Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ideas: How to throw a children's birthday party while in quarantine.

This past weekend was my baby girl's seventh birthday!
Originally, we planned a movie theater party with friends followed by cake with family.
Immediate family for us consists of about 45 people which means we can never do anything small.
That meant we had our work cut out for us!  We had to plan a special day that incorporated loved ones.
It also had to be on a budget because we are both on minimized incomes due to furloughs.
It took creativity, OCD meticulous planning, and all sorts of teamwork to pull this off.
...but we totally did.  Mushy's exact words were "Best birthday EVER!"...

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How to have a children's birthday party while in quarantine.

Step One:  Pick a theme.
We went with unicorns because they are popular, easy to find, and loved by almost all little girls.
You'll find planning is much easier when you have a theme because you'll always have a starting point.

Step Two:  Organize a car parade.
This took me about two weeks to put together so don't assume it's so easy.
We may be quarantined, but we can't jump at the drop of a dime.  Give people notice!
I put together an electronic invitation that included a meeting time and meeting place near the house.
We recruited about (20) cars filled with friends, family, and neighbors, and (3) firetrucks.
Everyone decorated their cars, got noisemakers, threw out goodies, and made giant signs.
They drove by with sirens blasting, horns honking, and people  s c r e a m i n g  as loud as they could!
This was so special.  I cried my eyes out during it because it was that touching!

Step Three:  Decorate the house.
After the kiddies go to bed, b/c a surprise is always better, decorate your home to the best of your ability.
We hung a themed sign, taped up balloons, and covered our kitchen table with a disposable tablecloth.

Step Four:  Set up a few themed party games.
We gifted our daughter with the unicorn version of Don't Step In It to play on her birthday.
We printed out a free paper version of pin the tail on the unicorn and pin the horn on the unicorn.
We also printed out free unicorn BINGO boards and calling cards for some more game fun.
Tip- Make the first round of BINGO the first letter of their name.  They LOVE this!

Step Four & a Half:  Be prepared with cheap prizes for the winner.
My daughter loved to play the games but loved it even more when they were for prizes!
We purchased (20) miniature squishes through Amazon Prime and put them in blind bags.
Trying to guess which squishie was in the bag was half the fun of winning!

Step Five:  Set up a scavenger hunt.
The night before, I hid 30 different scavenger hunt clues throughout the house and deck.
The grand finale led her to the next birthday party activity, a Giant Bubbles Kit.

Step Six:  Have a giant bubbles party break.
We had so much fun making bubbles bigger than our own bodies & watching baby brother pop them!
This entertained my daughter for about two solid hours and another hour the next day.

Step Seven:  Order a special surprise dinner for delivery.
Every year for my daughter's birthday we eat out at Friendly's for gross food and ice cream.
To keep the tradition alive, we ordered our typical menu choices from Friendly's for delivery.
She was super surprised and even more excited to eat it!

Step Eight:  Bake a cake.
The night before, bake your child's favorite cake and decorate it to your theme.
For those who aren't artistic like me, use themed cupcake picks and a fancy candle to decorate.

Step Nine:  Set up a time to sing happy birthday.
We had close family members join us on FaceTime to sing Mushy happy birthday.
They got to sing to her and watch her blow out her candles.  The best part of a birthday party!

Step Ten:  Let your child open their presents.
My baby girl got a few gifts delivered to her from family and friends.
I wrapped them all for her and saved them for the very end of the day.  After cake, she opened them.
It was a great grand finale for a really special day!

I also went out of my way to set up little mini surprises to put a smile on her face.
We got her a unicorn dress to wear for her party and a shirt for baby brother that said "Best Brother Ever". 
She had her favorite breakfast.  It was corn muffins with leftover unicorn themed cupcake picks.
She had her favorite lunch.  It was a meat and cheese board with... unicorn themed cupcake picks!
She woke up to a unicorn themed note wishing her a happy birthday and giving hints to her surprises.
We also had surprise guests of honors at her parade which included her bus driver and teacher.

The moral of the story - It doesn't have to cost a lot of money and it doesn't have to be extravagant.
It just needs to be thoughtful, entertaining, and trimmed with their own special favorites.

