Monday, March 9, 2020

List: Ten things that are worth the splurge.

I've always been a woman that loves a great deal, plus a coupon.
That's why I typically will go for the store brand over the more expensive name brand.
While more store brands are equivalent or even better, there are some times that they don't make the cut.
In these cases, I'm a loyal consumer of the more expensive name brand products.

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Ten things that are worth splurging on.

1.  Mucinex
Between the germy day care and our allergies, trust me when I say that I know all about mucus.
I may even have been called a mucus queen once.  Wait, what?  Ew..
I've tried several different store brand versions of Mucinex before opting for the real deal.
It was then that I realized that Mucinex is the most effective of the medications.
After a few days of use, you'll feel the yuckies inside of you breaking up and ready to escape.

2.  Ocelo Sponges
There's no lovelier feeling in the world than unwrapping a virgin sponge to scrub the dishes.
Well, unless that sponge is a knock off brand!  The store brands just aren't the same.
They don't last as long and they aren't as flexible to get into all the grooves and dips of your kitchenware.

3.  Folgers Coffee
If you've ever tried the store brand of coffee you know that it tastes like a burnt foot.
I know that the name brand can be quite a bit more, but it's worth every penny!
My favorite at home coffee is Folgers Black Silk because it tastes right and doesn't give me agita.

4.  BIC Mechanical Pencils
I'm a bit of a royal pain when it comes to writing utensils.  Writing with a pen is torturous to me.
Due to this, I won't go anywhere without a mechanical pencil or two with me.
I've tried the inexpensive, store brand pencils and ended up donating all of them to my job's supply closet.
The lead inside the pencil was so thin that even the lightest of writing would snap it off.
BIC's pencils are perfection between the ergonomics of the tool and sturdy lead!

5.  Kitchenaid Garlic Press
The first store brand garlic press that I attempted to use "juiced" the garlic instead of mincing it.
...and no one wants garlic juice on their hands or in their meal...
The second store brand press I bought left mysterious gray streaks all over the minced garlic.
Two bad investments later, I purchased the more expensive brand and it's been cooking heaven since!

6.  Band-Aids
My well meaning hubby decided to save $.30 and buy a box of store brand bandages.
These things lasted for one boo boo because of one major defect.  They don't stick on skin!

7.  Skirt Steak
Last Summer I invested in very inexpensive skirt steak from Costco.
This was the chewiest, grainiest, fattiest, and most disgusting piece of meal alive.  & I bought it in bulk..
It really was something that you couldn't cut with a sharp knife let alone chew.
We chalked it off to a bad batch of steaks and made the poor choice to purchase it a second time. 
This lesson cost us about $120, but we will now buy our steaks from the butcher for an extra $2 a pound.

8.  Spatula
Years ago my daughter broke our spatula while trying to play drums on a poor, little pot.
I decided to replace it with a store brand version of a basic spatula.
The next morning we used it to make eggs and the edge melted right into the pan.
We now only invest in quality cooking utensils for fear of eating melted plastic.

9.  Crayola Crayons
I'm not sure what magic Crayola has over the world of melted wax, but they rock!
Throughout the years, I've bought store brand and even other name brand crayons for the kiddies.
None of them get even close to the quality of Crayola.  They are totally worth the extra $1 a package!

10.  Otter Box Phone Covers
I've always splurged for these more expensive covers because their quality protects my hardware well.
When converting to a work phone, the organization didn't feel there was a need to splurge on a protector.
The joke was on them when their cheaper, no name brand cover led to my phone's very sad demise.
Well, it wasn't that sad.  I got an upgraded iphone & a sturdy Otterbox cover.

What products do you feel are worth the splurge?


  1. I'm with you on everything except steak from Costco. Maybe your store got a bad bunch of steaks because every meat I get from Costco is excellent.


    1. We've bought meat from Costco before and it was good, except for their skirt steak! Every time we bought it from there, it was like meat flavored bubblegum. Yuck!! My favorite Costco meal is their stuffed peppers. :)

  2. Steak sounds nasty as can be. Costco can be hit or miss.

    lmao a pen is torturous? Geez, you have more issues than just your poop obsession, but that the cat knew.

    Those cheap band-aids suck indeed.

    1. You made me laugh regarding the pen. That's normal...some people find a pencil torturous, but who am I to judge?! lol lol Ugh, the cheap bandaids are the worst!! The best bandaids are the kid ones with the cartoon characters on them.

  3. I like store brands myself, but we don't have coupons here, they tried it once in one of our biggest chains but it did not work for some reason. You should throw away da sponge every month or even every few weeks, so it does not really matter if they don't last long as they all get filled with germs. I bought a ten pack at Lidl (that is Aldi here) but I usually choose them to match the colour of my dishwash detergent :) so I'm currently blue and blue :) I usually splurge on shower gels as I like to have at least ten of them, I've just bought Palmolive's Berry Delight Wash Butter this morning even though I have the coffee one already. I do, however, try to buy them when they get on discount, but I generally buy everything on discount instead of waiting to really need something. This is why I always have hidden stashes of everything, from cosmetics and canned food to medicines LOL

    1. Typically we buy store brand also, with the exception of above. Sometimes the store brand just doesn't cut it but sometimes it's even better. We just had a Lidl open up over here, but I refuse to go to it. They did a radio commercial with an exaggerated Long Island accent and for some odd reason, it offended me! Do you have a bath and body works by you? They have the best hand soaps.

    2. We don't, but sister Theresa mentioned she loved them too, so I'm informed about the selection :) Lidl here is ultra popular because it is the only massive chain of discount shops here. They don't have a big selection of goods, but everything is cheap and affordable. When it arrived here, it became such an instant rival to our shops that they all had to lower the prices of meat and some fruit in order to compete with it. And people like that is has a new offer of goods every three days.

    3. Love me Bath and Body Works! I was going to send you some hand soaps, but I see that even the non foaming ones have a little alcohol listed in the ingredients so they would confiscate them at customs :(

    4. Eep!! I love Bath and Body Works hand soaps and candles, although I must admit that the stronger scents trigger my allergies. My favorites are the more subtle scents. For Valentine's Day, my husband got me a mango something scent which leaves me reaching for an extra allergy pill... LOL

  4. I'm so with you on Crayola! Speaking of sponges, I bought a pack of the worst ones ever recently. It fell apart in ONE week. They are the tan Ocelo that are environmentally friendly or something like that (the rough side has fibers on it). Maybe they are Eco-friendly because they disenigrate??? Beware!

    I only like Charmin TP and Sensodyne toothpaste, but that's because it's the only one that doesn't give me canker sores.

    1. hahahaha You had me laughing at disintegrate! Well, that's definitely ecofriendly.. I like my Ocelo sponges, but not the environmentally friendly ones. We have cess pools over here so we can't use Charmin. Up & Up toilet paper for us. :)

  5. I ended up tossing most of my plastic spatulas and swapped them out for wood ones. They definitely last longer and I don't have to worry about them melting in the pan.

    Crayola all the way! No other crayon compares.

    I'm usually a store brand shopper too, but one thing I'll stick to name brand is Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I bought the store brand not too long ago, and while they work just as good, they don't hold up as well and I end up throwing them out much sooner than I would the name brand.

    1. How do they handle the dishwasher? I always hear rumors about wooden utensils soaking up bacteria. I'm so afraid of this that I actually bleach my cutting boards!

    2. I would not put them in the dishwasher because they will crack or warp. I always wash them by hand immediately after use, then dry them as best as I can with a clean, soft cloth. I also bleach my cutting boards because one can never be too safe with bacterial growth on such things.


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