Monday, January 27, 2020

List: Ten things everyone should have in their home.

A little over a year ago, my baby brother became a homeowner.
He has also since had a baby of his own.  I guess he isn't my "baby" brother anymore.
Like most new homeowners, he was eager to entertain and show off his new dwelling.
This past year, his home has filled quickly with furniture, a growing family, decor, and love.
He managed to fulfill every checkbox with the exception of one thing - a cooler!
Trust me, I am not judging here.  My home is missing way too many things for I to ever judge!

That moment got me thinking.
Most new homeowners can't afford to get everything to fill a house all at once.
This makes it essential to separate the wants from the needs.

With the exception of a bed, bedding, pots, pans, sponges, and other basics, what are some real necessities?

ten home essentials; then things to always have in your home; ten home necessities

Ten things everyone should have in their home.

1.  A fully functional flashlight.
Everyone should own a flashlight and have it at full charge at all times.
Whether you'll need it during a blackout or to fish out a lost item from under the stove, it's essential.

2.  A stocked first aid kit.
You should always be prepared to treat minor cuts, wounds, burns, or other minor injuries.
This means being prepared with a fully stocked first aid kit in an easily accessible place.

3.  Strategically placed Smoke/CO detectors.
It's common to find smoke detectors in someones home, but let's not forget about carbon monoxide.
You can purchase a carbon monoxide detector separately or part of a smoke/co detector combo.
Tip:  Get advice for placement.  I was advised to place them in the highest, most center part of each room.

4.  A garlic mincer.
This one may seem silly in comparison to the first three, but trust me, you need it.
I use mine several times a week and can't ever imagine life without it.
I'd move it to #1, but I figured it's not a matter of life or death.

5.  A variety of spare batteries.
It's important to keep stock of the most common batteries used in your home.
Whether it be a dead flashlight in a black out or a dead remote during Supernatural, batteries are important.

6.  A spare pillow with a clean pillowcase.
Once you are living in your home, it's possible to have that last minute visitor.
People have surprised me with sleepovers throughout the years due to heavy drinking or impromptu visits.
No matter the reason for the slumber party, you'll be glad to offer them a clean pillow.

7.  A stock of Lysol cans.
It's important to keep a can of Lysol visible in bathrooms and some hidden in the closet.
Guests may need to make use of the visible ones and I always make use of the hidden ones.
Anyone else  c r i n g e  at the smell of Lysol?  I do!  Luckily they came out with more tolerable scents.

8.  Strategically placed, heavy duty sticky pads.
We place sticky pads in closets, in the back of cabinets, in the garage, and in the basement.
They catch all sorts of bugs that may have otherwise crawled across our face in our sleep.
Luckily, the ones upstairs are typically clean.  It's the basement that turns the pad into a graveyard!

9.  A variety of tape.
At some point and time you will wish you had shipping tape, gift wrap tape, and even duct tape.
Stock up on it and leave it in several different places because when you need it, you need it right away.

10.  Soap that is for sensitive skin.
Many people have skin allergies like me that result in horrible rashes that don't go away also like me.
Since you never know who will be at your home, try to accommodate this with a basic, mild soap.
Mothers with babies, people with allergies, and men that don't want to smell like a daffodil, will thank you!

What things do you think people should always have in their home?


  1. I have a half Hispanic half Italian friend who nearly collapsed when I told her I hated garlic.

    1. Oh my dear lord. You wouldn't survive in my house!

    2. I knew Adam was the type of man who hates garlic... I just knew it...

    3. I'm pretty sure it's a crime against humanity! Or, at least a crime against good food.. lol

    4. Queen Elizabeth II would approve of his peculiarity, garlic and onions are forbidden in the royal kitchen, and I'm like geez what the heck can you eat without garlic and onions? The food has no taste without them. But I'm the same about our national flavouring called vegeta. No food has taste for me without it :) It is so good that I've even made sister Theresa obsessed with it and now she buys it in your shops :)

  2. I have maybe just two or three things from the list LOL I don't even know what some others are LOL The only thing you should always have is a few pounds of beans, rice, lentils, millet, and such similar things and plus a firethrower because you never know when the zombies and the apocalypse are coming... as China has seen last week....

    1. I'm curious which ones you're unfamiliar with? They are all pretty standard here. What is a millet?! Isn't that the hammer that a judge uses to get order in the court?

      Yesss, to the flamethrower!

    2. Millet is one of world's most popular grains LOL similar to rice but thousand times tastier and also cheaper. It is cooked the very same way.
      I've never heard of sticky pads, Lysol, and we don't have smoke detectors like anywhere :) I don't have a flashlight, just one sticky tape, a spare pillow and I'm annoyed by garlic mincer as half of it gets stuck in it LOL I prefer knife for my garlic, which I do eat especially in millet ;)

    3. I've never heard of that before. I googled it and it looks like I would have to go to a specialty store to purchase it. It's crazy how different out worlds can be. Sticky pads are giant pads that are sticky LOL. We use them to catch all the unwanted bugs that like to lurk in dark basement corners. Lysol is a spray that we use to kill the flu virus and other bacteria. We replaced our garlic mincer and I hate the new one!! It minces, but the "mince" sticks to the inside. We will try again.

    4. Millet was the food your ancestors ate as it is one of the oldest grains in the world, humanity used to live on it. And it is a type of food which you don't stop eating once you start, it's just thousand times better than rice and is done in 15 minutes.

  3. Well, my husband makes fun of this, but I religiously use my hot glue gun! I also believe wine and a corkscrew are vital!

    A surprise sleepover due to heavy drinking might follow the wine! I started buying chopped garlic in glass jars and it was a game changer for me. I hated cleaning the garlic press.

    1. I don't have a hot glue gun, but I think this is another standard thing to have. We need to make the investment. :)

  4. Got them all but number 4 and number 8. Who needs to mince it? I can just eat it whole lol sooo nasty.

    Another good one is an escape ladder if your house has more than one story. Chuck the thing out the window and go if ever a fire.

    1. The heavy duty sticky pads may not be the best idea with all the kitty cats around. The good news is, the cats probably do a better job than the stick pads! I like the escape ladder idea. I’m going to look into the one.

    2. True, they make sure the buggies are toast.

      Work gave us all one as a safety milestone thingy, they are pretty handy.

  5. All great things a new homeowner should have.

    My husband is a manly man, but he's a sucker for Bath and Body Works soaps. He said, "You usually buy some frivolous crap, but man, I ain't complaining about how good those hand soaps smell. They're pretty awesome!" So, some men actually do want to smell like flowers and fruit and beach waves LOL!


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