Have you celebrated a birthday in quarantine yet?
Monday, April 27, 2020

List: Ten types of moms to avoid becoming in a moms group.

I happily belong to two local moms groups through Facebook.  They are a great resource for community referrals and baby advice.  They are also a great place to hear local juice, but we won't talk about that.

We bought my dream blinds at a huge discount through a local mom's husband.  We participated in community events that we learned through the local moms group.  We got great recommendations for different kid's products from those same local moms.

I could go on and on, but you totally get the purpose of these groups by now.  They exist so that moms can help other local moms which ultimately helps the kiddies.  While their existence seems pretty clear to most, some moms didn't get the memo.  Those women use the local moms groups for everything but what they should be.  Since I'm sick of hitting "block" to avoid the moms that annoy me, I'll lay it out for those struggling.

mom's to avoid becoming in a group board

Ten types of moms to avoid becoming in a moms group.

1.  The mom that exploit's other people's children.
I cringe every time I see a mom post a picture of another person's child as a form of public shame.  We all know that Bobby shouldn't have ding dong ditched your house, but posting his pic isn't the answer.  This got so much worse over the past two years thanks to the Ring doorbells!  This also includes the mothers that partake in the posts "shaming" the child and their parents.

2.  The snobby mom.
We don't need to see your Loui Vuitton diaper bag or your perfectly toned body lounging in a high class pool.  This is a mom's group.  Unless you're referring the company that installed your pool, we don't care!

3.  The mom that is here only to market her services.
I was determined to find a Poppy to surprise my daughter with for her 6th birthday.  When I was failing on my own, I asked for recommendations.  I got about 100 referrals for everything except what I asked for.  Every Etsy mom in creation came out.

4.  The mom that bashes local businesses for nothing.
Some mom's like to make public service announcements to trash small businesses for a minor mistake.  Unless it has to do with hygiene, criminal activity, or something severely unethical, just don't.  I'll never forget the mom that disgraced a local deli for overcooking her avocado toast.  Just, why?!

5.  The mom that judges others and trolls every post.
This is my least favorite mother that actively participates in our moms groups.  The ones that replies with a nasty comment judging you instead of answering your question.  Example - MOM1 "Anyone know a store that has diapers?"  MOM2 "YOU are the problem.  Stay home.  You shouldn't be out shopping."  Instead of minimizing the stores Mom1 has to venture to, Mom2 chose to judge and troll the other.  Remember ladies, we don't all have the funds to stock up on a year's worth of basic supplies even during a pandemic!

6.  The moms that pretend they got it all together.
Ladies, let's be honest.  The only time we got it together is for the 30 seconds after we woke up.  Instead of showing unrealistic pictures of our lives to each other, let's support each others truths.

7.  The mom that posts several times a week to complain.
We are here to help, not to listen to you vent about how you chipped your nail opening a car door.  One time a mom publicly cursed all the birds in our neighborhood because they would poop on her car.  Yes, seriously.

8.  The random dad that sneaks into the group.
Once in a while a local dad will sneak into the group to make fun of us or try to pick up a hot mom.  The local moms are here to support each other, not to find a date to the community fair!

9.  The mom that shoves fake news down your throat.
There are the few moms that share completely outlandish articles that freak me out.  Informative articles that have been fact checked are totally fine to share.  It's even OK to ask for validity.  What's not OK is to insist aliens and the plague are coming and then insist it's all facts.

10.  The mom that knows it all.
The moms that think their opinions are fact can shove it up their butt and around the corner.  Guess what, moms?!  We don't all breastfeed, some women need c sections, and you don't know my child.  Instead of offering well meaning advice free of judgement, some moms look for opportunities to fight.   Recently a mom asked for daycare referrals which ended with an attack for using daycare at all.

Do you belong to a moms group?

Friday, April 24, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

We took a drive to the...
...beach to go seal watching!  We saw quite a few little seal heads pop up.
We were hoping to see a few lounging on the beach, but I think we were too early.
In the colder months, you can find seals lounging on the south shore beaches of Long Island.
It was so pretty, cool to see, and a great change of scenery.  ..but it was way too cold!!

