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Recipe: How to make traditional Ricotta Cookies.

It's tradition for me to make boxes of ricotta cookies each and every Winter.  As the years progress, the amount of cookies I have to make grows along with the people requesting them.  ...and I totally don't blame them because they are  d e l i c i o u s...

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Ricotta cookies are plain cookies covered in a light, sweet glaze with a hint of almond.

Ricotta cookies are yummy on their own, but perfect to pair with a cup of coffee or espresso.  This cookie is a holiday favorite in our family along with fig cookies, struffoli, and anisette cookies.  Call me an old soul, but I love that I now own this holiday tradition for my family!  While they're a holiday staple for us, they are yummy enough to eat all year round.

Below is the exact ricotta cookie recipe that I use which has been passed down to my from my great aunt.  I double this recipe, but use two separate bowls because I don't know of a bowl big enough to hold it all!

Ideas:  I've always been a big advocate for recording your family or favorite recipes in a book or box to be passed down to a loved one.  I'm not talking about an impersonal web page.  I'm talking about a handwritten journal in your own handwriting.  Check out this cook book journal to start today for the ultimate gift years down the road.  & then add this cookie recipe!

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Traditional Ricotta Cookie Recipe


(4) Sticks of salted butter or (1) pound
(3.5) Cups of sugar
(4) Eggs
(32oz) Polly-O Part Skim Ricotta Cheese, or a similar brand
Tip- Opt for a brand of ricotta that is light with visible water on top.
(4) Tablespoons vanilla extract
(8) Cups of flour
(2) Teaspoons baking soda

(3/4) Cup of milk
I substitute with almond milk and it works well.
(2) Teaspoons of almond extract


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a large bowl, mix together the butter, sugar, eggs, ricotta cheese, and vanilla extract.  In a separate bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and baking soda.  Blend both mixtures together to make the dough.  Knead together using additional flour as needed so that the dough doesn't stick.

Prep your baking sheets very lightly with butter so that the cookies don't stick.  Scoop out a teaspoon of dough and roll into a ball.  Place on the baking sheet with room for growth.  Bake for 10-12 minutes.  Ensure that they are similarly sized for even cooking.

While the ricotta cookies are baking, prepare the glaze.  In a bowl, mix together the milk, confectionery sugar, and almond extract until smooth.  Spoon over the ricotta cookies while they are still warm and top with sprinkles.

Do you like ricotta cookies?


  1. Where is the photo of them baked? Did you burn them? You did, admit it, admit it :) I don't do dairy, so I prefer cookies with dried fruit, white chocolate etc.

    1. The first picture is them cooked!! They are also frosted. Maybe it's a bad picture so you can't tell. I didn't burn the first batch, but, they did end up in the garbage. I made the balls too big and the insides didn't cook right. White chocolate sounds yummy. What type of dairy free chocolate do you use?

    2. Yea, I probably thought they were not baked as they look pale and not flat. I eat chocolate, ice cream and sweets sometimes, but not milk, cheese, yoghurt etc.

  2. I make those at Christmas! My favorite cookie is a big soft ginger molasses cookie.

    1. I have never heard of that cookie before, but it does sound yummy! You'll have to post a recipe soon. :)

  3. I know a few rugrats who would chow down on those a bunch

  4. I'd like to try your cookies but my favorites are frosted sugar cookies.


  5. They sound so good! That's good to know that you can use almond milk and the glaze still works fine. My favorite cookie is my chocolate chip cookies followed by a soft batch sugar cookie as a close second.


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