Friday, February 14, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

My daughter and I had a ball at...
...her school's Sweetheart dance in honor of Valentine's Day.
She was so excited to dress up and spend the evening dancing away with her friends.
I was happy to volunteer as a chaperone so I could see her smiles & chase away the boys.

I'm still laughing at... daughter's quick shift of personality over the course of four photos.
She spent extra time getting done up with a dress, a braid, and make up.  Mommy just wanted a picture!
With each click of the camera she got less enthused and by #4 she was totally done.
If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this.  Sorry for making you suffer twice!

I completely panicked when... daughter went MIA at the end of the school dance.  The room emptied and she was gone.
A few dads, myself, and her friends looked everywhere for her but she was gone.
As I went to ask the DJ to call for her on the mic, one dad grabbed me and said he found her.
Turns out baby girl snuck into the teacher's lounge in a failed attempt to spy on the school staff.
I went from near tears to fuming mad.  It's also the first time my daughter got grounded!

It feels like my life is over because...
...the coffee machine broke at work.  How are we supposed to be expected to work in these conditions?
A job like mine requires at least four coffee fueled recharges a day!

I eep-ed real loudly when...
...I got an A+ on the marketing project that I pouted about for two weeks.
I'm not sure what I did right, but apparently all that pouting paid off and is reflected in my grade.
Or, maybe it was the extra research I did to delay actually writing the thing..

We are finally giving in...
...and will fix the step to the den/office ourselves!
After attempting to contact the contractor that disappeared for (3) months, we finally deleted his number.
I enlisted my hubby, The Viking, and my uncle to help repair the step and finalize the construction.
Luckily, we only paid the guy half the price of the job because of the incomplete work.

I'm totally fuming at...
...the self entitled brat that I had to put in her place several times this week.
It came to my attention that my team wasn't working their full shift.  They were sneaking out early daily.
To resolve, I sent out a simple e-mail asking them to stop and reminding that it's unacceptable.
Not to mention, falsifying a time sheet is stealing and a fireable offense!
Instead of heeding the warning, this chick had to fight back with every excuse in the book.
I don't care about increased traffic or what other people are doing.  My team works their full shift.  Unreal!

I want to wish you all a...
...very Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope that you feel just a tad bit more special today.
Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, embrace Cupid on your own.
Have a date night with yourself, a bottle of wine, and a romantic comedy.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Fire the brat, fire the brat! If me was da boss she'd be flying through the window, you don't talk back to me EVER! You can talk back to your momma but not to ME :)

    1. I really was tempted to... she had the huevos to ask me for a raise recently too. I told her why do you think you deserve one and she told me because she does all this extra work without compensation. I told her, girl, I started in your role and did at least eight times the amount of work without any of your complaints. She responded with “but I’m not you”. Um, what?! THAT is your big argument for a raise?!

    2. To people like that you respond by giving them even more work, you don't negotiate with brats and you don't try to help them or explain anything to them, you just torture them more, because life is not their overprotective momma who made them bratty like that.

    3. She creates uproars for no reason. It's very frustrating! Can I make her clean the bathrooms?

  2. Omg on the contractor. One of these days I will do a post on the topic. Infuriating!

    Your daughter is a sweetheart! Wishing you a day full of love!

  3. My niece had her daddy daughter dance yesterday.

  4. What at least you only made us suffer twice while you made her suffer 4 times lol She's sure not afraid to let you know she's had enough.

    Should can the brat's arse. I mean sneaking out a few minutes here and there isn't going to kill anyone, especially if all your work is done, but daily? Pfffft. The nerve of some people.

    1. Oh for the love of god..she had to stand still for a whopping four clicks. Wait until she sees what I'm about to do to her for Valentine's Day!! Click, click, please hold Thor. Click, click.. hahaha Mean mommy..

      I wish I could! My luck I'd get in trouble for retaliation. Retaliation of what, I don't know, but that and nepotism seems to be their favorite words these days. Or my second favorite threat "I'm saving these e-mails as written correspondence in case anything gets escalated." Umm, OK? Do you! SMH..

  5. Congrats on your A+! That's wonderful, Jax!

    Yikes on the missing child. I've been through those emotions over a short period, too. The joys of raising children LOL

    Ugh to the brat! Glad you put her in her place. I have a feeling she isn't a real team player and will look for employment elsewhere soon enough. Those types never stick around for the long haul.

    1. Ugh, that was the worst feeling ever. Then I felt even worse grounding my baby girl that’s usually very good. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I’d survive my son. Lol!! Well, I hope she goes soon!

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