I'm silently mourning my...
...daughter's youth!!  She's turning a whopping seven years old  T O M O R R O W.
Ok, so I'm not "silently" mourning squat.  I'm actually very vocal about it while loudly sobbing..

We have been binge watching...
...the Amazon Prime show called Bosch.  It's real juicy and I highly recommend it so far.
We are a few episodes into the second season.  The first season was real JUICY, but both suck you in.

I'm jumping up and down because...
...I have FINALLY finished my marketing course.  It was torturous, but I pull off an A-.

I squealed with joy because... college counselor e-mailed me with a message that was ten years or more in the making.
After the Summer course I'm taking, I'm only  T H R E E  classes away from graduation.
She wants me to start preparing for the graduation and to congratulate me for my hard work.
I honestly was starting to think that I'd never get that e-mail and that I'd be in college for the rest of my life!

We planned a fun day for... baby girl's birthday!  Just because we had to postpone her party doesn't mean we can't celebrate.
There will be lots of unicorn games, activities, and prizes for my little unicorn princess.
We will be ordering delivery from Friendlies since this is her annual birthday dinner spot.
There will be a scavenger hunt and a homemade birthday cake to blow out unicorn candles on.

But the BIG birthday surprise is...
...a big parade that we set up for my baby girl with the help of the local fire department.
We have about 20 cars and the fire department that will drive by, honk, and wish Mushy a happy birthday!
In addition to the fire department, we recruited, friends, family, neighbors, and her teacher.
But, shhhhhh, it's a secret!  Don't tell her what her big, special surprise is.

What are your Friday Ramblings?
Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Review: A honest & detailed review of Neutrogena Hydra Boost Gel-Cream.

A few months back I posted about the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives serum.  As a quick refresher, this was a product I stumbled upon accidentally but fell deeply in love with.  After posting, our favorite Spy, Dezmond from Hollywood Spy, gave some great advice.  He recommended that at my age of 31, you would want to use a good moisturizer versus an anti aging serum.  I'm still using the serum in the AM, but I limit my use to the two lines on my forehead.  Damn you tanning salons through high school & my real early 20s!  You have prematurely aged my skin..  With that small exception, I did decide to follow Dezzy's skin care advice!

I hunted through the internet for reviews on the best moisturizer for my age and skin type.  I have that obnoxious skin type that somehow manages to be oily and dry at the same time.  All reviews pointed me in the direction of my favorite skin care brand, Neutrogena.

The product is called Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel.

I purchased the product through Amazon Prime and began using it immediately.  It's officially been three months of use which makes me comfortable enough to give an opinion.

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Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Review:  Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

This product is part of Neutrogena's skin care line to help hydrate and restore suppleness to extra dry skin.

Aside from reviews, what prompted you to purchase this product?

First and foremost, it's made by a brand that I trust for both quality and ingredients.  I have God awful allergies that are triggered by almost anything.  Their products never trigger it!  Other selling factors were that it's fragrance free, oil free, dye free, and non-comedogenic.  While seemingly insignificant, they are important to me due to allergies and easily clogged pores.  The final selling point was the inclusion of Hyaluronic acid which is a natural aid to absorb moisturizer.

How do you apply the Hydro Boost water gel to your skin?

I thoroughly wash and dry my face and neck.  Then I apply a quarter size dollop on my face and neck.   A little bit of this product goes a long way making over application unnecessary.

What do you like about the product?

It absorbs almost immediately and leaves behind a cool, hydrated feeling on my skin.  Unlike the anti-aging products, you see immediate results which is hydrated,  g l o w i n g  skin.  I also enjoy the price of the product which is under $20 for something that lasts about 3 months.

An unexpected benefit of this moisturizer, is after a few weeks of repeated use, my face produced less oil.  In the past, after a few hours, my face would need a pat down to eliminate extra oil.  I want to glow, not shine and glisten like an oily potato ready to be fried.  Just saying..  While I still am producing oil, especially in my T Zone, it's never excessive enough for a midday pat down!

I would recommend Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel skincare product.

Monday, April 20, 2020

List: Ten small changes to make to help the world.

