Monday, March 30, 2020

List: The ultimate Spring cleaning check list.

This time of year is the perfect time to start your Spring clean up activities.  You can now free your outdoor things from the murky shed and dust them off for actual use.  Your bare deck, flower beds, and gardens will soon be filled again with color and sunlight.  The birds will be filling the skies and kiddies will be filling the yards and streets.  Also, the bugs will be back.  I try my best to not let this fact dampen our joy..but, seriously, ew!

Unfortunately, our homes and lives don't get filled with Spring by magic Springtime fairies.  The Spring makeover is all a manual process thanks to our own hard work!  There's lots to do, so let's make our lives easier & feel more productive with a Spring clean up list!

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Ten important Spring cleaning activities.

1.  Start with an indoor Spring cleaning.
Give your home a deep cleaning and scrub down one room at a time.  Lift the furniture and clean underneath.  Put a washcloth on a broom and wipe the ceilings.  Scrub down the oven and sanitize the inside of the fridge.  Polish, clean, and shine everything!

Idea:  Use natural cleaners like this one to avoid breathing in harsh chemicals & to save money.

2.  Sand and stain your outside furniture.
My husband loves to spend a few days giving our patio furniture a Springtime refresh!  He starts with a quick sanding.  Then he applies two coats of teak oil.  After leaving it in the garage a few days to dry, our patio furniture looks brand new.

Idea:  This is the exact teak oil that we use on our outdoor furniture and it always comes out perfect.

3.  Dust off your lawn ornaments.
While I'm not a huge fan of lawn ornaments, I do have a few that I strategically display.  We have our stone frog for our garden and our mosaic pig for our flower bed.  Every Spring we dust them them off and display them in our yard before any planting.

4.  Set up the bird feeders.
We set up  whole bird sanctuary in our backyard and really enjoy watching over a dozen different species stop by to say hello.  This is the perfect time of year to do a deep cleaning of the area.  Turn the dirt, use natural cleaners to soak and disinfect feeders, and replace worn down items.

5.  Power wash the house and fence.
One of my pet peeves is when people Spring clean the inside of their home but not the outside.  Mold, mildew, and other grossness likes to linger on our fence and the siding of our home.  This is a great time to clean it off and leave your whole house sparkling clean.

Idea:  To save money, invest in your own pressure washer like this one.  It's way cheaper than hiring someone and will last for years to come.

6.  Cultivate the dirt outside.
It may be a little early to plant flowers for the Summer time, but it's not too early to prep.  Turn the dirt in your flower bed and garden to keep the soil rich and presentable.
I always did love the look of freshly turned dirt.  To me, it's even preferable to mulch.  We always leave the leftover leaves in the dirt while cultivating since it helps give the dirt nutrients!

7.  Launder your clothes for warmer weather.
Whether you dry clean, hand wash, or machine wash, it's time to swap your clothes!  Get your clothes ready for the warmer weather and start to pack away your bulky sweaters.  Don't forget your shoes!  Polish and shine your footwear then swap out for warmer weather.

8.  Clean out the pantry.
This is the perfect time to go through the pantry and toss all expired goods.  While you're at it, take a peek at the expiration dates in your medicine cabinet and fridge!

9.  Care for your indoor plants.
Take time to dust the leaves of your indoor plants and to cultivate their dirt.  This allows air into the soil making it harder for fungus and invaders to take root.  If you're plants are starting to outgrow their current pots, replant them in a more comfortable home.

Idea:  Spritz your plants with this inexpensive leaf shine spray to keep your plants looking healthy.

10.  Call the exterminator.
This is the time of year that ants takeover your house and move on in.  Be proactive and have the exterminator spray the perimeter of your home before the bugs appear!

When you Spring clean?


  1. Not many people here do anything to patio furniture. Most look ready to rot on through lol Must be the ants.

    All I do is swap clothes. When you have the bare minimum of stuff and keep things clean, not much else to do.

