Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Idea: The best sneakers to withstand playtime, Stride Rite Made2Play.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a mother, is that nothing you ever buy your child lasts.  While I'm aware that they outgrow things, most products never make it that long.

In September, we bought my daughter a new backpack, lunch box, and sneakers.  By the time December rolled around, everything was destroyed.  Her backpack had ripped seams, a broken zipper, and all the sequins fell off.  The lunchbox suffered a similar fate, but with slightly less damage.  The sneakers pretty much imploded along with my patience a month after purchasing.

At first I thought it was my baby girl fighting evil crime to save the world at the sacrifice of her apparel.  Then I thought maybe she was trying to break her stuff so that she can get new ones.  I gave her long, solid lectures on how to take care of her things despite her swearing that she does.That's when I realized, it's not my princess disregarding her stuff and our hard earned money.  It's the stuff that's disregarding us!  Despite being expensive, most things are just made like crap!

stride rite made2play sneakers honest review

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Stride Rite Made2Play Sneakers

I immediately jumped on my computer and did some serious research on sneakers and quality.  I knew from experience that many major name brands just don't hold up like they should.  This includes Nike, Sketchers, Cat & Jack, and Osh Kosh.  Yes, I've personally tried them all!  Keeping that in the back of my mind, I scrolled through hundreds of reviews and testimonies.  I even went to the mom boards I belong to on Facebook to see if they had any recommendations.  That's when all fingers pointed to Stride Rite Made2Play sneakers.  Everyone that I spoke to seemed to agree that Stride Rite Made2Play sneakers are the best quality shoes that are made to withstand playtime.  Consider me sold.

I went on Amazon and found a pair in my daughter's favorite colors.  I said a small prayer, and hit the purchase button.  They were $4 cheaper than the bedazzled Sketchers I bought in November which got me discouraged.  Despite my doubts, they came promptly and my daughter used them immediately.

Ladies and gentleman, here we are more than three months later and these shoes look as good as new!  No, I'm totally not exaggerating.  They look as good as they did on day one!  I can finally say, without a doubt in my mind, that Stride Rite Made2Play sneakers are the best sneakers for toddlers and kids.

This sneaker situation has taught me several things.
1.  I owe my daughter an apology for accusing her of being irresponsible.
2.  More expensive products doesn't always mean higher quality.
3.  Before making any purchase, you always need to do some research.
4.  The members of those mom boards totally know what they're talking about!

In addition to their higher quality, Stride Rite Made2Play Sneakers have other advantages.
1.  They have wide width sizes.  Major win for me with my son's chubby feet!
2.  They are machine washable and hold up through the entire washing process.
3.  They are less expensive than the trendy, popular brands.
4.  There's a wide selection on Amazon (Click here to see that selection.) which means quick shipping for Prime members.
5.  They advertise as an anti-stink product, and whatever that means, it works!

If you're looking for toddler or children's sneaker that last until they outgrow them,
I totally recommend Stride Rite Made2Play.

For the exact pair that I bought my 2 year old son click here.  They withstood all of his toddler shenanigans and lasted until he outgrew them.

What products frustrate you?


  1. I was also shocked how my last Nike sneakers lasted only a year, as they usually last for years, they make them more expensive and less worthy of being expensive LOL
    Most of the bigger producers bring products of lower quality to smaller countries even though it is the same label. EU has now made it illegal, but they used to do it all the time, like we would get the same type of Nivea, Dove shower gel or Ariel detergent but inside they are of the lower quality even though they are often more expensive here than in the West.

    1. Are you serious?? That's maddening! It almost makes me want to boycott Dove. Unfortunately, they are the only brand of soap that I'm not allergic too, but I'm totally protesting for you in my mind.

      When my daughter's $80 Sketcher's fell apart after very limited use, I wished diarrhea upon the CEO. I feel sorry for her, but we're done with "trendy" sneakers.

  2. I actually only wear Nikes because they last. But it seems that everything made for females doesn't last as long. I remember a female boss saying she bought men shirts for such a reason.

    1. Really? Maybe it's because they know we want a new style after a week anyways.. lol

  3. Great you found one that works. Goes to show that there are some that are worth it, unlike Nike and all the bigger so-called brands that just keep going up and up and up and getting crappier. How dare you accuse her? lol she can hold that over your head forever now haha

    And sadly, most everything is built to break because that is how they sell more.

    1. LOL, I know, I'm a terrible mom. I remember being accused of things as a child and I still resent my mother for it. We need to be careful of that in the future. It's awful!! We need to boycott these crappy brands and empower the ones that focus on quality. (You totally just gave me motivation for this marketing report I've been trying to work on...)

    2. Motivation to write one whole paragraph. Wowweeee lol

    3. I'm on page two!!! Ughhh and this is only the first project...

  4. We had good luck with LLBean book bags back in the day. Not cheap, but lasted for many years. My son wore holes through so many tennis shoes, but he rode his razor scooter constantly and used his feet to stop. Products that anger me are appliances and I'm going to do a post about it eventually.

    1. Years? You found a back pack that lasted years?! I used Jansport growing up and it lasted well for the year. My daughter's still in the phase where she wants character bags so it's even harder to find quality. YESSS to appliances. I can't wait to see that rant. :)

  5. My son's fiance swears by her mommy blogs and Facebook groups. They've given her so much advice over the last couple of years. I love that you use them too.

    I bought Asics about four years ago. I use them several times a week to walk and they still rock. They were a bit pricey but well worth it all these years later.


  6. I used to have a Jansport backpack that lasted forever it had a leather bottom so the book corners didnt shred the bag as fast, im not sure about lunch box though i think i remember hearing good things about LL Bean products too but ive never used them they have a store in southaven mall now so you can check it out, used to bug me when they were catalog only i want to see the quality before buying


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