Monday, February 17, 2020

List: Ten special date ideas to surprise your sweetheart with.

I've mentioned this before, but I feel that it's worth mentioning again, repeatedly.  Spend money on experiences and memories instead of material things.

With Valentine's Day just passed, many of us were left to choose between the two.  Most of us are left scratching our heads pondering the right solution to our conundrum.  Do we splurge on flowers, chocolates, keepsakes, and maybe even a piece of expensive jewelry?  Or perhaps we should skip the gifts and go on a quiet date night with our sweetheart?  ...or maybe you're rich and can afford to do both.  No worries, we won't judge!  

If it was up to me, I'd pick an experience and memories over something material any day.  It doesn't have to be a fancy, extravagant night on the town.  It just has to be memorable.  Note- A PB&J sandwich on a blanket in your own backyard could be memorable with the right person!  In honor of our favorite cherub, here's a list of experiences to surprise your person with.

thoughtful and unique date ideas

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Ten date ideas to surprise your sweetheart with.

1.  Visit your local bookstore.
There's something so welcoming and romantic about a book store.  Maybe I watched too many rom-coms?  Recently I've seen an article about a bookstore scavenger hunt fueled by each person picking out a favorite.  Examples- Find a favorite recipe, find a funny joke, find your favorite kid's book, find a dream vacation spot.  This sounds like a fun and different way to learn new things about your partner that never came up before!  You may even find a new read that you can enjoy alone or together.  This date night idea is practically free, but super special!

Idea:  Invest in this One Sentence Journal from The Happiness Project and fill it out together.

2.  Have your fortunes read.
As long as you both agree not to take it too seriously, it could be a fun and different date idea to visit a psychic.  You can have solo readings or do one together.  Either way, you'll at least have something to talk about.  ...assuming the psychic doesn't predict your relationship's doom...

3.  Plan a romantic spa day.
I'm not a fan of spa days or having strangers touch me, but this could be a fun, "at home" date idea.  Whether splurging on a day out or staying in, spoil yourself with some serious pampering.  Have you feet rubbed, clean out your pores, indulge in a mud bath, and just  r e l a x  for a few hours.

Idea:  To help with your spa day, get this 10 piece spa mask set that comes with face masks, hand masks, feet masks, and cuticle masks for both of you.

4.  Have a fake "camping" night in your backyard.
While February in NY isn't the best time for a picnic, you can still enjoy the outdoors.  Bundle up, light up the fire pit, and snuggle up to make some s'mores for dessert.  This is an inexpensive and romantic way to celebrates!  Plus, you won't need ice to chill the champagne..

5.  Bond over a charitable experience that you both support.
Since multiple sclerosis has had many painful impacts on my family, I like to participate in their walks.  I'm also a big supporter of anything with children like Make A Wish or St. Jude's hospital.  Whatever the cause, volunteer and participate in something that will make a difference.  This date idea could become a tradition and something you bond over while feeling good about time well spent.

6.  Book an instructive horseback riding lesson.
We moved near an equestrian center which means I get to see the horses during my daily commute.  It's not uncommon for me to see couples trotting around with an instructor in the lead.  This could be an adventurous experience to bond over, your new favorite hobby, or the story of how you broke your leg falling from a horse!

7.  Get dirty together with garden prep for the upcoming season.
Get a babysitter, turn off your phones, order take out, and bust out your flower pots, seeds, and soil.  This is the perfect time of year to plant your seeds so that you have small plants for the Spring.  This date idea may seem like a chore, but in the right atmosphere it could be  a real good time.

Idea:  To save money on expensive seedlings later, start with this vegetable garden starter set that comes with seeds, soil, pots, trimmers, and more for an unbelievably inexpensive price.

8.  Have some fondue for two.
You can make homemade fondue or reserve a seat at The Melting Pot.  Either way, there's nothing more romantic than dipping your favorite desserts into melted chocolate.

Idea:  Invest in this fondue set for regular fondue date nights wherever you choose!