    1. That would kill my OCD. If we had the money, I'd even rip up my deck. It's gross, gives splinters, and I'm pretty sure it provides shelters to lobster sized crickets that like to make way into my home. We swapped clothes this weekend.. what a chore that is!

  2. You'd be surprised, or not, with how many people never cleans their fridges. My mom is the first among them, her fridge has more fungus than a cube of yeast.
    Nice to see you enslaved your hubby do toil in the garden. Hope you treated him with a lunch!

    1. Oh really? I used to bleach my fridge weekly. A few years back, my BFF was over and a fly flew into my fridge and just dropped dead from the fumes. Like, literally mid flight.. It was crazy!! Ever since then, I scrubbing once a month and use natural, essential oil based cleaners. Hopefully we're less toxic, but a fly hasn't happened to fly in again to test it.
      Enslave him? He'd rake the yard with a fork right now just to get away from us.. hahahaha

    2. How are you coping with corona, deary? I've just read an article over at Daily Mail about hospitals using forklifts to pack the dead in Brooklyn into trucks and carry them away :(
      We are probably going to all day curfew from this week, here, under the orders of a team of Chinese doctors that are here helping us.

    3. We are trying to remain positive and not stress, but it's very scary. My husband went to Target on Friday and people were literally being tackled down to the ground by security. People are losing their minds. We are safe and healthy, so we're trying to appreciate that. The amount of people passing daily is crazy.. As of last week, the county where I live has more positive cases than most countries in the world..

    4. How are you? I'm assuming your mother is still on lock down?

    5. That's the problem of your constitution, individual rights are so overly protected that your government cannot do much to take them away from you in order to protect the society. Plus, Trumpie is an idiot. He should've locked you up all in your houses for two weeks and everything would've been better.
      Our hospitals, at least the ones in three or four major cities are reaching their maximums too, so they've opened up hospitals for easier cases of corona in arenas and sports halls, thousands of people will be put there.
      I'm going out just once a week, and I finally managed to buy a few masks today. I'm only worried about a full lockdown, because we never know when it will happen so it is difficult to prepare for it when it comes to groceries and such things. But we must not complain, everything is easier when you are in your own home.

  3. I clean my fridge every week, but I'm not so good with the oven, I'm convinced that I've broken two ovens by using the self-cleaning mode (the high heat seems to incinerate the heating element parts).

    We take our bird feeders down in the spring! I thought everyone did that?

    1. Why would you take it down in the Spring? I may be doing this completely wrong.. lol

    2. We put the feeder up in the winter because birds have less food when the trees are bare and the ground is frozen. In spring, they find food elsewhere.

  4. Clean up shmean up. I'm not in the mood, but Carol has promised to help me get some planters and fill them with flowers.


    1. Lol!! Me either, but cleaning relaxes me. If everything is in order and clean, so is life, right??? Right?!

  5. I admit, I only clean my fridge once a month. It doesn't get too dirty, but I'm just to lazy to do it after the weekly shopping has been done.

    I did get all of my carpets shampooed this week and the laundry is completely done. That never happens around here! We'll be painting some walls and doing some touch ups to the floor grout that's loosened over the years by this weekend. By the end of the month, we'll be laying new hardwood. I am not looking forward to that. It's going to be a HUGE job, but we've got another 30 days to shelter in place, so now's the perfect time to do it.

    1. You are doing that as the preparation for selling? Here in my country we leave our houses as ruined as possible to the next buyer LOL

    2. Absolutely. If I spent $3000 on flooring, I can up my asking price by at least $10,000, pocking a bigger return on investment. I've walked into beautiful homes before we bought ours and if it so much as had a dirty stove or stained carpets, I walked right back out. I don't want to put effort into cleaning or fixing up a home if I don't have to do it. I think that's why Jason and I are butting heads so much right now over building our own brand new or buying used and fixing it up to our liking. I want new, move in ready and he wants old. It's taken us 10 years to get this house up to par and at our age, I don't want to deal with another renovation project.


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