Monday, March 2, 2020

List: Ten things that make you happy as an adult.

We recently hosted a small dinner party with some close friends.  As with most dinner parties, I had a meat & cheese tray set up to pick on while the food cooked.  On the wooden board, I included a teeny tiny bowl filled with pesto to eat with the cheese and crackers.  A dried fig cracker with brie cheese, a piece of prosciutto di parma, and a dab of pesto is  d e l i c i o u s  !  Since we aren't animals, I placed a utensil in the bowl for us and our guests to spoon out the pesto.  That utensil is the teeniest, tiniest spoon ever.  I obsessively endearingly call it my "dip spoon".

When I saw one of our guests reach for the pesto, I immediately stopped what I was doing to watch.  He ever so delicately scooped a dollop of pesto onto his cracker, replaced the spoon, and ate it.  I stood there staring, barely breathing, waiting for his reaction and compliments of my dip spoon.  It was in vain.  He didn't even notice that he was the first official user of my beloved utensil.  After my mini meltdown regarding his unappreciative attitude towards my tiny spoon, he just laughed.  I have since washed and put away my dip spoon while awaiting a dinner guest deserving of its presence.  All joking aside, as he left he did ask me to leave my dip spoon to him in my will.  At least he noticed?

My daughter quickly put things into perspective by bluntly telling me that no one cares about a dip spoon.  That started a pretty funny conversation between my husband, my daughter, and I.  We listed all the things that make adults happy that children couldn't care less about & vice versa.

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Ten things that make you happy as an adult.

To see that little dove symbol perfectly pressed into the bar of soap makes me very happy.  After opening a bar of soap, I can't help but stare at it in perfect form for just a few seconds before use.  ..& maybe I smell it.  Is it weird to smell an unscented bar of sensitive skin soap to make sure it's unscented?

2.  To climb into bed with freshly cleaned sheets.
I have no idea what it is, but there is something probably mental special about clean sheets.  It's almost as if you can feel their cleanliness against your skin as you climb into them for the first time.

3.  Putting the groceries away after shopping.
There is something extra rewarding about refilling a near empty cabinet or refrigerator.  It could be as simple as putting away a new bag of onions that leaves me feeling happy and satisfied.

I recently discovered that Venus has razors with lovely, floral scented handles.  When I purchased it I smiled.  I continue to smile every shower as a take a quick sniff of the handle.

5.  Hanging up a newly purchased piece of clothing.
+ purchasing it and knowing that it will be forever yours to wear!   Whenever I hang up a new item in my closet, I do it with care so that I can savor the moment and feeling.

6.  Using a cuticle clipper to get rid of dead skin.
As a child, I always feared beauty tools that were metal.  I especially feared the ones that could clamp!  These days, I love to use my cuticle clipper to get rid of the overgrown dead skin next to my nails.  I find it so enjoyable, that sometimes I over do it to the point that my nail technician scolds me.

7.  Composing a really well written e-mail.
Sometimes I write an e-mail so well that I surprise even myself.  I'll re-read it to myself throughout the day and beam with pride every single time!

8.  Maintaining the contents of a food container perfectly.
Whether it be cream cheese, butter, or even a pint of Ben & Jerrys, it makes me so happy to keep it smooth!  A child would just go in and butcher the contents, sometimes even leave crumbs behind.  An adult takes their time to carefully extract the contents so that the surface is left smooth and beautiful.

9.  Folding the laundry without any leftovers.
There's nothing more infuriating than folding clothes and discovering your left with mismatches.  You should be done with the task, but the basket is left with one sock, one mitten, and half a baby outfit.  It's ever more satisfying, delightful, & rare to finish folding the clothes with ZERO leftovers!

10.  Timing your arrival perfectly with the end of a good song.
The absolute worst is when your mid jam and you pull up in the driveway.  That's when your left with the decision to finish your jam in front of your neighbors or just shut it off.  Yet, when it's timed perfectly, I can't help but to be lit up with glee!  Can we all admit to driving around the block at least once just to finish a song in peace?!  I have..

What makes you happy?


  1. I used to use such a small spoonsie for my cappuccino, but I no longer drink it (it ain't good my heart) so it sits somewhere in the cupboard neglected. We should organize a playdate for our spoonsies.

    1. Yes!!! Let's hook this up. My poor little spoon has been locked up a in a drawer since this picture was taken..

  2. I haven't used a bar of soap in a long time. I prefer body wash.

    1. I like the Dove foam body wash in vanilla.

  3. Clean sheets are the best! I love the feel of cool sheets that smell of laundry soap. Best thing ever! And new socks. Also, getting the perfect temperature on your McDonald's fries. A cozy blanket. Yummy smelling hand soaps from Bath and Body works... the list goes on and on LOL

  4. Clean sheets sure are nice. Such a pain when a sock is missing. Putting the groceries away and a new bar of soap works for me. Kids are rather less needy about such things I guess, little germ buckets.

  5. I care about the dip spoon because, yes, the right utensil makes me happy. Having things right, in general, makes me happy. I like organization and being able to find what I need.


  6. I love whipped cream cheese on fig crackers with fig jam, so I might have to try your recipe. Unfortunately, I don't have a dip spoon :(

    Your things that make you happy are quite unique. I enjoy a new bottle of foaming hand soap just for the new scent and cleaning out the filing cabinet in January and shredding the paper. Also, bagging up clothes for charity and getting it out of my house. Freshly mopped floors are good, too!


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