Friday, March 6, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm shouting from the roof tops...
...Happy Birthday to my God baby for turning a whopping ten years old!!
Here's to a lifetime of health, happiness, and success for my baby boy's very special birthday.

I'm in complete and total panic because...
...the second case of the Coronavirus was found in my state and it was in one of my job's buildings.
I was in a neighboring office where the personnel float the day that the man tested positive.
I've been reading the updates online, but it has never felt so real as it has this week.
For those of you who have been following, you know that my son is prone to bronchial infections.
To contract this virus would put me over the edge with worry for my son.  In other words - panicking!!
Here's to the health of my family, myself, and the rest of the world.  Especially to those with weaker health.

My hubby is upset over...
...a little sniff!  He finds it inappropriate for married people to compliment each other's perfume.
I don't see the difference between acknowledging a nice hair cut versus smelling fabulous, but who am I?!

I'm suffering from neck pain because...
...Cupid brought the babies a 2,000 piece puzzle that they wanted to do right away.
Now mommy wants it off her kitchen table to center her tulips, so guess who is stuck doing the puzzle?

I can't stop giggling at... baby boy singing the theme song to Sponge Bob Square Pants!
My favorite part is when he screams "OHHHHHH".
Mostly because his squishy checks hides his lips as he makes the "oh" sound..

I'm getting really nervous that...
...I'm going bald!  My hair has been falling out in clumps lately and is noticeably thinner.
Each shower has me on the verge of tears with the amount of hair that I shed daily.
I've been trying to improve my diet and started taking vitamins to try and enhance growth.
It's all been in vain because nothing seems to be stopping the excess the fall out.

I'm trying not to barf at...
...the ant infestation in my home!!  While admiring my lemon tree, I noticed movement.
After further inspection, it turns out that an ant colony has invaded my poor, little tree.
I'm afraid to put chemicals near the tree for fear of damaging the baby fruit or us.  Note - It's an indoor tree.
The ants are marching in a perfect line from our windowsill down to my lemon tree and back.
How do we get rid of them without chemicals and will they hurt Limona the lemon tree?!
The exterminator promised to save us asap and told us to thank the warm weather for his early visit.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. We still don't have corona in our country, but it is only the matter of time. I hear the masks, which we don't have here at all, don't help much, so we should just keep washing our hands, carrying sanitizers with us and wash the house with a blowtorch every day LOL
    Maybe the hubby just hates your perfume and does not want to tell it to you LOL

    1. PS I stand corrected, corona came this morning and right in my city out of all other places in the country. Some guy brought it with him from Hungary.

    2. Did you knock on wood after typing out your original comment? You could have jinxed your town!! lol The whole thing is very scary, but I try to take comfort in the fact that young children haven't been really effected by the virus to date.
      LOL - I wrote this days ago, and he's still talking about it. Yesterday morning he said "You smell so good. Remember that I said it first today." SMH Men can be silly. :)

    3. Children are affected too, there was news on a weeks old baby in China which was just cured from corona today. Ours came here through some idiot who went to Italy, then visited his sister in Budapest and gave her corona and then came home here where his wife and kids could have it too and also visited two hospitals spreading it everywhere and we don't even have masks and sanitizers in our shops for months now. We're doomed LOL

    4. It's all over the news here that children appear to be spared and that no children under the age of 10 have been infected to date. It's like wildfire here. The lawyer from Manhattan has infected up to 33 confirmed people with thousands in forced quarantine.

  2. Still on the perfume? Geez, you need to get off the sniff train lol

    Puzzles sure can cause neck pain. Thought it was just me.

    I remember when he was barely 3. Geez, we are old now.

    Never knew the virus was that close to you. The good thing is kids seem to be immune, or it barely affects them. Maybe it will turn into the tv show Jeremiah where a virus wiped out all the adults on the planet, or most, and left all the kids behind. Cheery thought.

    1. Yes, it's terrible!! I don't understand the difference between complimenting a sniff or a hair cut. Either one is obviously observed by our senses and should be complimented. They finished the puzzle today, without me because I've had serious body aches. Yup, old we are!!!

      I really hope that you're wrong about that one!! Babies like my little squishy prince need a mommy to squeeze him. Other kiddies like my mush would probably do OK, but I think even her would need her mommy at some point. :)

  3. Personally, I think the corona is being overblown by the media, but we shall see. I do understand being worried about your child who struggles with bronchial issues.

    I compliment men and woman on all sorts of things. When someone smells good, they deserve a gold star in my book! LOL, so many people DON'T smell good!

    1. PS. Happy Birthday to your son! He shares the same BD as my middle child!

    2. I totally agree! I'm the one that will say, OMG You smell sooo good, what are you wearing?? I don't mean anything by it. While it's innocent, men seem to think that's a woman expressing interest. It so is NOT.

    3. Thank you!! He's my nephew, but we've treated him like our son until they up and moved out of state. I can't believe that he's 10 already!! I remember the day that he was born..

    4. Ok, gotcha. I was thinking your son was younger than your daughter, but I'm still in the 'getting to know you phase' 😂

  4. That's the only time the corona scare gets to me- when I think of little ones getting it. I used to avoid all sick people like they had the plague when my kids were little. Even in the best of circumstances, it's still a lot of tiring work for mom.

    You should probably get a check up. My cousin's hair was getting dry and was falling out and it was her thyroid.

  5. Because of my autoimmune disease and my biologic infusions wiping out my immune system, I am worried about the Corona Virus. Normally I'd not give it much thought, but for someone immunocompromised like myself, things could get ugly really fast if we come in contact with the virus.

    My hair comes out in clumps too, thanks to my biologic infusions. Some days I want to cry with how thin it has gotten. It comes out in clumps in the shower, daily brushing, and I am sickened at how much is on my pillow every morning. Something has got to give here!


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