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TV: The Man in the High Castle

When we moved into our new home a little over a year ago, we gave up cable.  We replaced our subscription with Verizon Fios for streaming services through the Amazon Fire TV.  It made perfect sense because we were already happy subscribers to Amazon Prime.  With the exception of Thanksgiving morning, we haven't even missed cable a little bit.

This path led us to the show that everyone was talking about, The Man in the High Castle.  By everyone, I mean my fellow "streamers".  You know, our comrades that also ditched the cable bill!  We constantly heard how interesting, fast paced, and  j u i c y  this show was.  With the final season on the horizon, we decided to give in and jump on the bandwagon.

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TV Review:  The Man in the High Castle

What is this show about?

To sum this up as quickly as possible, it's a sci-fy show based on alternative history.
The show begins with a parallel universe where the Axis powers win WW2.  The USA no longer exists.  Instead, the country is split into three territories.  There is the Nazi controlled territory, the Japanese controlled territory, and the free zone.  The show follows several characters in all three territories, plus Germany.  As with most wars, there's an active resistance group which is led by a mysterious man known as The Man in the High Castle.  This man collects films that depicts different parallel universes and the different outcomes of the war.

Was this show confusing?

After watching Lost, I swore to stay away from shows that time jumped or had multi-verse characters.  In my defense, I didn't realize this was a sci-fy show until season 2.  Shame on me...  That aside, it wasn't as confusing as I thought it would be.  There were a few times I had to pause and reflect, but these were minimal.  Overall the different universes and story lines meshed and flowed well.

What did you like about the show?

I found the alternate universe really interesting!  Note- This was the main setting of the show.  To see the difference between Japanese rule and Nazi rule was eye opening.  The show really did an excellent job of bringing this alternative reality to life.  It was both intriguing and a little scary.  In addition to the false history lesson, the character development was phenomenal.  These actors brought the characters to life.  They not only perfected the main characters that the show revolved around, but they brought to life their alternate personas flawlessly.  

What did you dislike about the show?

If we're being completely honest, if it wasn't for season 1, I wouldn't have finished the series.  Season 1 did it's job of captivating the audience.  It was done in a way that the viewer was left intrigued in their ignorance.  All seasons after were done well for the show's purpose, but I wasn't a fan of that purpose.  I mean, if we're being honest, parallel universes are pretty dumb.  They also did a poor job of explaining the hype of the first season.  Who is the mystery man of the high castle?  I know we meet him, but who is he really?  How do the films get to the main universe, or better yet, why do they get there?  I felt as if these were crucial to understanding the show.  Another thing that left me feeling some sort of way was how they killed off almost every main character and in the lamest possible way!  SPOILER ALERT - The only deaths that served the character's justice was John Smith and his wife.  ..also, the ending.  The ending sucked.  It was an anti-climatic ending for a climatic show...

Is there anything else you think the viewer should know?

This is the first show I watched as a streaming series.  I really disliked that the entire season releases at once.  This encourages us to binge watch and takes away some of the fun of getting into a TV show.  Even worse, I noticed that there's no real consistency to when the seasons get released.  There was multi-year gaps between different seasons.

I would recommend The Man in the High Castle.

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Do you like science fiction?


  1. I have the book and I've tried reading it a few times, but I never could get pass the first two or three pages LOL but I do love me some alternative history, I think my fave of such books are ANNO DRACULA by Kim Newman in which Dracula has seduced queen Victoria and is ruling Britain with her LOL

    1. Well if the book was anything like the show, I would exchange it with someone for a copy of The Nightingale. LOL That book sounds as crazy as Abraham the Vampire Hunter.. which made me roll my eyes but had me on the edge of my seat despite the stupidity. lol

  2. I don't like Sci-fi so I wouldn't bother. I was listening to a radio show a few days ago on Sirius and it talked about how viewers don't connect with characters or have any long-term memory of shows that they binge. It's interesting that you could relate to that! I think the only show I've ever binged was Breaking Bad, after it was over, and I doubt I remember much of it.

    1. I agree that I retain way less when I binge watch. It also ruins the excitement of waiting all week to see what happens!!

  3. I've heard of it but I haven't seen it yet.

    1. You should give it a go if you're on quarantine!

  4. Never got into it. Looked decent but then you told me it went downhill after the first season so I never bothered. I find binging does take away some of the getting into a show part, but then having one new episode, wait 5 weeks for another 3, then 3 weeks for another 2, etc. kills a show too.

    1. Yea, the first season was amazing, and then I was left scratching my head! LOL I'm not a fan of binge watching, but that may be our future between quarantines and streaming services.

  5. Willy Dunne Woofers and I liked the first season of High Castle. We lost interest early during the second season.


  6. I actually wait for a series to run its course, then binge watch. I hate waiting months between seasons because I tend to forget what I've watched months before.

    I do have Man in High Castle on my Amazon list, but we haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Maybe this summer (or sooner if we're quarantined much longer!)


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