9.  Spend the day with your favorite couples and host a pot luck.
Some couples thrive in a group.  There's no shame in that.  Embrace it and have a date night party!  Everyone can bring a dish or dessert, get some good bottles of wine, and play a game of Battles of the Sexes.  One of my favorite double dates was with wine, chocolate fondue, and a tipsy game of Just Dance.

10.  Play tourists for the day in your local city.
There's so much history and things to learn in our hometowns that you'd be pleasantly surprised.  Play tourist for the day and book a local tour or two for your sweetheart and you to enjoy.  After the tour, eat at a tourist hot spot, take touristy pics, wearing tourist clothes, and buy souvenirs.  Bonus points if you pull this off while talking in a fake accent!

What was your favorite date?


  1. What? Outdoors in the cold? Pfft that is still a no way. Outdoors in it enough lol

    Can't say I ever got the point of a mud bath. Blah. Could be fun to go to a con artist psychic and see what they say though. Breaking out the fake accent can be fun, although some are rather horrible lol

    1. I kind of really want to do the fake accent. It has to be so much fun. Although, Carlos just looks at me like I’m nuts every time I ask. Mushy would do it with me though.. Carlos could just trail behind like security. Oh psh, not all psychics are con artists. I believe some people have real talent!

    2. haha would be fun to just do it indeed. I'd probably butcher it though, whatever I chose.

      Pffft, yeah real talent at suckering people.

    3. I've met both. I've been to one that I really think was real and another that was a scam artist. Sadly, I was suckered out of a lot of money from the scammer.

  2. I shall mention all of these to Henry, he might surprise me one of these days, you know.... But I'm easy to manta in, I wouldn't mind just spending a whole day in bed with him, doing nothing... mostly....

    1. Hahaha that must be why he likes you, the low maintenance part. :) you could always watch The Witcher with him. Did it get any better since you saw episode 3? I watched The Pale Horse last night and then couldn’t sleep!! It was very good but verrryyyyy creepy!!

    2. It is like roller coaster, one episode is great, then the next one a bit boring, then the next one great again... it is as if every episode was written by a different person. I did not like Pale Horse episode one much, the rat was creepy, but it was visually gorgeous indeed. I wanted to strangle that ho that sprinkled ash from her cigaret onto the voulevants! What a biyach, you don't ruin voulevants, it is a deadly sin.

    3. I don't know what a voulevant is, but that scene did make me cringe too. My brain felt a little better when Hermia tossed them instead of serving someone cancer causing ash. What a creepy show! Those witches faces will haunt my dreams for the next few weeks..

    4. What??? Voulevant is the square scone made of puff pastry with the whole in the middle to be stuffed with cheese or in fancy occasions with pate. It is very difficult to bake it so that it does not hang on one side or rise too much. I was also irritated by all the cigarettes they smoked, even in the kitchen. Imagine sitting all dressed up, baking cakes with a make up on your face and it all reeks of cigarettes!

    5. I also don't know what pate is? Apparently we live a very sheltered life over here in NY! lol We were watching Man in the High Castle and it was the same thing with the cigarettes. It must have been common to reek of cigarettes in that time.

    6. I had a hard time watching Mad Men too because of all the cigarette smoking. I imagine it must have been very stinky back then when smoking was the norm for a lot of folk.

    7. Especially as they did not have air fresheners back then, methinks :) But then again, if you burn a few bay leaves on your kitchen stove its smoke removes almost all of the smells both from cigarettes and from cooking and also kills germs.

  3. I don't like strangers touching me either! Have never had a mani/pedi for that reason.

    For the past two years, we've attended a fundraiser gala on Valentine's weekend. It's nice to get dressed up and go downtown.

    1. What a fun idea and it's a double win that it benefits a good cause. :)

  4. One of my favorite dates with Jason was walking along the St. Joseph beach in Michigan. The waves were crazy high that day, but we walked along the boardwalk and let the spoondrift wash over us. I think I have a few photos on my Instagram with me standing by the waves. There was a little festival going on, so we bought some funnel cakes and elephant ears and people watched for a bit. It didn't cost much but it will forever be my favorite/most romantic date with the hubs.

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