In honor of Earth Day on Wednesday, we are coming up with little ways that we can help the world.  We may not have a big environmental impact as individuals, but together we can make a difference.  Together can make "going green" a trend instead of a trendy marketing gimmick.  We need to motivate ourselves and others to consciously make "going green" our lifestyle.  I commonly hear the term "green" as an afterthought or an added benefit to something.  We need to change it to a forethought or a nonnegotiable with any purchases.  Just keep thinking "green" until it's carved into your subconscious.

We also need to teach these behaviors to our children so that "green" actions become natural to them.  I'm happy to learn that my daughter's primary school teaches the kiddies about green choices.  My daughter comes home with worksheets that teaches them the best way to treat the world.  Children's programs also make a point to educate the kiddies on environmentally friendly habits.  Yes, even Peppa Pig recycles and makes compost, people!!  If an imaginary pig can do it, so can you!!  This gives me hope that we can make a better world for our children with our children.

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Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Ten small changes to make to help the world.

1.  Support the companies that have gone "green".
Many big businesses have become aware of their environmental footprint and are trying to fix it.  The information is available, but you need to do your research before making those purchases.  Supporting the "green" businesses is great for the Earth and can encourage other businesses to change.

2.  Delay cleaning until you have a full load.
This change may be difficult, but wait until you have a full load to clean before hitting start.  Let the dishwasher, washing machine, drier, and others sit until they reach full capacity.  This will help save the environment, your electric bill, and your soap!

The most influential listeners that we can preach to are the children.  Take time to teach the kiddies how to help the world and encourage them to speak up.  If my toddler asked me to recycle with those puppy eyes, I'd start recycling!  Just sayin...  Lead by example and get them involved with local organizations when you've said all that there is to say.
Example educational tool can be found here.

4.  Switch to eco-friendly power tools.
Eco-friendly power tools exist.  Some work on manual labor alone making them the ultimate save!  Swapping something as minimal as a lawn mower in an urban area can help the Earth.
Example eco-friendly lawn mower can be found here.

5.  Make eco-friendly purchases. 
While similar to #1, this is different.  Your gas station may have gone green, but they're still selling gas!  When browsing, look for eco-labeling.  It's exactly as it sounds.  A label stating the product is eco-friendly.  Make the conscious decision to purchase the eco-friendly product over the better known competitor.  We recently made the change with our cleaning products and have no regrets!  Goodbye toxins..

With the outlawing of straws and grocery bags, I'm shocked to see that water bottles still exist.  At this point, everyone should be investing in filters and reusable bottles for a huge environmental change.
Example reusable bottle can be found here.

7.  Bring reusable containers and bottles for to go items.
Instead of expecting your Starbucks barista to use a disposable cup, bring your to go mug.  Some places even offer a small discount for bringing reusable items for your to go order.
Example to go mug can be found here.

8.  If you see garbage, pick it up.
Growing up I used to think Papa was nuts for walking across the street to pick up someone else's garbage.  Truth be told, we all should do that.  If we did, the world would be a much cleaner place!

9.  Request an electronic receipt.
I recently read an article that outlined all of the paper waste in the world thanks to ATM receipts.  Request an electronic receipt instead and save a tree.  Bonus points for electronic statements too!

I never thought I'd see the day that I was advocating for a bug, let alone a bee!  It's no secret that honey bees aren't thriving and it's seriously impacting our environment.  Plants flowers that honey bees can thrive off of and plant them as far away from the house as possible.  Instead of a bird house, strategically place a bee hive house near your honey bee friendly flowers.  As much as I don't want to admit it, we need to save the honey bees!

What small changes will you make this year to save the world?

Friday, April 17, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

We had a really nice day on...
...Easter Sunday!  I was pleasantly surprised with how great the day passed in isolation.
We missed our family dinner and our neighborhood egg hunt, but it may have been our best Easter yet!
We woke up to tacky Easter decor everywhere!  Legit looked like the Easter bunny threw up here..
The kiddies had an Easter egg hunt inside, Easter baskets to open, and dressed up in fancy clothes.
They played lots of fun Easter games for plastic egg prizes filled with random finger puppets.
They did an outside egg hunt, ate their favorite meal of fresh raviolis, and did drive by family visits.
The grand finale of the day was making s'mores over the bonfire and singing bunny songs!
We went to bed happy bc the kiddies were happy.  Mushy even said "I wish everyday was like this".

