Friday, March 20, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm stilling laughing at...
...Nanny's response to "Can you please give Thor a treat for going out?"
She literally poured about 15 treats right out of the container and onto the deck.
When I asked "Why did you give Thor three days worth of treats?" she said "What?  It's a snack.".
Either she doesn't get the concept or she thought he was too skinny.  You never know with her.. LOL

I'm wishing a heart felt...
...Happy St. Joseph's Day to all the Josephs out there!
A special wish and prayer for my son, Papa, and brother on this past St. Joseph's Day!

I thought my son was injured when...
...he screamed the word "HEAD" loudly and with the word lingering for about 30 seconds.
It wasn't until I finally said "What's wrong with your head?" that he finished his thought.
"HEEEAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, shoulders, knees, & toes.."
He had me frantically checking him for injuries when he was just singing a silly song.

I'm scratching my head because...
...I need to find a good replacement for toilet paper.  The entire island is out of it!
The coronavirus panic has prompted everyone to stock up of mass piles of toilet paper.
Well, we're actually out of it, so now what do we do?!  Anyone want to sell us a roll for cheap?

We were all smiles when... son asked me to read our family photo album as his nighttime story.
We had lots of laughs as I flipped through and captioned all of our favorite photographs.
He joined in on the fun gasping and screaming words that didn't make any sense.
My favorite is when he saw himself wearing his Incredibles pajamas and insisted he was Jack Jack!!

I'm not sure how I feel about...
...Mr. Softee making his rounds throughout my neighborhood already.
It's still technically Winter, people!!  It's way too soon to increase our calorie counts with this!

I was highly impressed with...
...a promotional "gift" that I received as gear promoting our newest initiative at work.
It's a little rectangle that sticks onto the camera space on your lap top.
This eliminates the need to cover the camera with a piece of tape to ensure privacy.
...because we all know that we cover the camera up with something just in case, right?!

I'm really, REALLY happy because... doctor finally found a medicine that works for me!  The ringing in my ears has STOPPED.
After months and months of listening to that distracting sound, my doctor prescribed Singulair.
At first I was hesitant to take it because I ignorantly grouped it with the dementia causing meds.
After a little bit of research, I learned that this medicine does the exact opposite.
There are even some studies that prove it can help dementia patients.
All that I know for fact is, it cured my ears and I can finally say that I can hear!!!

Note- The above picture is from way before the quarantine, but with all the COVID19 talk consuming the internet, I opted to avoid that conversation.  We have followed social distancing & have not seen Nanny, sadly.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Ha ha.... like that Head, shoulders knees and toes......
    My grand daughter caught on to the song and and for a long time it was stuck in my head.

    1. LOL It only lasted a few days. He is now back to Baby Shark.. Lord help us all in this quarantine..

  2. Thank goodness we can FaceTime, as I miss my grandbabies! I'm glad the new meds are working for you. I've heard that dollar stores are well stocked with things, so maybe try there?

    Mr. Softee? What is that? Frozen custard/soft serve ice cream truck? Omg, I would love that! The truck that comes here just serves the prepackaged things, like a SpongeBob shaped ice cream treat. Hilarious that it would come in March, but with kids stuck at home, it's a smart idea!

    1. Facetime is a lifesaver and is literally keeping us sane! I miss my grandparents and feel for my son who is so close with them. He walks around saying "PAPA, WHERE ARE YOU?" and it breaks my heart!

      Mr. Softee is delicious, but I'm looking out the window like, "He's going to get corona.." LOL

  3. Thor will now hate you every time you give him just one!
    Aren't you happy for Dezzy's History Lesson on toilet paper over at Facebook? LOL Maybe this is the purfect time to install a bidet?
    What? It's not a bug in your ear? Pfffttt... I was hoping for a juicy story about a bug taken out of the ear :)

    1. LOL You're right! I get the "seriously?" look every time he's given one bit sized treat.
      Your history lesson got read to my 6 year old and she doesn't believe it's true. She said if she had to wipe with a rock, she wouldn't wipe. She also didn't believe that poop was different. Her six years of wisdom led to the statement, "Come on, Ma.. Poop is poop!" hahahaha
      Noooo, no bugs in my ear! Although we do have ants that are farming aphids in our house. We had to get an exterminator and change the dirt in my lemon tree. The aphids literally ate the lemon tree from the inside causing most of the leaves to fall off and all my baby lemons to die. :( :(

  4. We shall find a fossiled poop from mediaeval ages and send it to her for her examination LOL And better wipe it with a rock than with your bare hand, right? I think ants hate sugar and baby powder, if I'm not mistaken.

    1. LOL That's a quarantine science project that's bound to get her all sorts of extra credit. Where can we find one? lol!! We had the exterminator come and he sprayed chemicals along the perimeter of our home. He also gave us some gel to us in small doses that they carry back to their ant hills. Yuck!!

  5. Great that the ringing stopped. That crap is sooooo annoying. Mine went away, thankfully.

    haha well she just wanted to make sure he got a good snack. And leave it to you to freak out over a silly song.

    No TP? Geez, gonna have to use napkins or leaves lol

    1. What made your ringing go away? Well, if I knew it was a song, I wouldn't have freaked out!! He was screaming "HHEEEAAADDDD" like he was in pain! We're on the brink of having to use napkins.

    2. Just got my body put back in place to make mine go away, and stay away from food that affects it. One guy I worked with if he ate certain food his would ring too.

  6. As long as the ice cream man isn't passing around Corona virus

  7. Congratulations on getting rid of that tinnitus. What a relief it must be. I have toilet paper because I bought it well before we knew we'd have a pandemic. Have you tried checking online sources to see if anyone, such as Amazon, has it (I admit they probably don't)? How about using small pieces of paper towels? They're not supposed to be flushed but the pieces could go straight into a trash bag. Some people use old, dampened wash cloths and other pieces of material. They can go into a bag and then in the washing machine to be cleaned with hot water, detergent, and perhaps some bleach.


    1. Ugh, I wish I was one of those people that bought in bulk. Those high prices scare me so I tend to stay away from bulk purchases. We may have to use napkins and toss them in the garbage for now. We will see if it comes to that. I've tapped into my (2) decorative rolls for now!

    2. I look at the prices as if I were visiting the store three or four times, but I don't actually have to return for a month.

  8. Glad you are feeling better!

    Ugh on the toilet paper. Thankfully, Costco restocked here today and are finally setting limits of 1 per person. My best friend can't find any baby wipes for her two in diapers, but we have flushable toilet wipes for her if she gets down to her last few wipes and can't find anymore.

    1. We can't even get into Costco here. They have a line out the door with hours wait to just get inside. Glad to hear you can help with the baby wipes. I wish we thought of that b/c I had no clue how many wipes we would go through with no childcare for a week! I'm learning things about my babies that I never knew before. :) Stay safe!

    2. Ugh to the long lines! By the time you get in, what you need will be sold out anyway it seems. Thankfully, we live in a smaller city, so it hasn't been too hard to locate the things we need. We did find an 800 count pack of baby wipes, so she's now covered for awhile.


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