Friday, March 27, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

The above picture makes me real happy because...
...we have blinds!!!  After a year and two months of being on display for our neighbors, we've got blinds!!!
I refused to put up a curtain or temporary shades because I'm a spoiled brat that wanted Nantucket blinds.
My protest paid off because the hubby finally agreed to invest in my dream window treatments.
He limited me to the bay window as pictured and our sliding glass doors for now.
Our next investment will be indoor shutters for the bedrooms, but that's a ways into the future.
We may be quarantined, but at least we now have privacy.  That's called looking at the bright side!

I'm wishing my father in law...
...a very happy belated birthday.  His birthday was earlier this week, but we had to cancel our celebration.
My FIL is a kind, generous soul.  He also happens to be a good time and loves a great joke.
We're blessed to him have in our lives.  I'd like to wish him many more years of health and happiness!

Current events solidified my opinion that...
...Andrew Cuomo should be the next president of the United States!
I'm typically not political, but his leadership is the only thing giving me comfort during these scary times.

We began our Spring clean up with...
...sanding and staining all of our wooden patio furniture.  This includes our table and rocking chairs.
Ok, so by "we" I mean my husband..but I've been entertaining the kids so he can get the job done!

I can't stop laughing at... 20 month old son every time he dramatically screams "Mama mia".
My little squish monster has suddenly adopted lots of my most commonly said phrases.
Some are cute and others are inappropriate, but at least he's learning, right??  Sigh..

Mo Willems in the man because...
...he's doing a daily YouTube episode called Lunch Doodles for the kiddies.
My daughter is loving this time with her favorite author of her favorite books, the Pigeon series!
She's been taking time to learn how to draw her favorite characters and incorporate them in her own stories.
I hope Mo Willems realizes how much these videos mean to the kids.  I'm now big a fan of his, too!

I beaming with pride because...
...of my baby girl that has stepped up and become a little adult recently.
She reads bed time stories to help her baby brother nap on schedule.
She entertains with more stories or silly games to keep her baby brother on the potty.
She cleans up messes, acts responsible, and sets timers to ensure her classwork is done.
She even gets excited to set the table and make simple things like salad for us to eat at dinner.
If anything comes from this, it's that I see what a wonderful young lady my daughter has become!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Them saying inappropriate things is funny though, at least at that age lol

    Geez, her staying on task sounds like you. That may not be a good thing hahaha what?

    1. I know you're probably sick of hearing me complain about it, but I hate not leaving the house!! We woke up this morning and couldn't believe it was Friday already. Where did the last week go?? It's terrible! & my baby girl staying on task is definitely a good thing. It shows her work ethic. She'll be a powerful business woman one day. :)

    2. lmao poor poor you. The week goes just as fast if you are working.

      She'll sure go a long way indeed.

    3. It does not because I feel productive, now I just feel lazy. I can’t even write a to do list!!

  2. We have been very happy with our governor as well. His name is Mike DeWine and it's now a thing at 2 pm everyday to watch his news conference that people call 'Wine with DeWine.' Lol

    1. LOL too funny, we've been calling ours the love gov!!

  3. I'm with you on the simplistic style, but I do love to put draperies just on the side of windows and balcony without any curtains. They just give the room a homy, cosy feel that is absent without them. The ones I have beside the window are not even big enough to spread, they are just decorative, but I do use the ones on the balcony in winter. I always match them with my pillows and cushions. Try and you will see.

    1. I will have to try that. Do you think it will match our contemporary decor? I kind of like the modern look of just the blinds..

    2. It will if you find some modern draperies according to your taste. It is usually best to visit fabric stores and find inspiration there. I for example happened to find fabric of the very same colour as my sofa and armchair, and it is twosided which means that I can turn it around and change the colour when I Feel like it :)

    3. We did just blinds in our living and dining room for 10 years. 2 years ago we put up drapes and like Dezzy said, it felt more cozy and inviting. We then wondered why the heck we waited so long to hang some. I do like your window/blinds and think either way, with or without curtains, works for your room.

  4. The new blinds do look good.

  5. I'm so glad you have your blinds. I hardly use my living room because it doesn't have blinds. I have some cheap, ugly curtains that block the light and that's it. I'm almost to the point that I can replace what's left of the original windows in the house. Then I want blinds or pleated shades or whatever looks nice that I can afford. What made you want Nantucket blinds? (I've never heard of them before and will want advice about my living room.) God bless your daughter for being your right-hand girl and a belated happy birthday to your father-in-law.


    1. We opted for Nantucket blinds because they are a modern version of silhouette blinds and less expensive. We were torn between wooden indoor shutters and the Nantucket styles. Luckily they match with the same spacing between each horizontal so we can do the the bedrooms with the sturdier wooden shutter. Nantucket shades are considered more modern than silhouette shades because the spacing between each horizontal is larger than the silhouette. If you need any help, let me know!! I did way more research about it than necessary. Hope you’re staying healthy!!

  6. Thanks to the Covid-19, my house has never been cleaner. I have almost all of my spring cleaning done, and I mean ALL of it, from top of the house to bottom. Goodwill is going to be packed with new things when they reopen here. I've lost track on how many truckloads of stuff we've dropped off there.

    Sometime this week I will be sanding down some old furniture to repaint too. So many project have been crossed off my to-do list. Not that I'm excited we're all quarantined, but it does feel good finally getting things done around here!


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