I realized I made the right career choice because...
...I really suck at playing home school with my six year old daughter!
We both have zero patience and really hate repeating ourselves.  She takes more breaks than does work.
As much as we didn't like it, we sat down and did it.  I think we she should get an E for effort!

I cried in the street when...
...the Easter bunny complete with medical mask was on parade with the fire department.
The parade was fun until the final truck passed by with my daughter's bus driver in the passenger street.
She screeched on a mega phone my daughter's name while waving.  It caught me by surprise and I balled.
A waving, well meaning school bus driver made me ugly cry in the middle of my block.

It's almost time to...
...take down the Easter decorations but I really don't want to.
We may let them linger for a little while longer than usual to keep the Spring cheer alive.

We all really enjoyed my...
...furlough week!  I was less stressed without the added pressure of my job.
The kids were happy because I was able to devote all of my time to them throughout the day.
My husband was beyond ecstatic because I barely even complained that I was going to lose it all week!

We jumped up and cheered when...
...our governor finally announced that we reached the peak in NY.
He was very clear that this isn't the end but the end of the beginning.  Either way, it's  h o p e.
...& hope is something we've been lacking around here so we'll take whatever we can get.
Here's to antibody testing, rapid COVID19 diagnosis, treatment medication, and a vaccine.
Most importantly, here's to a decline in the number of deaths and a healthier society.

What are your Friday Ramblings?
Wednesday, April 15, 2020

List: Ten things you should pack for your Disney vacation.

A little over a year ago, we started the process of planning a trip to Disney World.  We wanted to capture the magic for our daughter before she outgrows it...  ...while capitalizing on my son's age.  Kids get admission and eat for F R E E under the age of two.  I swear we just blinked, and that same trip is only three weeks away now! Edit - Rescheduled due to corona.

Using our experience, we planned our vacation to the best of our ability.  We booked it a year ahead, made reservations 6 months in advance, and got fast passes 30 days before.  In addition to using the tools Disney provides to plan the vacation, we made sure to pre-purchase essentials.  Note-Purchasing certain things in Disney World or even the surrounding area could be a waste of cash!  To ensure that we didn't repeat certain mistakes, we brainstormed past trips and planned as best we could.

Please note, I'm skipping the most basic items here in the hopes that you got that covered.  That means, you're going to have to remember to pack the most comfortable sneakers ever on your own.  You'll also have to remember the sunglasses, sunscreen, medications, and your underwear on your own.  Also note, don't bother with your camera.  Invest in memory maker and you'll be even happier.  I promise.  Final note, don't worry about first aid stuff because it's available for free everywhere on Disney property.  Now that we covered that, I feel more comfortable moving onThere will be no further interruptions.

Related Post:  Ten strategies for surviving a road trip with toddlers.

packing list for disney; disney vacation essentials; things you need for disney vacation

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Ten essentials for your Disney World vacation.

1.  Children's Water Shoes
Our first time visiting Disney resulted in my two year old Mushy suffering with terrible blisters.  The concrete floor destroyed her little footsies.  I'll never make the mistake of forgetting to pack them for our Disney trip again!
Can be found here.

2.  Magic Bands
If you're staying off Disney property, then you will not automatically receive Magic Bands.  We're staying offsite to save a few thousand dollars, so I gladly spent a few bucks on these!  If you don't purchase a Magic Band, you're stuck pulling out these cards every time.  You'll need them to get on a ride, use Photo Pass, or check into reservations.  Besides, they are pretty, themed, and the cards are real easy to lose.
Can be found here.

3.  Baseball Cap
If you think you can rough out the sun without a hat, trust me when I say that you're wrong.  You'll end up spending a ridiculous sum of money on a $8 baseball cap.  Buy it before and pack it in your suitcase.  Save money.  Save your skin and eyes.  Be happier.
Can be found here.

4.  Portable Phone Charger
Even with Memory Maker, you'll still be using your phone a ridiculous amount of times.  It could be impromptu pictures, videos, calls, or even to use the Disney app for Fast Passes.  Bottom line is this, you will need your phone often and you'll need it charged.  Don't forget to pack a compact, portable phone charger for an emergency charge in a bind.  Note- There are charging stations throughout the parks, but who has time for that at Disney!?
Can be found here.

