Monday, March 23, 2020

List: Ten family activities to do this Spring.

While Autumn is my favorite season, Spring is a close second.  The birds have returned and began entertaining me through the office window.  The flowers have begun to sprout bringing some color back to the dull world.  Despite the abundance of rain, the happy feeling of Spring is here and has us smiling!

Our Springs are always busy between the large amount of birthdays and holidays.  In between those exciting events, we still like to enjoy some small Spring pleasantries.  Here are ten things that we hope to make time for this season.  We also hope that those April showers save themselves for when we're asleep.

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Ten Spring activities to do this year.

1.  Plant your vegetable garden and flowers.
Every year for Mother's day I ask for one thing and that's to plant a garden as a family.  I really enjoy this time spent together and my kiddies love it even more.  To see their faces when they get to pick a vegetable is great and the pride when it's cooked is even greater.

Idea:  Try this vegetable garden starter kit to save money instead of buying expensive seedlings later.

2.  Host a scavenger hunt party for the kiddies.
It's no secret that the kiddies love to hunt for Easter eggs, so why not extend the fun?  Using the left over plastic eggs, put together a scavenger hunt throughout your home and yard.  If done right with some tricky clues, this could be a fun and challenging event that they'll love.  The eggs could lead to an ultimate prize to be shared throughout the group.  Lead them to a bucket of water balloons or a cake for an outdoor food war.  Get creative!

3.  Give your patio furniture a quick refresh.
If you love wooden furniture as much as I do, your patio is bound to have a few dulled out pieces.  This is the perfect time of year to freshen up your furniture and bring it back to life.  After a quick trip to the hardware store, I hope to spend a day sanding and staining my favorite pieces.  Every year my hubby lobbies for a rod iron patio set to avoid this..

Idea:  We use this exact teak oil on our furniture each year and the end result is fabulous.

4.  Create a rain dance routine.
Spring is known for the inevitable downpours.  Rain may be important, but it isn't fun.  On a rainy day, blast some Native American tribal music and try to learn a rain dance.  For double the fun, research a local pow wow happening near you and go for a day of fun.

5.  Visit a local petting zoo.
While I'm not an animal person, even I have fun at a petting zoo in the Spring.  This is the time of year that the weather is bearable. Heat + animal poop = no thanks!  In addition to the good weather, it's also the time of year for B A B I E S !!  You'll all have a blast learning about the wildlife and snuggling some soft baby animals.

6.  Volunteer to help refurbish a local park.
Many local parks, beaches, churches, and memorials look for volunteers this time of year.  They are looking for volunteers to dedicate their time to help refurbish them.  I've seen requests to volunteer for cleaning, planting, and even painting spaces in local communities.

7.  Make your own bird feeder.
I'm not the best person for a DIY, but my kiddies love a good project.  Have them make their own bird feeders to hang outside their bedroom window.  We use safe material, smother it in all natural peanut butter, and then roll it in bird seed.  You can DIY a birdhouse too, but the only thing that ever moves into mine are wasps.

8.  Visit a local farmer's market.
This is the perfect time of year to browse a farmer's market for some local products.  My favorite item to purchase is local honey.  It's a great tasting way to fight allergies from Spring pollen.  Be adventurous and try some of the free samples.  You may stumble upon your new favorite pie!

9.  Go to your local park or beach to fly a kite.
This is such a simple thing, yet it's something many of us don't think of in our old age.  A few years back my baby girl wanted a Frozen themed kite for her birthday.  We had lots of laughs and exercise running around the park trying to get the damn thing to fly!  Remember, whether you actually fly the kite or not, your attempt is bound to make memories.

Idea:  My kids had a blast making their own kites with this DIY kit.  

10.  Make a butterfly garden.
Last year we visited a lighthouse.  While we were there, an attendant showed us a butterfly garden planted by the boy scouts.  While I don't want butterflies in my yard because they scare me, this is a pretty neat idea!  All you need are a few planks of wood, dirt, and seeds of flowers that attract butterflies.  If you're using a pot, try planting a butterfly bush.  It's an invasive plant, but the butterflies love it.

Idea:  We planted (2) of these bushes in our yard this year.  It attracted butterflies AND hummingbirds.

What are your favorite Spring activities?


