Friday, February 28, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

cinderella's royal make over announcement; the new cinderella's castle walt disney world; cinderella's 70th birthday

I'm really disappointed with...
...Disney's most recent announcement!  They will be changing Cinderella's castle in Walt Disney World.
The change is in honor of Cinderella's 70th anniversary, but it doesn't scream "Cinderella" to me.
You can find the announcement of the "royal makeover" by clicking here.
Cinderella's all about a pale blue hue.  The pink make over just doesn't make any sense to me.
The pale pink isn't an awful color, but it seems to clash with the bottom half of the castle.
To make the matter worse, the construction will most likely interfere with our trip in early May.
The article says that events won't be effected, but you're castle pictures may not be the same.
What do you think of the unexpected royal makeover announcement?

I'm a little angry that...
...the brand new dishwasher that we replaced around Thanksgiving is already broken!
Luckily, the appliance is still covered under the one year warranty period, but it's still an annoyance.

I'm getting more impatient by the day waiting for...
...the Easter decorations to be taken out of the attic.  Believe it or not, it's a month and a half away!
It's totally not too early to decorate.  Besides, this house needs some Spring flare in here.
The heart decor just isn't doing it for me anymore.  #TeamSpringDecorNOW

My brain has been unofficially brainwashed by...
...the cat!  He's trying to infiltrate my mind and admit that a certain nice guy is a stalker.
I mean, so what if he showed me random candid shots of myself on his phone.  It's totally normal.
Besides, this is obviously a habit of his that he does to everybody.  If it wasn't, he wouldn't have showed me.
Get out of my head, Cat!!  I will never admit defeat.  Never!!

I'm getting concerned for... lemon tree!  Remember when I was really excited that baby lemons popped up on the tree?
Well, those baby lemons bloomed.  Apparently lemon blossom buds look like baby lemons.
It's been two months and I have watched almost every blossom bloom and then fall to the ground.
I'm getting nervous that I never will actually have a baby lemon, let alone a harvest.
Bonus points for whoever can help me get my tree to produce pretty lemons!

I'm being driven crazy by...
...a strong scent similar to that of a permanent marker!  I've been searching everywhere for the cause.
I checked each and every Sharpie that I have & I have a lot to ensure that they were capped tightly.
Then I got on my hands and knees to check everywhere for the mysterious, lost marker.
It wasn't until I went to water my lemon tree that I realized she was the root cause of the stench.
Lemon blossoms smell identical to Sharpie markers.  Or are Sharpies scented like lemon blossoms?  Hmm..

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. You need to be patient with the lemon. Ours are now turning yellow, we will have about six or seven fruits on it this year, mind you, the green lemons have been on the tree since summer and it is March almost now :)

    1. How long until the flower turns into a lemon? Eep! I had no idea this required so much patience. We should have went with a fig tree.. lol

    2. It will be there... before you grow old LOL Figs also take quite a long time to ripen, so no luck there either :)

  2. Oh, that's cool that you have a lemon tree! But strange that it smells like Sharpies!! I'd be tearing my house apart looking for that odor! LOL!

    I get so irritated when vacation spots do makeovers and construction during their peak season! We are going to Colorado this summer and the cog railway to Pike's Peak is closed for repair. So, no Pike's Peak for us because we're certainly not driving or climbing it. Hopefully, you'll get some decent pictures from a different angle. I have Statue of Liberty pictures with scaffolding :(

    1. Right? The strangest scent ever! I never heard of Colorado as a vacation spot before. You must do a post on it so we can see all that there is to do there. Too funny about the statue of liberty. I see her several times a week while driving to my offices, and never thought of it as anything to take a picture of. :)

  3. I'd like a clementine tree but not the climate and I'd be afraid any harvest would be ruined by nature.

  4. I think I'd be pretty ticked about the construction of the castle during my visit. There have only been a handful of "OMG!" moments when I came across a landmark and Cinderella's castle was one of those times. I think the new colors are fugly. I was super upset that Big Ben was tore apart on our trip to London. Apparently the locals were too.

  5. lol well at least you found the smell. And admit it, you really weren't looking for that, you were looking for hidden cameras from your stalker. How else is he going to get new shots for his digital shrine.

    Things are built to break, barely last a year, sadly.


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