Friday, February 7, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

peace lily plant baby adult; full grown peace lily plant

I'm totally gushing over our baby...
...peace lily plant!  She's just so tiny, although the mommy plant started out even smaller five years ago.
My hubby ended a week long battle with a surprise peace lily.  It's his charming version of a white flag.
He knows how much I love our first planted lily and decided to surprise me with a new baby!
I squeal every time momma lily blooms and gush with pride at her healthy, large size.  That's totally  l o v e.
For now the baby is cheering up my dining room table, but we're still trying to find a fitting name.
&, no, I really dislike the name "White Flag" so let's squash that idea right now.

I'm trying real hard to train my hair to...
...not need a daily wash!  My Sicilian ethnicity means that I have a real oily skin type.
After a morning scrub, I find my hair greasy and sticking to my scalp by the end of the day.
My hair stylist told me to start washing my hair every other day.  She claims this slows down oil production.
It's too soon to say if it's working or not, but it's leaving me feeling very gross on the regular.

I had way too much fun...
...playing Cupid this year!  My quick trip to the store for candy & treats ended up costing $150.
Shhh, don't tell my hubby.  We'll end up fighting another week over that.
There was just so many good deals at Target that I couldn't help going a little overboard.
They each ended up with outfits, a puzzle, a book, and training pants for my bambino bello.
In my defense, I did not buy one toy or something that wasn't stimulating of the mind or potty.

We had an absolute blast...
...celebrating Chinese New Year last week.  While we aren't Chinese, we love to celebrate!
Madre always threw a fun themed party for Chinese New Year since we were little kids.
She now does the same for her grand babies.  Although, now we can enjoy the mai tais with her!

My baby girl impressed me with...
...her DIY skills.  Her friend's mommy took them to Home Depot for a craft.
They used nails, wood, string, and paint to make a string art heart for a special somebody.
She really did a great job.  I'm just wondering who she wants to give it to and I hope it's me.

I'm really, REALLY relieved that I finished... marketing project for class.  I had to put together a marketing plan for Chobani.
My brain is now filled with way too much information about yogurt, especially since yogurt makes me gag.
Since I did the research, I figured I'd let you all know that Chobani IS the best brand of Greek yogurt.
It's the only one that uses an authentic straining system that gives the desired thicker consistency.
All other brands use additives (both natural and unnatural) to result in the same consistency.
Chobani is also a desired employer, champion of customer service, AND quite a philanthropic organization.
While I won't be purchasing any yogurt, you should totally pick Chobani over the other brands.
Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.  I'm officially a self proclaimed expert.


  1. Lovely plants, we had one somewhere in the house, but I think it died.
    Oh, wow, some poor retired people here get $150 pension a month!
    We do ever so love DIY (not as a present, though LOL) unless you're a world renowned tailor or jeweller or furniture maker :)

    1. Thank you! I'm still in shock every time I look at it and remember how itty bitty she once was. When we first got her, she was smaller than the baby plant in the picture. Oh, noone would ever want anything that I DIY. Yet whenever one of my children DIY a craft, my family fights over it. LOL

  2. My oldest washes her hair daily too, and it's really dry at the ends. I keep telling her she needs to use dry shampoo and train it so it doesn't need washed every day, but she doesn't list. Pft. Kids!

    1. I'm with her - It's just so hard to do!! The days that I don't wash are the days that I'm stuck in my house and pull my hair back. The grease in my hair makes me feel like my skin is greasy too.

  3. My daughter prefers Chobani, but I like Oikos better. I don't have one, but always think those peace lily plants are beautiful.

    1. After all my research, it looks like Chobani is the better choice in terms of health and natural ingredients. They are also a better company with lots of philanthropic efforts.

  4. Chinese new year celebrations are rare here

    1. We are cultured and love any excuse to celebrate lol

  5. Finally! You finally finished it? Geez, about time. Good to know you are now a yogurt expert haha see? Marketing has a perk.

    Hopefully you get your kiddos crafts. I wash my hair once a day through the week, as after being out in so much nature, have to lol

    1. A yogurt expert.. an expert on something I don’t eat. Lol. I’d prefer to be a meatball expert hahaha

      Do you still use the coconut milk shampoo?

    2. Nope. Haven't used that in a long time.


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