Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Life: Happy birthday to The Viking!

Today is The Viking's birthday.
...AKA Dad, Daddy, and now Nonno...
Today he reached the ripe age of 57 years old.
Happy birthday to The Viking!
In honor of his special day, here are some of our favorite memories.

That time he wouldn't give up while playing "I'm thinking of an animal".
After trying to guess what animal I was thinking of with the letter "M" for a solid week, he gave up.
The look of fury that crossed his face after I squeaked the word "moop" will never be forgotten.
For the record, I was 10 and I remember hearing about the moops from Seinfeld!

That time that he saved us from the "sharks" in Maryland.
The sharks were actually dolphins, but he screamed "SHARK" with such panic that he cleared the beach.
After calming down the crowd, the lifeguard pulled my father aside to give him a firm speech.
He didn't get arrested, but we wouldn't even dip our toes into the water after that!

That time he acted like the Hulk and pried open elevator doors during a black out.
I was screaming and climbing on top of my Nanny's head when the elevator stopped.
Panic ensued when my cousin mentioned suffocation in the heat.
While Madre, my cousin, and Nanny were screaming "HELP" and kicking the door, I had a melt down.
I was crying and exclaiming that I was too young to die in that elevator!
That's when The Viking told us all to be quiet and pried open the doors with his bare hands.
He saved us all from suffocation while putting us at risk of decapitation.

That time he snapped hundreds of strings beans for my daughter's birthday party.
My daughter had one request for her 6th birthday, and that was to eat string beans!
Nonno volunteered to help her snap the beans while I cooked the sausage and peppers.
Little did he know he would end up snapping 4 half trays full of string beans.
To this day he'll randomly yell out in horror "thheee beaannss"!!

That time he got into an argument with a customer over dirty feet.
Customers were complaining of a naked man in his laundromat.
The Viking ran next door to find a man sitting there naked watching his clothes run through the drier.
When my father nicely explained to him that he couldn't wash his clothes in the nude, the man freaked.
He threw a glass bottle at The Viking and screamed "I won't leave until you clean my feet!".
Within seconds, the naked man, his half dried clothes, and his dirty feet were thrown to the sidewalk.

That time he caught me sleep walking and dreaming I was a salad.
He knew I thought I was a salad because I walked out of my room to smother myself in vinegar and oil!

That time he drove through the city for hours to find my car.
A friend and I ventured off to the San Genaro feast only to forget where we parked my car.
We got lost trying to find it and my father came to the rescue without question.
Although, he wasn't happy that all I could remember about the road was that it had a fire hydrant!

That other time he had to rescue my friends and I from being stranded in the city.
After several bad experiences, he made us promise to park in a parking garage.
He even gave us the money to make sure that we parked in a parking garage.
Well, we found a spot in front of the club and decided to park in the street against his advice.
The Viking ended up coming to our rescue again because a truck legit ran over my friends car!

That time he let me keep my pet iguana at his dry cleaners.
My landlord didn't want the lizard in her home, so he let my iguana take refuge in his shop.
He even let the iguana run free to stretch his legs and scare the customers.
It was all fun and games until he changed my iguana's name from Beautiful to Ralph!

That time he walked me down the aisle, cared for me during surgeries, and babysat my babies.
He may not be perfect, but he's always been there for me, my husband, and my children.
We are all lucky to have these memories and much more with The Viking.

Please join me in wishing The Viking a happy birthday!


  1. You watched Seinfeld at the age of ten? It is a miracle you haven't grown into a cynical person :)

    1. Seinfeld was a family staple. I probably watched it way earlier than the age of 10. We would also watch Guiding Light (a soap opera) as a family together every single night from a very young age. Maybe that's why I'm so dramatic.. :)

    2. TV programmes were much more innocent in older days, admittedly.... I grew up on Cosby Show, Alf, Full House and Home Improvement, all wholesome programmes, nowadays kids grow up with the likes of Lizo and Cardi B.

  2. lol moops may not count, such a cheater.

    Good he saved you from the elevator before you killed everyone by sucking up all the air as you freaked out haha Ralph seems like a fine name for an iguana. Blah to the naked dude though.

    Hope he has a happy birthday.

    1. I'm not a cheater!! I sincerely thought it was an animal, although his face when he found out it was a moop was pretty priceless. Too bad phones weren't around to easily video it. LOL, clearly I'm not the best person to have next to you during an emergency. You like Ralph better than beautiful? Not cool..

  3. Those are such great memories of your Dad! I can only imagine how many laundromat stories he has! Hope he has a great day.

    1. Oh, he has lots! Some of them are almost hard to believe if I didn't witness it myself. Thank you :)

  4. Happy birthday to him and ...he is handsome !!

  5. Happy birthday to The Viking! I love that your family has a Madre and a Nanny. My first hubby's does too. We still call them that and my kids love it.


  6. What an incredible father you have! I hope his birthday was as wonderful as he is!

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