  Well, at least not as long as we have Amazon Prime..

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Easter festivity ideas for celebrating during quarantine.

I opted for this pack of (74) stickers so that the house will look like the Easter bunny threw up on it.
It's not something I would normally do, but I think the decor would put a smile on the kiddies' faces.
Plus, they know me well enough to never suspect it was me..

B.  A Homemade Mini Feast
There's no reason why you can't make a feast for your immediate family.
While not the typical Easter meal, we'll be chowing down on homemade chicken parm and raviolis!

C.  Easter Themed Paperware
Don't forget to add fun to the meal with festive paper goods and a festive tablecloth.
When in isolation, it's important to be a little extra when it comes to setting the mood!

D.  Competitive Easter Party Games
With the Easter stickers, we'll strategically place some paw prints through the kitchen and onto the deck.
There they will find all of the Easter party games that were left behind by the Easter bunny himself!
I opted with pin the egg on the bunny, bunny hop potato sack race, Easter egg on a spoon race, three legged races, and an Easter themed bean bag toss game

Competitive games are more fun when there's a prize for the winner.
These plush finger puppets in a plastic egg makes for the perfect prize for our celebratory games.
Besides, kids are obsessed with "blind" prizes so I know that they will  l o v e  these!

F.  Have a Easter Themed Story Time
Take a break from games with a relaxing Easter themed story time as a family.
I also pulled out their Easter books that their uncle gifted them with last year.

G.  Make Homemade Zeppolis & S'mores
No holiday feast is complete without some sort of dessert.
Since we can't rock a bakery, we'll give the kiddies a choice of a dessert that's yummy and fun to make.
We'll have theme choose between homemade s'more or zeppolis since we have all the makings on hand.

How will you be celebrating Easter this year?


  1. See? You can always do things even as you mourn the others. The kiddos will have fun. Just pop up a list when you go all mourning lol set the mood and enjoy easter.

    1. It's still not the same.. it's a last minute Hail Mary to enjoy the day. I'm already having nightmares about it as I have shared with you. Terrible, horrible nightmare...

    2. Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so bad nightmares.

    3. It's been more than a day later, and it's still haunting me.

  2. Yes.... the traditional Easter celebrations will not happen this time, but we can do our bit from home.

    1. We must make the best with what we have and what we have is Prime. LOL

  3. Do we have to wear black clothes during this mourning period? I don't do black, that is why I ask.
    Those things under G don't look appetizing at all, what on Devil's Kitchen Cauldron is that?

    1. No, no black during this mourning period, but maybe a lovely shade of gray to acknowledge all that we have lost. Eep!! This made me laugh.. it's probably the picture that has you turned off because those are the most delicious things EVER. You've never had a zeppoli???? Now, I think you must wear black. :) It's pretty much a fried dough that's light and airy due to all the ricotta mixed into the dough. Then you sprinkle powdered sugar on top to finish off the yummyness.

    2. We call that desert 'fritule' here at the Balkans. They don't look as fugly as the ones above LOL Usually golden yellow and crunchy. Hope you can make them yourself for the kiddos this weekend. My city is the only one in the country that celebrates Catholic Easter, but it will be a sad affair as the curfew starts earlier this weekend, from Friday afternoon till Monday morning with total ban on leaving the houses, I will have to venture out of my palace early in the morning on Friday to buy me some fruit and veggies and bread for da weekend.

    3. Photography was never my strong suit, but I promise they were delicious! Or maybe I just overdid the powdered sugar b/c that's the best part. :) I think they want to do S'mores this weekend, but would you believe marshmallows are nowhere to be found? I went to Amazon Prime to have them delivered and someone is selling them for $35!!!!

      How are you holding up with the stay at home orders? We've had some promising broadcast here with antibody testings that started in upstate NY and talk of "herd immunity" since it's so widespread in NY. Hopefully it's all over soon and we won't have to hoard fruits and veggies anymore. :)

    4. I don't have a big problem with a 60 hour curfew, but I can see how it could be a problem to others. Since curfew starts Friday at 5pm, and many people work over the week till 4pm, how will they buy groceries now that they won't have Saturday morning for that. Especially as many people are not just buying groceries for themselves but also for their parents, grandparents or inlaws since all older than 65 have had a ban on going out of their houses for weeks now. Imagine having to get food for three or four days for three families and no time to do it :) It will be a chaos. Especially as volunteers won't work either over the three day curfew. But then again, who cares about food, while people are dying :(

    5. It's tough. My husband has been doing the rounds for my parents and my grandparents. Then he leaves the food on the stoop for them. When you're older or sickly you have lots of meds to take that typically need a full belly. We're trying to keep their belly's full. Did you notice that groceries doubled in price? We're spending about $350 a grocery trip when it used to cost between $120-$150, and we're getting less expensive items!

    6. I don't know why your government did not put a ban on increasing prices, ours did, but they did put a high price on masks even though we got millions of masks for free from China. A box with 50 masks was 500 dinars before this hell and now they charge 100 dinars for just one paper mask instead of giving them to the people for free. It is disgusting.

    7. Ugh, and it's necessity right now too. We have been making our own here. For those of us who can't sew, we've been having community members volunteer to construct them for us. Can you make your own out of fabric?

    8. Judging by the videos on YouTube, everyone can make them even the ones that require just a bit of stitching with a needle, or those made with bandanas with no stitching, just folding and a rubber band, but my problem with the freaking masks is that they fog up my glasses and I end up blind in the middle of the shop. That is my biggest life problem currently LOL

  4. That looks like a really fun celebration! I'm dropping off a huge Easter bag to my daughter's front porch today. I had to improvise because I couldn't go shopping, but here's what I gathered: 2 plush Easter bunnies that belonged to my daughter, 3 books I had in the closet, a Ty Beanie plush bear named Sherbet that was hers, a board puzzle, and I made felt Blue's Clues paw prints and a Handy Dandy notebook from some online sites that I could print from. I'm also including a bottle of wine for mom and dad and my daughter who lives with us made cut out Easter cookies that she painted with frosting.

    1. Too funny that you had all of that laying around the house. Do you have Prime? We were able to find some fun things on there and they shipped in time for the holiday. Luckily, I'm a bit OCD and a bit anxious so we had our baskets done for about 2 months now.. I love the blues clues idea! Can you print out bingo boards and put them in a page protector? I did that for my daughter's class party and she had so much fun! Easter cookies and wine?? Yes, please!

  5. Thank God for Amazon Prime. I ended up doing all of my Easter shopping through Amazon instead of Target this year (sniff, sniff. I miss Target!) My girls are older so they don't care so much about the egg hunts and such, but our dinner is going to be awful bleak this year with just the 3 of us here.

    1. Oh how I miss Target too.. Do you think Target misses us??? LOL! My husband went to Target about two weeks ago to hunt down baby diapers. He took three steps in and saw two different men be tackled to the ground trying steal stuff. He walked right back out and went to Costco instead.

      I'm sorry to hear that it will bleak with just the three of you. Can you do a rain date? Easter in July? You must try to make pizzarustica for your celebration. It will take all the bleakness out of your dinner. :)

      My grandparents are devastated b/c they live for this stuff. My grandma also watches my son once a week. She says the separation feels like a punishment.


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