  1. You watch the birds? I thought they were there to peck your eyeballs out? lol

    I think I'll skip the rain dance, I have to go out enough in that crap during the next two months. Local farmer's markets can be interesting, but $$$$.

    Spring may be over before we can do some of the list though, social distancing and all.

    1. Well, when you're stuck working from home next to a giant window, your only friends are the birds. I wouldn't go outside to see them, but they are fun to watch. I saw my first hummingbird every last year and got so excited that I put a hummingbird feeder right outside my office window. I'm officially OLD. lol

      Ugh, I know. I wrote this about two months ago and was reading through it this morning like..ughhhhh Wait until my Disney posts start.. I'm going to be in tears!!!

  2. Our spring will be a bizarre one and not just because we will spend it under lockdown. After a very mild winter and up to 25*C last few weeks, we are now facing close to zero temps and snow. We've just cut all our daffodils and hyacinths and taken them in to save them from snow. Our local farmer markets are now closed too, thank God we have a greengrocer nearby so I don't have to go into the supermarket and wait in line there if I need just fruit and veggies.

    1. Everything is crazy! I saw your post about the earthquakes too.. hopefully we are just living through a crazy time. It seems like something similar happened with the Spanish Flu 100 years ago. NY just hit 21000 cases.. it's crazy! I'm afraid to even get the mail over here. Stay safe and stock up on your veggies in case you can't get them for a while!!

    2. It was crazy in Crotia, especially as they still have aftershocks, they don't even know how many people got corona since yesterday due to running out of the houses and spending the day outside, and on top of that all we have snow today, imagine all that shit topped with snow and no roof over your head.

      Yes, I read they will close New York from the rest of the country and seal you in like they did in Wuhan in China. I bet many will be thinking of buying a little house in the village after this. I survived wars, embargos, bombings, famine etc in my life, but it was all while we lived on a farm growing our food ourselves, it is different now when you depend on others, especially as they've closed green markets yesterday here. And we might get snowed in next two days which might not be that bad as people will at least stay at home. Our curfew is now from 5PM till 5AM.

    3. Where did you read that? I really hope it isn't true. The governor swears that isn't true and is really doing a great job of reassuring us. He should be the president of the US. I'm not political, but this man is the only thing letting us feel safe right now.

      I feel for those without a roof over their head. How awful.. Hopefully in a few weeks from now we all look back at this time as just a memory as we go back to our normal lives.

    4. Few weeks not, maybe a few months or end of summer if we are fully optimistic, sadly.
      It was in newspapers everywhere last night, that about New York, I mean they have to seal you up with that number of ill people. It won't change your life much, you will still have goods and everything, they just won't let you out of the city. It is already like that here since they closed buses between cities. I was supposed to go to Novi Sad to pick up my pay from the publisher, but cannot due to buses and trains not travelling anymore. Only God knows how I will get my money LOL I need a choper or something.

    5. This morning the governor spoke about an antibody test and allowing those with present antibodies plus all low risk people to be out and about. He also spoke about us going through this now as opposed to other states that will go through it in the future. He specifically said that he isn't going to trap us here because it's unconstitutional. I personally wish they would have trapped us all in our homes from the beginning that way this nightmare would have been over by now.

  3. You are scared of butterflies! WTH? Lol! We do a veggie garden every year. Green beans seem to do the best here. Zero luck with broccoli and cauliflower. We have 3 butterfly bushes and love them because the deer don't touch them. I just pull the new starts that sometimes appear and it hasn't been much of an issue.

    1. Yeaa, not a fan of butterflies near me. They are pretty from a distance, but that's it. LOL What types of butterflies do your butterfly bushes attract?

    2. Different kinds of Swallowtails. The yellow and black kind and the black with blue ones.

    3. How pretty! We typically only see monarchs, but let's see if we can attract some other fun ones.

  4. Spring never lasts long enough

    1. Agreed, and it will go even quicker in quarantine!

  5. I see my tulips trying to push through the ground and that makes me happy that this crappy winter is almost over. We're not going to be out and about enjoying much of the spring weather though, as we're trying to get our house ready to put on the market this summer. (Wanted to do it in the spring, but with the virus, it's probably best to take a wait and see approach right now). I'm trying to clean out a lot of the stuff I don't want to take with me in a move, so we've been and will be super busy these next few months doing house stuff.

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