Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Travel: The Crayola Experience in Easton, PA

The past few posts have been dedicated to spoiling our sweethearts with a holiday treat.  But what if your sweethearts are under the age of six?  They deserve a treat too!  Staying true to my motto, we try to spoil them with a day trip or activity instead of more toys.

Last year's treat was a trip to The Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.

Our special day ended with a walk across the street to The Bayou restaurant for an early dinner.  While The Bayou was yummy and unique, it was Mushy's choice thanks to The Princess & The Frog..

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A honest & detailed review of The Crayola Experience

What is The Crayola Experience?

The Crayola Experience is a three story building filled with interactive activities 
geared towards younger children.  Both of my children, at the age of six and just under a year, enjoyed themselves.  Each floor has multiple attractions, many of which leave you with a mini souvenir to take home.  There is also a cafeteria where you can purchase snacks, light meals, see an interactive show as you eat, and get a visual pleasure of the world's largest crayon!

What are some of the attractions that you experienced?

There were many experiences and they were all unique, colorful, and lots of fun!
My children really enjoyed the Meltdown attraction.  This attraction involved boiling hot, crayon wax which made mommy really nervous that you were able to control and drip into a picture.  Our creations are pictured above.  Another favorite of The Crayola Experience was the Melt & Mold attraction.  My daughter melted a crayon into a ring and my son melted a crayon into a car.  A year later and my kiddies still treasure these creations warning me that they aren't for use!  We all really enjoyed the attraction that turned our faces into a coloring book page.

What was your children's favorite attraction at The Crayola Experience?

My daughter said her favorite attraction was the Wrap It Up station.  Upon entrance you receive two tokens per person to use at this station.  Each token can be used in a machine to "create" your own crayon and label.  My daughter picked the pinkest color that they had big surprise and named the crayon after herself bigger surprise.
Like their molds, these are treasured items that are for looking at only.

As an adult, what was your favorite attraction at The Crayola Experience?

Being the lame mommy that I am, I really enjoyed reading the signs on the wall.  This place was full of history!  It was interesting and educational to see how things changed from the early 1900s to now.  I had no idea that Crayola could be so interesting which was a pleasant surprise.

What was your least favorite part of The Crayola Experience?

The gift shop!  The gift shop was gigantic and filled with lots of attractive, brightly colored things.  My kiddies, like most children, wanted everything in the store.  Unfortunately, everything was priced disgustingly high.  We walked out with minor damage, but I wish they would put blinds up or something as it was the first thing that caught their eye.  I still get mad every time I find her $30 stuffed crayon thrown under the bed without use!

Is there anything else you think visitor's should know?

If you purchase your tickets to The Crayola Experience ahead of time, they are reasonably priced at around $19 per person.  Children under 3 are free and sometimes you can find a Groupon!  With participating in the majority of the activities, you will need about 4 - 5 hours to get through the whole thing.  It took us almost four hours and we missed time consuming events such as visiting the cafeteria, watching the show, and the crayon character meet & greet.  Note - We did look at the cafeteria and opted to spend the same amount of money at a real restaurant.  

Where did you stay?

We stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Doylestown (link).  This allowed us to continue our adventure by visiting Amish country and a quaint local town for a holiday train ride.  The accommodations were great and it's not the first time we stayed there.  I would high recommend this hotel to anyone.  As a double bonus, they're pet friendly for those traveling with companions.

This really was a special day and a great Winter outing with our younger sweethearts!

I would recommend a visit to The Crayola Factory with your children ten and under.

Do you love Crayola?


  1. Sounds like fun for big and small kids! Why is entrance to everything so expensive there? That is how much money I spend on food weekly LOL

    1. Really? We spent between $200 and $250 a week on groceries. I have a house full of gavons, but still.. lol!

    2. That would be a monthly rent for a small oneroom flat here :) Most people here get $200 or less here a month, so we can't really spend more on food or anything else. Teachers get about $500 a month.

    3. Really?? If only! We rented a small one bedroom about 5 years ago and it cost us about $2000 a month.. That's how we ended up buying. For another $1000 a month, we would own something and have an investment.

  2. Sure sounds like a grand spot indeed, even if lame mommy just reads things on the wall while getting nervous over melted crayon creating a picture lol

    1. hahahaha The melted crayon was boiling hot!!! My babies didn't want a scar to remember the day by.

  3. It was always on my list of vacation possibilities, but we never made it that far in PA. We did go to Hershey and Lancaster once with the kids.

    1. I have been to Lancaster, but never to Hershey park. One day we will get there!

  4. Not many gift shops that aren't like that. It would be nicer if they were more reasonably priced.

    1. Yess!! Or if the disappear altogether. lol

  5. Yes! Build those memories! My kids remember trips to Six Flags from when they were tiny. It's awesome and well worth the cost. I haven't been there but if it were closer, I'd go for sure!

    (my new domain)

    1. I haven't been to Six Flags in about 10 years, but I remember all those trips clearly! Same with Bush Gardens. Remember when all you had to do was scavenge for coke cans with your friends to get in? That was our senior year spot!

  6. I really miss taking my girls to places like this. Now, it's all about concerts and Cedar Point.


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