Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Let's Discuss: Name a cockroach after your sweetheart.

With Valentine's day fresh in our minds, I thought I'd share this new trend.
Somewhere along the line I got signed up for this gross unique Valentine's day gift promotion.
Every time I get the ad, I can't help but wonder WHY is this a thing?!
or, better yet, WHY is this being sent to me of all people?!  I hate bugs.  Bleh..
This unique gift is being sold by the Bronx Zoo.  It's called
Name a Roach for Valentine's Day
..and it's exactly that.  It's giving a roach a name in honor of your sweetheart..

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The Bronx Zoo advertises their Name a Roach campaign as such.
You don’t always have the right words, but you can still give them goosebumps. Name a Roach for your Valentine, because roaches are forever."
Well, they aren't exactly wrong.  I'd surely remember that gift for life.

There are several different packages to pick from.
The basic package is inexpensive at $15.
It includes naming (1) Madagascar hissing cockroach and a digital certificate.
There are (2) upgraded packages that sell for $30.
These include the cockroach naming plus either a cockroach candle or cockroach socks.
If your really feeling this theme, there is the ultimate package that sells for $55.
This package includes everything.  That means the name, digital certificate, socks, and the candle.

While this gift idea totally creeps me out, my research brought up one that I this is genius!
A zoo in Texas will name a cockroach after an ex and then feed it to one of their meerkats.
Now that's an idea that would get the Jax seal of approval...

Do you think this is romantic or just plain gross?


  1. Guess a roach will get named Henry Cavill if the ZOO happens to call me to do this task. But $55 is really a lot for this kind of ridiculous crap :)

    1. Every time I get the advertisement, I can’t help but laugh. The only one I’d do is name a roach after someone I didn’t like (not an ex) and watch it be fed to a meerkat. It sounds satisfying.

    2. Then I'd name one roach Hillary, the other Obama and feed them to a meerkat or to a sweet little possum!

    3. Possum's are sweet? The ones over here scare me! I didn't realize that the "I hate Hillary" group extended past the US.. When it was Obama Vs. Hillary many years ago, I was in Greece and was shocked at how Greeks were involved in American politics.

    4. Deary, Bill and Hillary bombed my country, killed thousands and then gave support to the Muslim terrorists in the south of the country to separate a whole region and proclaim false independence while killing, raping or butchering men, women, kids, old people. The terrorists even built Clinton a monument in the capital of their false state. So, yes, most of the world hates them, the Obamas too who started wars and chaos in dozens of countries in Asia and Northern Africa, launching the biggest transcontinental multimillion exodus of people from those regions to Europe.

    5. & they say other countries have censored media. Ugh..

  2. That's disturbing, but I was worried while reading your post that it would involve a chocolate covered one.

    1. lol! Way to put it into perspective. At least it isn't a cockroach snack for your sweetheart.. :)

  3. It's clever but its like a pizza cutter. All edge and no point.

  4. I think this is so funny and if I had seen this earlier, I would've gotten it just for laughs. My hubby loves these kinds of things.

    (new domain)

  5. Lol well there is a good way to flush money down the toilet. May as well send elephant poop to people, at least you could get a little direct payback. The latter isn't a bad idea though and feeds some.

  6. Yuck! Who comes up with these things!?


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