Friday, February 21, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

We had so much fun on...
...Valentine's Day!  The day was filled with love and fun from morning to night.
They each had a fun, cupid themed Valentine's Day party at school.
They came home to some surprises from Cupid and a rare McDonald's treat from Nonno.
Am I really the only mean mommy that doesn't let their babies have happy meals?  Bleh, gag, barf..
They spent the night watching Coco, eating snacks, and driving The Viking crazy.
Mommy and Daddy enjoyed their biannual date night with a sushi boat and fried ice cream!
There may not have been any flowers, but it was a great day filled with lots and lots of fun.

I was all smiles because...
...I won the class party again by printing out paper BINGO boards and sticking them in page protectors.
The kids enjoyed the game so much that you'd think we were playing for thousands of dollars in prizes!
In reality, they were playing for 5 cent stamps of silly shapes and animals.

I'm still cracking up at...
...the stock of pad wrappers (the part that covers the wings)  that I found in my daughter's closet.
Real confused, I confronted Mushy and asked WHY she was stealing these from the garbage.
That's when she said, "Mommy, I pretend that they are dollar bills for my toy cash register."
She said this in a tone like I'm a total and complete idiot for not realizing this, so I walked away.

I almost barfed when...
...I found a moldy lemon sitting at the bottom on my fruit bowl.
When I tossed that disgusting, moldy lemon in the garbage, a mini cloud of mold dust erupted.
I immediately held my breathe for dear life while gagging at the same time.
Don't ever say that I'm not talented.  Like, ever.

My hubby and I been laughing hard at...
...the squeaky toy scene from the movie Game Night.
I won't go into details and ruin the scene for you, but every time he mentions it, we laugh like dumb dumbs.

I've also ditched the cinnamon for...
...preparation H!  My doctor told me that this over the counter med has lots of uses.
If you have a problem area that fat likes to sit, rub some preparation H on it and wrap.
I've been rubbing it on my back and wrapping myself in cellophane to make it work better.
Apparently you'll have the ultimate effect if you rub, wrap, AND do some cardio.
The cardio could be as simple as cleaning your house or any common chore that leads to a sweat.
The sweat helps the preparation H melt away the fat.  At least that's what I'm told.
Now if only they made a similar product without the awful smell.  I'd even rock that at work!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. You can keep lemons in a big jar filled with water like they do in cafes and restaurants, that way it allegedly stays fresh longer. I just keep my lemons in the fridge, but they do taste better when kept on the room temperature.

    1. I've never seen that in a restaurant, not that we go out that often. I'll have to try it. It actually sounds like it would be really pretty to display behind my sink since our poinsettia is dying..

    2. You can usually see it behind bars where they need tons of lemons every week for the drinks. You can also wash certain fruit in water mixed with a bit of baking soda as that prevents softer fruit, like raspberries and blackberries from rotting quickly. It also removes toxins and pesticides from most fruit.

  2. Omg, I LOL'd at the lemon story. I've had that happen with bags of tangerines. Such a nasty surprise! And I'm also cracking up about the toy money. Very creative!

    I've never heard of a sushi boat, probably because we don't eat sushi, but I'm glad you had a fun date night. I babysat my two grandkids ages 2.5 and 6 months so my daughter and her hubby could go out for VD. I had my hands full, but they had fun. They went to a cider/wine place that has a great view of a lake (it was a sunny afternoon). I enjoyed the photos of your beautiful family.

    1. That sounds so romantic. They probably had the best time. Afternoons with Grandma are always more fun than with Mommy & Daddy. Now, if only we can figure out your tricks.. LOL

    2. My grandson calls me G Starr at my request! My husband is G Pop. We are the fun grandparents . . . Bahahaha!

  3. I do miss the Valentines day school events. Those were always fun.

  4. Sometimes that happens with my oranges that I leave on the counter. It is so gross!

    LOL about the pad money. That was quite a creative solution to her cash register needing money problem though!

  5. lol she sure got create and made some dough. If only it were that easy.

    Blah to the dust. Good for you for being the best with Bingo for the win.

    Trying to think of the squeaky toy scene, not coming to me.

  6. Oh I won't ever say that you're not talented. Like, ever. So, you nearly barfed? I find it hard to nearly barf. My near barfs somehow always turn into full-blown impressive (and loud) barfs. (You're not barfing reading about my barfing adventures, are you?)

    Now excuse me while I go and watch that squeaky toy scene from the movie Game Night. I need to stay up-to-date.

    Hello Jax!
    Bye Jax!


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