Monday, January 20, 2020

List: Ten winter activities to do this year as a family.

It's common to see endless lists of activities for the Fall, Spring, Summer, and holiday season.  Then Winter comes and the only activity on the calendar is simple - h i b e r n a t i o n.  While I'm all for a day or two of that, let's get up, brave the cold, and live a little!  The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and a snow storm is only a matter of time.  Let's accept the bitter truth and come up with some creative ways to spend our days.  There are lots of things to do during the Winter, whether it be inside or outside.  Besides, life's way too short to let an entire season pass us by!!

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Ten family activities to do this Winter.

1.  Take an art class with one of your favorite people.
I've never actually done one, but I hear such great things about these events.  Through step by step instruction, your guided into making a beautiful work of art.  This is a fun night out, a learning experience, and a way to get a unique piece of decor!  As an added bonus, there are some that serve wine...

Idea:  They now offer classes like this that you can do with your children.  Have a date night with your kiddies and make some art!  Who says paint night is only for adults?

2.  Get passes for a day or more at an indoor pool.
I'm not one for swimming in water that others are soaking in, but most people love pools.  This is a fun way to pretend it's summer, get some exercise, and dust off that bikini!  A day trip to a reputable indoor pool sounds like a great Winter activity to escape the uh Winter.

3.  Spend the day tubing.
We're not all fit or coordinated enough for Winter sports like skiing or snowboarding.  That's why I absolutely love tubing!  This Winter activity is fun, season appropriate, and almost anyone can do it.

Idea:  If you and your kids love tubing as much as we do, check this super cool unicorn snow tube to surprise your kid with this year!  It makes for the perfect gift and endless fun without having to rent an expensive snow tube.  Is your son unimpressed with the unicorn?  Check out this really awesome bull dog snow tubeYou're welcome.

4.  Host a competitive game night.
This Winter activity could be a game where you win cash money like LRC or cards.  You can compete against your girlfriends and loser gets to babysit the kids for a few hours.  Have the kiddies participate with a game of apples and apples.  Winner has no chores for a week.  Whatever the game, keep it competitive and keep it fun.  

Idea:  Throw tacos and margaritas into the mix for a guaranteed good time!  We're currently loving this Skinny Margarita set.  My girlfriend brought this over during out last game night because she's a genius.

5.  Attend an event at the local library.
My library always has a full schedule of different of activities for everyone of every age.  Sign your kids up for a craft, reading event, or even a puppet show.  Join other people in your community for a day trip to a casino or local museum.  Join the roster for their yoga class or book club meetings.  It doesn't matter which event you choose as long as your involved and have some fun!

6.  Have a snow day slumber party.
If snow is in the forecast, gather a small crowd and prepare for an old school slumber party.  Stock up on popcorn.  Pick your favorite movie.  Take out your mani/pedi supplies.  Move over the living room furniture to ensure space for everyone's sleeping bags.  Don't forget to play a few rounds of truth or dare and charades.  The next morning, make a ridiculous amount of pancakes and dive in!  Then recruit everyone to go shovel the show...

7.  Gather around a "camp fire".
On a mild Winter day, bundle up the kiddies and light a bonfire in the backyard for an easy Winter activity.  Make homemade s'mores over the fire while telling silly stories.  Each person should take a turn saying a line of the story until the story naturally ends.

8.  Go ice skating.
Get out and about during a day trip to your local skating rink.  I guess you could go to a lake or something, but that freaks me out...  It's a great way to keep active while having fun and totally festive for the season.

9.  Have a fondue night.
This Winter activity can be done as a fun day home or a day out to a local fondue place.  There's nothing better than your favorite snacks except for when they're dipped in chocolate!  You can top off your chocolate fondue with a hot chocolate to just make it over the top.

Idea:  Invest is this fondue set because it's fabulous and you it lets you have fondue night anywhere!

10.  Buy a plane ticket to somewhere warm.
Yea, I couldn't do this "Winter activity" either...but it was worth a try!

What do you love about the Winter?


  1. What's tubing? I totally don't like the sound of it! I don't think I'd fit in a tube!

    1. Lol picture a giant donut, but you sit in the hole and slide down a snowy mountain. Anyone can do it! As opposed the skill required for other snow sports..

    2. Knowing moiself, I probably couldn't do that either, I imagine I'd roll over a couple of times in the process.... starting an avalanche too!

    3. Hahahahaha, at least you’d have a good story to tell!

  2. I have done 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. And yes, 10 is the best! Lol. I'm not much for swimming, either. Bathtubs gross me out as well!

    1. Agreed!! I skeeve a bath as well! I don’t understand the point of it. Who wants to soak in their own filth?

  3. I'm all for competitive games where money is involved. I'll win. lol babysitting I may lose, if I like the kids, and then just hang out with the munchkins.

    As for tubing, no thank you, as you still have to walk back up the friggin hill. And swimming in someone else's filth, nah. Ice skating I'd probably break my neck. Camp fire in the cold? Nope! No money to go a place warm. So hibernation it is. lol

  4. I like to stay at home and not freeze.

  5. I took a crochet class with a friend earlier this month. We just wanted to leave and drink wine the whole time LOL. Next month it's a painting class, but there will be margaritas, so I'm looking forward to that.

    We did buy a plane ticket to Cali last week. While family was buried under snow back home, we were walking around in light jackets and jeans. Pure heaven!


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