Friday, March 13, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

easter cookie jar; easter kitchen decor

We gave a warm welcome back to... Easter cookie jar!  Those who know me, know that I love a giant cookie jar for my counter.
When my grinning pig cookie jar is away, a festive, season themed cookie jar replaces him.
With Easter around the corner, my Easter Bunny delivery man takes center stage in my home.
Can anyone else believe it's already time to change cookie jars?!  Where does the time go?!

I had an absolute blast...
...picking out my babies' Easter outfits!  This is Nanny's job, but she asked me for help this year.
I had so much fun picking out their outfits that I may want to do this every year!
I opted for matching yellow outfits for the kiddies plus a much needed fedora for my son.

I'm still hysterical laughing at...
...this weekend's out of town festivities with my crazy aunt.
While I'll avoid all of the insane details, I'll share the part that had me laughing until tears.
She decided get a new haircut with bangs, but she never learned how to style them.
Instead of figuring it out, she put her bangs into a little pony tail on the top of her head.  But, WHY?!

I can't stop binge watching...
...Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding TV show.  Each episode has me wanting to redo my wedding!
I can't even imagine what the price tag would be on one of these weddings, but they look worth it.
They even got my hubby pretending not to watch and talking about vow renewals.

We had quite the scare when... daughter's fever hit 104.2 degrees earlier this week.
The doctor isn't sure exactly what she caught other than that it's a virus.
Lots of Tylenol, chicken soup, and lukewarm bathes later, we can finally say she's better!

I smile every time I pass...
...our tulip plants that are just starting to pop out of the soil to say hello.
Is it me or wasn't it just Spring, like, yesterday?!

We have finally given in and...
...invested in blinds to cover our windows!  We have been living with no window treatments for a year.
We have a four panel sliding glass door in the back and a four panel bay window in the front.
With two story homes behind our ranch, we have been on full display for a little over a year.
We found a man to quote us for some inexpensive window treatments and decided to purchase.
Luckily we found the guy that is hired by Home Depot so we avoided the large chain mark ups.
WHY are shades so expensive?  Thousands is an insane amount to spend on something so unexciting..
We'll have to wait another year to do the rest of the windows, but they at least have temporary treatments.
Here's to me fighting my OCD with mismatching window treatments.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better. My husband came down with (what we think was) a bad cold the day after we got back from Florida. He's still coughing, which is making everyone paranoid! We are in ground zero of this coronavirus, so it's all I can think about right now. My store was out of butter yesterday. People are going nuts! It's impossible to find hand soap, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper, and water right now. Add butter to the list!

    1. Thanks! We are too, she scared us for a minute there. Where are you that you say you're ground zero? We are on Long Island and it's slowing reaching out over here. Hopefully you're not in New Rochelle where they brought the National Guard in! Either way, be careful & stay healthy!!

    2. Cleveland. All universities in the state stopped in person classes last week and now all K-12 is canceled through mid-April. Group events are canceled. My daughter and son-in-law both work for the Cleveland Clinic and it's nuts right now. They are low on gowns and masks and few beds are left because of the regular influenza right now.

      Went to the store this morning and there were no potatoes, bread, or chicken. It's interesting to see what people are hoarding!

  2. That cookie jar is one of those that are sooo fugly that they are actually irresistibly cute LOL
    Our tulips are well out of the soil, daffodils will bloom this weekend, violets and hyacinths are in full bloom already.
    Did not they close kindergardens in your area?

    1. I need to take a picture of its butt for you. The carrot "leaves" that are supposed to mock flames of a race care and ingeniously filled with little Easter eggs for his egg delivery. Yours bloomed already? We have the little bits of the leaves just breaking through the soil over here. Although we've been purchasing fresh cut tulips to give a Spring feel in our house. Isn't it too early for Spring flowers? It's still early March! Usually we're still getting snow over here.
      Nope! They closed down the larger school districts, but we live in a hamlet so the school district is much smaller. The West school district had a confirmed case in it too. A teacher tested positive. We are East, so hopefully the East is clear. :)

    2. What happened with your town's Coronavirus invader?!

    3. We had an unusually mild winter and it's been above 25*C this week, spring has arrived early it seems. We usually have daffodils around my birthday in April, but some of them will bloom as soon as tomorrow!
      Fingers crossed for the East! Hope you did your apocalypse shopping, Imma gonna buy the smuggled good from Hungary tomorrow in case they close borders soon. Need to stock on cat food LOL

      We have 31 ill from corona as of today, the invader has been moved to province capital Novi Sad. I wish they would close schools and everything else, but they won't until we all die LOL and we are generally nonchalant as people, we survive so many wars, hungers, embargos, bombings, powercuts, watercuts, food shortages, that most of the people don't give a damn for anything, coffee shops are filled, everybody acts like nothing is going on, which is, methinks, irresponsible.

  3. Poor girl, I'm so glad she's feeling better!

  4. Great that she is on the mend. A fine easter jar indeed. You fall for that fairy tale wedding crap? You know it's all paid for, right? Not by the couples either.

    Maybe pony tail forehead will be in style thanks to her lol

  5. Your cookie jar is great! I'm glad your youngster is better. My mother gave me a glass cookie jar years ago and she painted various lids to go on it. I have a bunny face on it now. It was time for the snowman lid to take a rest. I'm a bit confused by a bangs bun, but whatever works for her.


  6. That cookie jar is all kinds of adorable! I had one for Easter, but I'm to the point in my life where I'm downsizing and tired of swapping out the jars every holiday/season, so I sold it in my last yard sale.

    LOL on the pony tail bangs. I wish you would have shared that pic!


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