5.  Autograph Book
This is a Disney packing list MUST, especially with younger children looking forward to meeting their idols.  To purchase them on Disney property will make you want to throw up from the inflated prices.  Purchase them ahead of time and pack them away so that you save time and money.
Can be found here.

6.  Reusable Water Bottle
This is one thing that we have forgotten to pack for our Disney trips literally every single year.  Purchasing individual water bottles for a week of walking miles in the blazing sun was expensive.  Like, really expensive.  Actually, so expensive I have "reusable water bottle" engraved in my brain..

Can be found here. <-- In all honesty, everyone in my family has at least (1) of these.  They're amazing!

7.  Wearable Neck Pouch
Even with a Magic Band, there are still things you'll need that you don't want lost or stolen.  Neck pouches are a great way to protect your items and keep them handy if needed.  They are waterproof and easily tucked under shirts while fastened to your neck.
Can be found here.

8.  Bubble Wand
Anyone with young kids knows that keeping them entertained while waiting for anything is torture.  To help with that, everyone around them will have a bubble wand.  No, I'm not a fortune teller..  Be prepared for that and come equipped with a bubble wand and a bottle of spare bubbles.
Can be found here.

9.  Sharpies
I'll never forget Mushy's face when she waiting 30 minutes to meet Princess Sofia but lost her pen.  Luckily an impatient child behind us was willing to share otherwise there may have been a melt down.  Pack some extra Sharpies with you for your Disney trip to avoid a catastrophe.  By extra, I mean about 15 of them.
Can be found here.

10.  Poncho
Let's be honest.  Ponchos are not pretty and no one ever actually wants to wear one.  That's true until you're in a Florida storm.  That's when you get on your knees and pray to the heavens for one.  Pack the poncho for your Disney trip.  They are inexpensive and if the skies do open up, you'll be grateful.
Can be found here.

What do you love to take to Disney?

Monday, April 13, 2020

List: Ten times I knew that I raised my twinsie.

In honor of my baby girl's birthday on the 25th, I though I'd do a post as tribute to her.
My little mush gushes with excitement for her upcoming birthday the second April arrives.
Meanwhile, I spend the month silently mourning another year gone from my daughter's adolescence.
As the years pass, I realize that my Mushy Face is becoming more and more like me.
This leaves me part beaming with pride and part concerned.
Let's move along before the tears start flowing..

Ten times I knew that I raised my twinsie.

1.  Every time that she says "seriously".
I never realized how much I overused the word seriously, until Mush started mimicking it.
Everything is "but, seriously!" or "seriously?"or "SERIOUSLY?!".
There are also faces that go along with each version of my our seriously-s, but I won't go there..

2.  Every photo that she takes looking real surprised.
I remember when my hubby said to our Mushy Face "WHY do you always make mommy's face in pictures?"
I never realized that face existed until he pointed it out to us.  Turns out he was actually right.
Our go to pose for pictures is raising our eye brows as high as possible with the cheesiest cheese smile ever.
It's an attractive look.  Seriously..

3.  Every time she dresses up and plays with make up.
Whether she's sitting on the couch with a remote or going to a party, my girl always gets done!
We both have our days to bum out, but like mommy, she loves to get done up.
I beam with pride every time she asks to wear a dress or I catch her at her vanity playing with cosmetics.

4.  Every time someone asks me if she ever shuts up.
My little Mushy Face has inherited my gift of gab.  She blabs up a storm every single day!

5.  Every time she creates a persona for a made up character.
To be silly, I always loved to make up characters and to act them out like they were real.
Growing up, my brother and I had alter egos named Alonzo and Alonza.
Alonzo became president, would send letters, and would periodically join us on family nights.
My mush has turned her belly button into a character that has a distinct voice and feelings of loneliness.
She also created a persona for a little man named Boobshka that lives in her mouth playing with frogs.
Ok, so she's a little more creative but I encourage this behavior unlike my own serious parents..

6.  Every time she breaks into song and dance.
She doesn't care who is watching or how bad she is at both activities.
Mushy Face breaks into song and dance spontaneously, in public, and she loves every moment.

