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List: Ten children's movie scenes that make me laugh as an adult.

With the Disney+ app, I've had the opportunity to share some of my favorite childhood movies with my kids.  As expected, it's been lots of fun to share these pieces of my childhood with my babies.  What was unexpected, was the new experiences that I would have watching them.  As a child, many scenes went over my head and out the front door.  Now they got me laughing like it's the first time I've seen them.  The worst is when I realize that I'm old and boring enough to relate to some of them!  I also like to look at my babies with a side eye to make sure that they aren't giggling at the dirty jokes..  Here are ten of my favorite children's movie scenes that have me laughing as an adult!

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Ten kid's movies that adults will enjoy too.

"I hope you're happy, but most of all, I hope the guy that lives here is a TAILOR!"
He says this as he's being forced to put on an over sized Santa suit and take a trip down a stranger's chimney.  You don't realize how creepy Santa Claus really is until you view it as a cynical adult.  Just saying!
The Santa Clause collection can be found here.

2.  Mulan
"Say that to my face, you limp noodle!"
Assuming this was a comment on the character's backbone, I really want to use that insult in real life.  This scene is one that went over my head as a child but certainly makes me as an adult.
The Mulan collection can be found here.

3.  Toy Story
"I think you've had enough tea for today.  Let's get you of here, Buzz."
As an adult, I realize that Buzz is a little drunky pants over that cup of tea.  As a child, I don't think I would have caught on, but I wonder what I actually did think was happening.  This is a great way to get kids either really intrigued to try tea or dead set against ever having a sip!
The Toy Story collection can be found here.

4.  Enchanted
"The steel beast is dead, peasants!  I set you all free."
As a child, I laughed because he was stabbing a bus.  As an adult, I laugh because he thinks they are peasants and the bus is a wild beast.  As a child I never looked at the prince twice.  Now I realize how sexy James Marsden is, even in that frock!
Can be found here.

"It's not a dress.  It's a kilt.  Sicko!"
I never caught onto this one until my then two year old daughter called me "Sicko!" when I rocked a robe.  After a double take, she explained that's what the Grinch says to his dog when he wore a tablecloth.  Um, do we need a chat about acceptance?  Just because a person may wear a tablecloth...
Can be found here.

"Damn.  How can you give Kris Kringle a parking ticket on Christmas Eve? What’s next, rabies shots for the Easter Bunny?"  
Assuming I knew Kris Kringle as a child, the rabies reference still would have went over my head!  This another children's movie scene that only an adult would get.
The Home Alone collection can be found here.

-Ariel blows into a pipe leaving the grandfather covered in black soot on his face.-
While this isn't a quote, I crack up every time I see this now!  I mean, just imagine this happening in real life.  You'd be laughing your butt off.
The Little Mermaid collection can be found here.

8.  Tangled
"You should know that this is the strangest thing I've ever done!"
Flynn Rider says this as he's fighting a sword wielding horse with a frying pan.  Even after seeing this scene a million times as an adult, I still crack up whenever I watch it.  It never gets old!
Can be found here.

"I've never liked your spinach puffs."
Even as a child I would've voted this film for funniest Disney movie, despite not fully appreciating this line.
The Emperor's New Groove collection can be found here.

"It's a run by fruiting!"
This was absolutely one of my most favorite movies as a child.  My favorite scene was always when he smashed his face into the cake and screamed "HELLOO".  If only I had a dollar for every time I imitated that "hello" in my lifetime, I'd be rich..seriously!  I always laughed at this movie, but not at this line.  As an adult, I now get it and crack up every time!
Can be found here.

What children's movie scenes do you find the funniest as an adult?


  1. hahaha yeah, Mrs. Doubtfire is a winner in every way. I laughed at the scene as a kid, but never paid attention to the line much.

    There are a bunch that you see more cynical and sense the innuendo as an adult that as a kiddo. Disney does work that in here and there. Shrek worked a few in too if I recall correctly.

    1. While our laughing at these scenes shows that we grew intellectually, I'm not sure if it shows how much we grew in the sense of maturity. But too mature is no fun, so I'm over it. :)

    2. Bah, too mature is never fun.

  2. My favorite funny movies that I saw with my kids were Shrek and Parent Trap, but the Toy Story movies did seem to have a lot of scenes written for adults. My son's favorite was Aladdin as a child. He thought it was hilarious, especially Robin Williams as the Genie.

    1. My favorite was The Little Mermaid growing, but not because it made me laugh. It was more because I liked to pretend I was Ariel. Aladdin is another good one!

  3. Did you see the actor who will play Mrs Doubtfire in theatre? When I was a kid we liked The Goonies, Navigator, Gremlins and Police Academy. Then when US put us under embargo Disney took away its programmes and products from kids here, so we did not have cinema for about ten years and back then there weren't any internet either, so we were in deep dark. I loved Russian animated fairy tales as a kid.

    1. What?! They are redoing Mrs. Doubtfire? Ugh, that's one that they need to leave alone!!!! I never saw The Goonies, Navigator, or Gremlins and Police Academy. Maybe these are some suggestions that we can watch while under quarantine. LOL

    2. At Broadway, now probably halted. You will love watching those movies with the family, especially The Goonies and Gremlins, not sure the last one is for lil' kids, though, not that I had problems watching it back then :)

  4. Everything in the original Aladdin was hilarious. God bless Robin Williams.


  5. I always laugh at Ariel blowing the on the pipe too.

    Mrs. Doubtfire will always make me laugh. Robin Williams was such a comedic genius.


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