7.  Every time I ask her someone's name.
Like her Mama, she never remembers anyone's name unless it's forced upon her.
After sitting next to a classmate for a year, my little mush had no clue what her friend's name was.
I was going to scold her until I realized that I just had a similar experience.
After working a project with a coworker for 8 months, I had absolutely no idea of her name.
To make it worse, She's saved in my phone as the name of the project & we travel together.
Please don't judge Mush and I.  We recognize our faults and working on fixing it - together!

8.  Every time she asks me for a to do list.
If you know R&W, you know how much I love me some lists.  This trait has passed onto my baby girl!
It's common for her on the weekends to ask me for a to do list so that she can cross off as she goes.
This not only makes me beam with pride, but it makes her beam too because she can see all she accomplished.

9.  Every time I find her in a quiet nook reading a book.
Like her mommy, my Mushy Face loves to spend time with her nose buried into a book.
She enjoys a juicy story with a shocking ending.  It's not uncommon for her to ask for a mystery book.
Her love of reading has her two reading levels above where she should be in the first grade.

10.  Every time she swoons over Sam Winchester.
Her favorite show is Supernatural.  I beam with pride every time I catch her watching it voluntarily.
My absolute favorite is when she argues with her Grandma over Sam being better than Dean.
"Dean has a sexy car.."  "Yea, but Sammy baby has brains and is really smart.  Seriously!"
Those conversations are proof that she really is her Mommy's daughter! 

What made you realize that you had a twinsie?
Friday, April 10, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

easter egg holder; easter egg bowl; pier one easter bowl; bowl to hold your easter eggs; easter fri-yay meme

I was jumping up and down in the street because... baby girl rode her bicycle without training wheels for the first time this week!
The look on her face when she realized that daddy wasn't holding onto her anymore was priceless.
Instead of reaching for the camera and missing the moment, we decided to cheer.
Prince Charming and I were jumping up and down screaming "HOORAY!" as loud we could.
Daddy joined in screaming "You're doing it! You're really doing it." while running alongside her.
She remained smiling even as she toppled over from our loud distraction.  How I've missed her smile..
It really was a lovely moment despite all the horribleness surrounding us.

I'm still mad from a late night argument about...
...the dramatic blanket fling my hubby does every single stinking time that he gets out of the bed!
Why can't he just get out of the bed?  Why does he have to throw a queen size comforter on top of me?!
Every time he throws it on me I jump up from a dead sleep thinking I'm getting assaulted.
I know I'm not alone here.  What silly something happened to you this week that set you over the edge?

I cried twice this week because...
...of the movies Onward and Steel Magnolias.  Both were great movies, but left me balling.
Note - A quarantine is not the best time to watch sad movies because you're extra sensitive.

I'm suspect of...
...the amount of laundry I've been folding lately.  It's an impossible amount.
There's no way all of these clothes were used.  I think they have me washing clean clothes.

I got caught red handed...
...putting together the kid's Easter baskets.  Luckily it was just one thing but I panicked.
When my daughter asked "What's that?" I panicked and made up the most ridiculous story ever.
I told her I was chatting with the Easter bunny on FaceTime because I'm down with the bunny.
He wanted to tell me that he's not in quarantine and that he knows how sad my baby girl has been.
To cheer her up, he wiggled his nose, and this unicorn dress magically appeared on my lap!
Mushy's eyes widened, got super excited, and insisted on wearing the dress right away.
Flash forward to 30 seconds later when I realized I could have just said it was a birthday gift from us.

I'm still giggling at... 20 month old telling daddy to "lay down" when he was getting reprimanded.

I was absolutely mortified when...
...I called Amazon to request a refund on a lost package and the agent accessed my shopping list.
The kids must have told Alexa to add things to my shopping list because I certainly didn't do it.
She laughed as she read (2) pees, (2) poops, and (10) farts.  Just, why?!
I'll never again send an agent to my shopping list to access an item number.  The lesson has been learned!

I'm bummed because...
...I'll be officially on furlough as of Monday for (2) weeks.
Here's to more dedicated time to the kiddies and to the hope that we don't go bankrupt.

What are your Friday Ramblings?